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[Issues Fixed] Xbox accessories App [How to Download in 2020 ?]

Xbox accessories app is one of its own types of app. No one is familiar with the marvelous video game Xbox. It is the most reputed video game console among the young generation as well as the game lovers belong to all the periods of life. There is another inspiring thing for Xbox users. It is Xbox accessories App.

When Xbox is engaged with Xbox accessories App, it makes you feel as if you are the King in the land of the Xbox gaming platform. Because it provides you numerous ways to play. You can create 256 profiles and the most joyful thing is, you can make configuration and customization as per your choice.

Xbox accessories app updates the Xbox controller if it is necessary so that you could play games according to advanced features. So, let us know how to get it.

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How to download Xbox accessories App?

It is very easy to Download Xbox accessories App in Windows 10. Simply go to the Microsoft Store and search Xbox accessories App, after that click on Get. In this way, you will get it free.

Xbox accessories App
Downloading of Xbox accessories App/

After getting App the next step is to launch the App. It will be saved in the Windows App. You can find it by clicking on the Start menu and then click on Search, write here Xbox accessories. The next step is to Sign in Xbox accessories App. (Pin to home is a good option when you start installing the app. If you choose to Pin to home it will appear on the home page and you will access it more easily).

How to process Xbox accessories App?

Now we have installed and signed in with Xbox accessories App. Make a physical connection between your PC and Xbox controller. Installed Xbox accessories app will detect Xbox controller and will show a screen with a configuration option like this

Xbox accessories app
Configuration of Xbox/

Click on the configure button, It will open a new page and you can create a profile.

Choose a slot. One slot can be used for 3 profiles. The profile button is used to switch a profile.

Xbox accessories App
creation of a new profile/

The next step is to name your profile. You will write here the name of the game about which you are going to create a profile

Xbox accessories app
Configuration of a new profile/

After creating a new profile next you have to map buttons according to your interest. As you can create so many profiles for different games of your interest. You can make changes according to the way you want to play different games.

For the next step go to the Edit button and manage configuration click on Mapping, here you can make configuration of buttons, triggers, and sticks.

Xbox accessories app
Xbox controller mapping/

In Button Mapping, you can assign a specific task to a specific button. for example,

If you assign D-pad down to the Y button, then the Y button will act as D-pad down. In the same way, you can make configuration for other buttons. After making changes press the button B to save changes.

After that, you can configure joysticks(left stick, right stick) you can choose it as smooth, delay aggressive or default, totally as per your choice.

Xbox accessories app
Joystick configuration/

Going through the instructions you can configure rest three options. Trigger, vibration, and brightness. So, this is the simple way you can use to customize the Xbox controller with the help of the Xbox accessories app.

As you can create multiple profiles on the Xbox controller and can use two profiles at the same time. Switch between them by pressing the profile button on Xbox elite controller. You can amuse your favorite game now.

Are you experiencing problems?

Sometimes, users have to face some issues that they are unable to connect the Xbox accessories app with the Xbox controller. There may be these possible reasons for that issue.

1: Check if Xbox accessories App and Controller are updated in the latest version.

2: For Windows 10, only Xbox one elite controller is compatible. Change your hardware if you are using anything else.

3: Check whether connections are tight, always use a cable to connect Xbox one controller with your PC.

4: Check your Xbox one elite controller with another PC and make sure that it is not out of order.

5: Close the Xbox accessories app and disconnect controller, again try to connect them.

6: Uninstall the Xbox accessories app and reinstall it.

You can fix your issue, Xbox accessories app is not working. You can feel free to use the tricks mentioned above in order to eradicate your issues.

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Final words

I tried my best to provide you practical and proven way about the downloading Xbox accessories app in windows 10. After going through this article you will be able to connect your Xbox controller with your PC and customize all the things related to your favorite games. Moreover, you can easily fix the issues related to the Xbox accessories app and Xbox controller connection.