What is Blackwatch? | Things You Didn’t Know About Genji.

What is Blackwatch? Things You Didn’t Know About Genji

Are you addicted to scientific games? Fan of science fiction adventures? If so, voila ,you are in a right place. Here is a brief explanation of the science fiction game Blackwatch.

Blackwatch is an American science fiction network company that includes space adventures. It’s a role-playing game, published in 1989.

Today we will briefly explain Blackwatch, its exploitation and it’s one of the leading member Genji to you here.

So, let’s dive in

Overwatch: What is Blackwatch

Blackwatch is Blizzard’s hero base unique story and has been remodeled with Blackwatch skins.

Well, Blizzard has added more lore in-game. It may be possible that lots of players of Overwatch do not know about the game world.

Somehow some fans may be confused about the Blackwatch. As a new addition added in Blackwatch game which is Blackwatch skins.

Well, there are some types of fans who don’t read comics or watch shorts.

Now we explain what the mysterious organization and it’s a very important character.

We will now explain the mysterious organization and its most important role.

What was Blackwatch

Before we get to know about the important members and another notable exploit, we must get to know about Blackwatch. So the question is what is Blackwatch exactly?

The Blackwatch was the ops division of Overwatch. Blackwatch was a dark netherworld hero organization.
While on the other hand Overwatch was considered a delighted, civil organization.

Blackwatch committed to private exploration, which frequently included risky action and torturing enemies.
Blackwatch was blacklisted in certain countries from entering.

This game has a lot of characters. Some are heroes while some are villains. All the characters did a great job.

What Happened to Blackwatch

As time moves on, Blackwatch’s exploits became famous and known publically and also by the governments of the countries.

 In some countries, Blackwatch was blacklisted as well as overwatch was banned also.

The crises between Overwatch and Blackwatch raise ahead when there was a conflict between Reyes and Morrison.
Right now Blackwatch is no exist technically.

Reaper tried to engage in the Blackwatch operation as a part of the terrorist organization. Reaper seemed to fail to manage the position of Blackwatch.

Well, Overwatch become famous and gained more popularity

Blackwatch and Talon are said to be the same organization. As former agents, Moira and Reyes are now part of Talon.
Talon is a terrorist organization.

Talon existed when Blackwatch was regulating. It might be possible that Blackwatch has engaged in Talon, as a member of Blackwatch McGrew and Moira remarked while doing work for Talon.

Blackwatch Members

Blackwatch has four famous and playable members. Overwatch has it’s agents around the world, whereas Blackwatch had more agents in other places.

However, here are the name of well known famous members of Blackwatch, Gabriel Reyes, Jesse McCree, Genji Shimada, and Moira O’ Deorain. These are all heroes of Overwatch.

Who is Genji

Genji is a hero in Overwatch. Genji is a playable character in a video game Overwatch modified by Blizzard Entertainment.
He is the youngest son of the Shimada ninja clan. Genji’s body parts and organs were replaced by cybernetics. Which improved Genji’s speed and skills. That renovated him into a living weapon. Genji could manage all the tasks of his family’s illegal business.

Who is Genji

Role of Genji in Blackwatch

During his stay in Blackwatch, he went on many missions. That missions were kept secret from the rest of the world.

Where Genji dealt with many corrupt leaders, illegal weapon suppliers, and Talon’s allies. Overwatch kept all things secret and did not make it publically.

Genji mostly did his task lonely and did not say a single word for help. He completed his mission in privacy and hush from his group.
Though, it is revealed that Genji had a great bounding with the cowboy of that group, Jesse McCree, who used to share many stories of his stay in Overwatch.

Genji executed many missions with Blackwatch. Through those missions, he gained lots of respect from the entire Overwatch regiment. The reason behind his respect was a success in all the missions.

However, his last mission did not go well.

Genji’s Sword in Overwatch

Now, we will get to know about the weapon that Genji used in Overwatch. The sword’s name is Dragonblade. It’s Genji’s weapon in Overwatch.
Genji’s sword Dragonblade is also known as Ryu lchimonji. The sword mashup of the lightsaber, plasma sword, and a katana.
The handle is made of some kind of metal. Yes, we can say that it’s material look like metal. There is some kind of green material on the edge of the sword. The surface of the sword has a jagged design from its top to bottom.

What is Blackwatch | Who is Genji

Before the Dragonblade Genji had different kinds of the sword as Genji was a normal human being.

Genji’s Wakizashi

Apart from all Genji has another sword. Instead of Dragonblade, he has a wakizashi or a short sword and one more thing his shuriken.
That short sword looks more fundamental. That short sword is more simple than the Dragonblade.

Genji’s Shurikens

Genji has another weapon in the game that is Shuriken. One shuriken flies straight towards the crosshair. Then the second one flies at a 9-degree angle. He can throw three Shurikens at a time.


What is Blackwatch | Who is Genji

Thrilling Reality about Genji

Apart from all, Genji is a very important character. He is creative and powerful with a decent backstory. But here we will explain different facts about Genji. This character of Overwatch’s Genji inspired by a Japanese classic novel “The Tale of Genji”

If you played Overwatch as Genji then you might be noticed or not that Genji is good with using of his both hands, right and left. When he fights. But when he used Dragonblade or Shurikens he used the right hand.


We try our best to provide you some information related to Blackwatch as well as Genji. Genji is a really intelligent and excellent fighter. He provided the game in the best manner.

Hope so you get important information related to Blackwatch and its character Genji. If you find this informative, then share your point of view below.

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