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Ps4 Overheating? Here is How To Stop it Immediately

ps4 overheating
Written by Tabassum Altaf

So, you were all set to start an amazing game called Forza Horizon 4 this weekend, but what, your ps4 is overheating? Ps4 console comes in three different iterations, and unluckily, they can all overheat for similar reasons.

What’s the solution?

Firstly, all you have to do is to figure out the overheating symptoms, then dive into the solutions. Let’s break each element down.

Why is my ps4 overheating?

Ps4 Overheating? Here is How To Stop it Immediately

Ps4 Overheating error

Overheating is a prevalent issue in ps4 and ps4 pro; the same overheating problem you will see in ps4 slim. If your ps4 keeps overheating, the following reasons could cause this problem.

Your corrupted files in the ps4 software are one of the reasons behind overheating. The CPU and ps4 release more heat due to a corrupted database.

  The bad airflow is the primary issue, and due to this, your ps4 is overheating. When your ps4 is located at a place where airflow is very poor, then ps4 gets overheated.

  The dust is a big issue when ps4 gets dusty and blocked. The fan produces irritating noise and not working properly, so your ps4 gets overheat due to dust.

  When the thermal paste deteriorates, it produces heat, and it overheats your ps4.

  If the grills are blocked due to dust, then it would be a reason for overheating.

These are some common reasons for ps4 overheating. When you find the perfect reason for overheating, you should fix it as soon as possible because it’s an alarming situation for your ps4.

How to fix ps4 overheating?

You already know that overheating is dangerous for your ps4 console software, and it can destroy your ps4 database. There are many ways to fix the overheating issue; let’s discuss these fixes in detail. 

The best part?

By using the following methods, you can also fix overheating issues in ps4 pro and ps4 slim. Let’s get to it.

  1. Shut down your ps4

When your ps4 console software gets overheated, the first thing you can do is shut down your system and let it cool down. After some time, turn on your ps4 system and check if it works, then start using your ps4 again and enjoy.

  1. Proper cleaning and Ventilation

ps4 overheating

When your ps4 console gets overheated, the reason may be blockage due to dust. So you should clean your console in detail with a microfiber cloth, and the other reason is Ventilation. Firstly turn off your ps4 system and unplug your console, then open your compressed air portion and clean the fan properly. You should clean the ps4 USB and plug ports as well. It’s good to use a microfiber cloth for cleaning. Now fix the system again and turn it on; if this were the reason for ps4 overheating, it would work perfectly after fixing this issue.

  1. Appropriate Room Temperature

ps4 overheating

If you are using ps4, the room temperature is very important to prevent overheating. Every system can work for a limited time and needs some time to cool down the system. When you are using ps4 for a long time, it may get overheated, giving it a break for some time. The most crucial point is to set the ps4 system at a place where temperature must be moderate because too hot or too cold temperature can affect your ps4 system.

  1. Update your Software

ps4 overheating

Ps4 console software needs manual updates from time to time. Sometimes you play offline and delay these software updates. For that reason, your ps4b system gets slower, and it causes overheating. You should update your software regularly to fix this overheating issue.

Most of the time, the system is still getting hot because you are playing games non-stop, and some games need to install new updates related to that game. You should install these updates frequently.

  1. Ps4 Warranty

If the ps4 console fan is still not working correctly after the cleaning, then it’s a hardware problem that you can’t fix yourself. You have to send this back to the company and ask for repair. Check your device warranty plan because due to this warranty plan, you can ask for repair anytime. Whenever you want to buy a PlayStation or gaming item, one thing to remember must check the warranty plan first. It will help you shortly with the repairs and issues.

  1. Clean your Corrupt Database

When your ps4 software has some corrupt files in the system, it may get overheat your ps4 console. Because due to a corrupt database, the ps4 system reduces the work speed, so it gets overheated after some time. You should check your files daily to get rid of this issue in the future.

  1. PS4 Running Slow

ps4 overheating

If the safety system of ps4 not working properly, then it might be your system gets overheated. Because the safety system is not working well, your software goes slow in performance, so your ps4 console gets overheated. You should update and check the safety system to avoid this issue in the future.

How long can a ps4 stay on before overheating?

You can use ps4 continuously for hours, and sometimes the installations or updates need long hours to install. It’s ok not a big deal for the ps4 console, and our personal experience is 10 to 18 hours of non-stop use of ps4 is ok. But when you start facing an overheating issue, it means there is some problem in ps4 console. So then you should avoid long hours and fix that issue first, which causes overheating. The PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim all three have long working hours ability.


The ps4 overheating is a serious issue; consequently, you have to fix it as soon as possible. The above guide is all about solutions to an overheating problem. After applying these fixes, we will assure you that your ps4 never gets overheated again.

If your ps4 still the same and gets overheated, you should contact the company’s help center. It might be a ps4 console hardware issue, and you can’t fix it on your own.

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