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Easy Fixes | Xbox 360 Controller Would not Turn On

Easy Fixes | Xbox 360 Controller Would not Turn On
Written by Tabassum Altaf

Struggling with Xbox 360 Controller Setup? Having trouble turning on Xbox 360 controller? Then keep reading this article. This will be useful for you. In this article, you will find the answers to your question.

In the modern era where games are developing by leaps and bounds. Where modern techniques are being introduced in the world of gaming. From the start, it was played with buttons, but with the modern era, it is becoming more and more modern. Now you can play it just by touching the screen.

Unfortunately, these games are becoming more and more difficult to control with these modern types of equipment.

Here we’ll discuss a problem that appears when the Xbox 360 controller is not turned on. If you receive the following error message:

Please reconnect controller

This means that the Xbox controller is not connected to your 360 consoles. There are many reasons for this mistake. We will briefly discuss these reasons here.

Let’s start the journey

Some common reasons for Xbox 360 Controller Would not Turn On

Well, some issues can prevent the Xbox 360 controllers from working properly. Such as batteries, charge, and play kit, or perhaps internal defects. Some of these can be easily fixed with little difficulty. Here are the reasons for Controller 360 that would Turn off

  • Battery: The most common reason of Xbox controller fails to turn on can be the battery. Batteries do not work properly if the batteries are installed improperly.
  • Battery contacts: If the battery contacts are rubbed or resolute too much it could be the cause of turning off the chic 360 controllers.
  • Defected Charging Cable: Sometimes defected charging cable cause of power off of Xbox 360 controller.
  • Firmware Problems: The Xbox 360 controller could be turn off if any updates are interrupted...
  • Hardware Fault: Sometimes, something looks physically strong from the outside but it has broken or defected inside.

How to Fix the Xbox 360 Controller that would not Turn On

Here are the methods to fix the problems. These methods will help you to fix the issue.

Method#1: Fix the Battery & Power Issues

 Dead batteries can affect the performance of the console. This affects the speed as well as the interaction with the device.

Here are the steps to fix the issue.

  • Remove the battery packs and batteries.

Xbox 360 Controller Would not Turn On

  • Shove the button on the top of the battery cap and open it and bring out batteries from the battery packs.

Xbox 360 Controller Would not Turn On

  • Replace the batteries with new ones.
  • Recharge the controller if you have a reusable battery pack. It can easily charge through a USB cable. Plug the console with the device to charge and let it keep aside for 2,3 hours to charge.

Xbox 360 Controller Would not Turn On


  • Make sure that your Xbox turns on. If you are using a USB cable to charge.
  • You can play while your Xbox 360 is charging.
  • When you attach your Xbox 360 controller with the console it’s the light turns in red. The light will turn green when it fully charges.
  • Check out the metal contact at bottom of a battery pack. If it is decayed then you will not be able to turn on the controller.
    You need to clean them.

Find out that if your battery pack is loose or trembling. Then you need to fix it. This may cause your controller to turn off. The basic and general reason for turning off the Xbox 360 as mentioned above. If the problem persists, move on to the next method.

Method#2 Disable Interferences Connection

  • Turn off the console and reconnect the controller. Keep your Xbox 360 off for 5 seconds.
  • After turning on reconnect the controller follow these steps:
  • Keep pressing and holding the “X” button to turn on the controller.
  • Press the connect button on the front of the console.
  • Then you have to press the connect button on your controller within 20 seconds.Xbox 360 Controller Would not Turn On
  • If the lights stop blinking on the console it means your Xbox 360 controller is connected with the console.
  • Remove all the wireless devices between you an Xbox console to maintain a better connection. These devices included such as Microwaves, Wireless Routers, and Laptop.
  • Remove all physical hurdles between your Xbox 360 controller and your console.
  • Keep your Xbox near to a range of the controller.

The important point is that 4 controllers can connect at the same time. If there are 4 controllers attached already, then your controller will not connect.

If the issue persists, then move on to the next method.

Method#3 Reset your Xbox 360

If you still facing that issue then you have to reset the Xbox console. Well, it is not recommended by Microsoft, so before that action, you should contact Microsoft Support.

  • Keep pressing the “sync” button that is in front of the Xbox for 30 seconds.

Xbox 360 Controller Would not Turn On


  • Keep in mind that Xbox should be on. The lights will blink and whirl but it will turn off.
  • The lights will off when you keep holding the button.
  • Remove all input devices that are connected to Xbox console.

Xbox 360 Controller Would not Turn On


5. Then wait 5 minutes. Then turn to connect all input devices and also try connecting your Xbox 360 controller to your console.


Xbox 360 Controller Would not Turn On

6. If you checked all the above possible methods but the problem still persists then you have to discuss the problem with Microsoft help service or maybe you have to get a new Xbox 360 controller.

Final Words: 

We have provided you with every possible solution to this problem. We hope you find a way to turn on the Xbox 360 controller that won’t turn on.

Share your valuable thoughts with us in the comment section below. You can also read How to fix  Xbox error code 0X97E107DF.

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