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Which Brands Make the Best Monitors – Ultimate Guide

For some people, choosing a monitor can be a difficult choice. When going through the procedure for the first time, confusing all the promised features is simple, especially when all the monitors offer the same resolution and refresh rate. Then how can you find which brands make the best monitors?

 What if you can somehow limit your selections to a few trusted brands, given that there are unlimited products to pick from?

To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the brands which make the best monitors worldwide after conducting a thorough evaluation.

We selected these monitor brands for their durability, efficiency, size, color accuracy, viewing angle, high resolution, and other features. Now let’s jump into the article to know which brands make the best monitors.


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Samsung, a South Korean company, has become one of the top electronics manufacturers worldwide. They concentrate primarily on monitors, particularly gaming monitors.

Because many of their models feature VA panels with such a high contrast ratio, they are distinct because they don’t typically employ IPS panels.

 Samsung has gained a name for creating curved and ultrawide monitors of the highest caliber. They even introduced Mini LED backlighting to several models to improve the efficiency in poor lighting, making them the market leader for this feature. 

The biggest drawback of VA panels is their limited viewing angles, although they seem fantastic in dimly lit spaces. These monitors feature astounding picture quality and color accuracy, and they even have VRR control, which is unusual in HD panels in their latest generation versions.

 In addition, Samsung monitors employ GTG pixel transmission, which provides excellent response and enhances the visual experience. 

Top pick:

Samsung CF390


Brands Make the Best Monitors

ASUS monitors represent one of the highest-quality brands of monitors available today. With its excellent displays and affordable prices, ASUS may be the best choice for those looking to buy a high-quality monitor without compromising their budget. Additionally, the monitors are well-known for having a long lifespan.

The ASUS monitor will be a great option if you’re looking for a high-end screen with a high resolution and HDR quality. The ASUS monitor also has an IPS display, superior to other monitor brands in pixel density, resolution, and viewing angles.

Additionally, ASUS models come with FreeSync technology, which guarantees fluid gameplay in FPS games.

Top pick:



Brands Make the Best Monitors

Acer is an excellent choice if you want a reputable monitor brand but are hesitant to invest much money in one of the top producers like ASUS or LG. Their monitors are just as great and designed with detailed features for consumers who prioritize value.

They usually charge lower than the competitors and offer monitors for gamers and people seeking a straightforward monitor for the home.

If you’re interested in the specifications, you should know that Acer displays are noted for having good contrast ratios. Acer also wins in ergonomics, as most of their monitors come with a stand that is simple to adjust.

Gaming monitors from Acer are renowned for their striking designs, vivid edges, and superb picture quality. The quality of their products never fails to amaze them, regardless of the cost or size range of monitors.


Brands Make the Best Monitors

The leading manufacturer of monitors is a multinational corporation called Dell. Its monitors are expertly constructed. DELL offers various display ranges depending on your needs, whether you want a primary monitor to power the entire workplace, upgrade to a high-resolution display, or be a professional gamer.

The S and P Series by DELL offers business and trading monitors for the home and the office. At the same time, the UltraSharp lineup typically offers features specifically suited to the office. Dell distributes its products worldwide and has established a name for high quality.

The wide viewing angle and excellent picture quality make DELL monitors demanding. It can be a great option for you since it almost entirely satisfies your demands.

It does, without a doubt, cost a considerable amount of money, but it is worth it because it offers a plethora of features that keep you entertained and allows you to enjoy it in the long – term.


Brands Make the Best Monitors

LG produces world-renowned gaming monitors. The refresh rate of these displays, which varies from 60 to 240 HZ, is their finest attribute. Additionally, LG monitors have a fantastic response time that enables you to win every game you play.

Although the UltraGear series of monitors tend to be more dedicated to gaming, they offer a few models suitable for offices. Additionally, they provide screens in various sizes, including 34 and 38-inch ultrawide screens as well as 16:9 monitors from 24 to 32 inches.

Because they don’t have many additional functions and only offer a few ergonomic options, LG has got certain drawbacks. You can enjoy a realistic experience with high visual quality with LG monitors.


Brands Make the Best Monitors

Because of its elegant and captivating design, HP monitors are well-liked and desired by every customer for use in their home, workplace, or business. Compared to other companies’ monitors, their enhanced visual quality is superior.

HP’s OMEN lineup includes a few best Korean gaming monitors, not the highest-end displays but not the most costly. An HP display is a trustworthy option if you’re starting in the game industry and aren’t looking to spend much money.

Their monitors’ efficiency and visual quality vary depending on the model you choose because they employ various panels. Since HP only offers a few gaming monitors, they are all excellently efficient and long-lasting with standard 16:9 displays.

They are also considerably less costly than DELL monitors. The curved display on these classy monitors is genuinely adorable. One of the best firms in terms of brand equity is HP.

Final Verdict:

Finally, you’ve grabbed which brands make the best monitors. But before buying any monitor, we advise double-checking your needs.

It may be tempting to choose an unpopular brand purely based on cost. Since you’re about to spend a large amount of money on a product you’ll need, it’s best to be cautious about the quality because the major brands don’t try to save money.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider your needs before comparing them to the best monitor brands mentioned above. Afterward, select the best one.