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Fixed| Xbox 360 Won’t Read the Disc[Easy Ways to Fix it]

Have you ever faced, the circumstances when your Xbox 360 wouldn’t able to read the disc? Sometimes, this awkward situation creates a little bit of disturbance.

Xbox 360 console is considered as a favourable game for all gamers who love to play online games. Usually, Xbox 360 console does not have lots of problems.

But it is obvious that the incredible things also have some defaults. That affects their reputations as well as speed.

Here we are going to discuss Xbox one not reading disc issue. However, it is not easy to fix it but with a little effect, you can fix it at home.

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Xbox 360 Won't Read the Disc

First, we will learn about the reasons for this issue.

Reasons Why Xbox Would not Read Disc:

Eventually, Xbox 360 won’t read the disc issue indicates the following things.

  • When you insert a disc into the console and it does not recognize the games or it won’t able to play.

Well, here are some common reasons for Xbox 360 won’t read the disc.

1) Undeveloped Laser: The bad or poor laser is one of the most common reasons for this issue. It gets dirty and sometimes creates a disc error. That’s why it is important to keep it clean.

Sometimes, it needs to replace with the new one. As there are lots of chances of defecting the laser in the future.

2) Hair & Dust: Mostly, small things create a big problem. In the case of this issue if you insert a dirty disc into the console. Then your console might pick hair or dust from a disc.

It becomes the laser roller and laser dirty. Therefore, it creates a disc problem.

So these little things are fatal to your gaming console. Always try to keep your console neat and clean.

3) Impaired Internal Components: Xbox consoles’ drive is produced by levers, roller, screws, and gears. If any of these parts are damaged it will stop working.

So the console will not be able to read the disc.

4) Other Small Objects: Other small objects like coins, clips, pins, etc can be passed into the drive-by mistake. So, this is also the reason that drive won’t be able to read the disc.

If anything enters the drive which is not associated with the drive‘s part will be the cause of this issue.

How To Resolve Xbox 360 Won’t Read the Disc- Easy ways to fix it

If Xbox 360 won’t read the disc then there might be a problem with the disc or disc drive.

Sometimes, Xbox 360 won’t read only a specific disc then the problem may exist in the disc.

Although, in any condition, you have to fix the problem.

There are some solutions to fix this issue.

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1.Quick Solutions:

1.Clean the Disc Driver :

If the console can not read the disc then there may be a problem with your disc drive. There may be dust, hair, or something else that you did not notice.

Clean the drive gently, then insert it in the console to see does it work or not. You can blow some air into space.

Blowing some air into the drive space may help you to remove the dust.

After that insert the disc to check out does it work or not.

If the problem exists then you can try the next solution.

2.Clean the Disk:

This method will help you. In this process, we do this by taking a disc out flowing some cool water over the disc. Then dry it either by wiping it or by rubbing it.

3.Try Different Disc:

It may be possible that the disc is problematic. So, insert different Xbox games’ disc in the console.

If the driver can read any one of them. Then it is obvious that the problem is in the disc.

4.Open and Close the Disc Drive:

There is another easy solution to this issue. Sometimes it works. So you just have to put the disc in the drive, close the drive tray, and for the load.

If it implies “open tray” then open and close the tray again and again. It may load the disc.

5.Change the Direction of Console:

Sometimes, your console position can be the reason for this issue. Always keep your console in the horizontal position.
Because the console does not work if you keep it in a vertical position.

6.Restart your Xbox again:

Restart your console as it is a fast quick fix. Usually, it helps the console to read the disc.

7.Replacing the game:

There is another option if the Xbox won’t read the disc. You can replace the game disc.

2.Make Changes in Power Circular and Instant-on Power Mode:

Frequently the disc drive cannot read the disc due to some instant-on power setting. You need to make a change in the power cycle and mode of your console.

There are the following steps of the procedure.

  •  First, hold the Xbox button. The guide will open.
  • After that go to settings and select power and start-up.
  • Then move to power mode and start-up, there you find a “window”. Then press the energy-saving button.
  • In the last, press the “Xbox button” and clutch it for 10 seconds.

In this way, a power cycle will be conducted, after completing this process your console will shut down.

3.Reset the Operating System of your Console:

After doing all this, If the Xbox One is not reading the disc then you have to reset the operating system.

But keep in mind that resetting the operating system deletes all your data containing the games and apps.

Therefore, save the backup of your data before resetting the operating system.

There are the following steps for resetting the operating system.

  •  First press the Xbox button to begin and move to the settings and then “all setting”.
  • There you will notice the “system” on the left. Select the “console and info update “button”.
  • Thereupon, go and clasp the “ reset console” button.
  • There, you will notice a “reset and keep my games and apps” option. Select that option. It keeps saving all your data.

After this process check if the issue is settled down or not.

4.Clean the Xbox Drive:

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First, you need to remove Xbox 360 Drive from your Xbox and remove the drive so it indicates its internal surface there you will see four screws as well as a warranty sticker.

Eliminate the warranty sticker. Unscrew all four screws with the help of a screwdriver.

Then, Remove the uppercase, it discloses the PCB.

Furthermore, take a small screwdriver to disperse the drawer bezel. Then, remove the drive and disperse the other case. It will reveal the drawer and laser.

Make sure that you cannot touch the laser.

Now, look inside carefully if you see any dust or any other tiny substance then clean it with the help of a soft and clean brush.

One more thing you have to do, you will notice a region below the black plastic where you will see the ridges. It helps you to open the drawer.

Open the drawer and see if there is more dust or not. If you find any dust then remove it with a brush gently.

Take a look at machines carefully. Clean it also with a brush.

Now rebuild your console again.
If the cleaning procedure helps you then it’s good. If the problem exists then you have to replace the disc drive.

5.Replace the Disc Driver:

Xbox 360 Won't Read the Disc

First, Open the drive’s case. Then find the hook and keep the case in the natural place. Then come out the hooks by using the opening device.

Remove the lower part after opening the hooks. There you will detect six green screws, under the function keys. You have to eliminate them. Then remove the interior case so that fan came out.

This, take out fan gently. After that, you have to dissipate the screws to replace the hard drive. For this, you have to remove the disc drive very carefully from the motherboard.

In the last, you need to disconnect the connectors by bringing off the disc drive from the motherboard.

Also, remove the wire of the disc drive.
Note: Use a plastic opening tool.
Now you can replace the disc driver.

It will certainly help you. As it will fix your problem.

6.Online Services:

If all above the solutions do not work. Then your console needs a repair. You can use the Online Service Center.


Now, you know the reasons as well as solutions of why Xbox 360 won’t read the disc
Share your valuable thoughts below in the comment box.