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7 Easy Fixes to Completely Uninstall Eclipse On Window 10

A friend of mine installed Eclipse on his computer, and after completing the work, he just wanted it out of his computer. But, when he tried to uninstall this application, he encountered many difficulties.

Because it is a rigid application and sometimes just keeps on coming back and it inserts malware on the computer that can damage its performance.

So today, we are going through some quick and hassle-free methods through which you can completely uninstall Eclipse on the window 10.

Before we explore some easy steps to uninstall Eclipse on window 10, let’s have a look at its definition.

What is Eclipse

An Eclipse is a software or a community which consists of tools collaboration and between different global and local individuals and organizations.

Furthermore, it is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that is used in programming, and the users can extend their sources in the programs using different types of tools and plugins that enable them to solve their problems and calculations in related fields and aspects.

The primary language that it uses is JAVA, and it is developed by Eclipse Foundation.

7 Easy Fixes to Uninstall Eclipse On Window 10

It is hard to find an uninstaller or mediator that makes removing difficult of Eclipse from your Pc. These are easy steps or preferences for how you can effectively uninstall Eclipse without any uninstaller. Plus, without getting any malware on your computer.

Many people face issues uninstalling the program because:

  • It does not appear in the ‘program and features’ of control Panel
  • There is no Uninstaller in programs Installations folder

Fix 1: Uninstallation from Add /Remove Programs

Uninstall Eclips
Uninstallation-Add/Remove program

Let’s start things off  by trying this quick method :

1: Firstly, you have to stop the program by closing it, and in case it does not stop, you can take aid from the task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL.

2: Now, you have to follow the natural process of the program uninstallation by opening the control panel and entering the installation/uninstallation.

3: After entering the folder, you need to search in the eclipse program, and double click the main folders will be deleted.

4: Or you simply press the Windows key and then press the “S” key and type programs,  a folder will appear named as “Add or remove programs” now you will have to enter this program and search for the Eclipse software by scrolling up or downwards and locate the eclipse folder.

5: After locating this folder, you simply click on the uninstallation button and uninstall it when the command prompted is popped up.

Now Eclipse is completely deleted from your computer, leaving no file on the computer. If it is still not uninstalled, make sure, there should not be any file left in the Drive.

Fix 2: Uninstallation from Pool files

Sometimes after uninstalling the programs, some files are still stuck in the Directories. If these directories are still showing, that means it is still stuck on your Pc.

So simply, you can make secure by searching each of the drives individually and deleting all the folders or directories of the programs.

In some cases, the Eclipse won’t uninstall this way; you just have to locate its folder containing its files. Then you have to be doubtless that there is no other folder that contains Eclipse or pool or p2 files.

Delete all the folders which contain all the files, and you will observe that Eclipse has been successfully uninstalled from your computer.

Fix 3: Uninstallation through RESTORE

A “system restores point “is another easy, fast and effective way because it enables the user to restore its PC into the last working condition in which he was using the Pc.

Uninstall Eclipse
Uninstallation-Restore system

It is useful only if you set a system restore point before the installation of the software, and then it will become smoother and efficient once you are done using the software.

To do this :

1: To set a system restore firstly you have close all the applications running in the background

2: Press “Windows + S ” key and search for the system restore point

3: Once open you will see a system restore Option

4: Click System restore, And then you have to select the bar in which the software is not installed by now.

Uninstall Eclips
Uninstallation-System Restore

5: After clicking the bar choose the Drive in which Eclipse will be installed

6: When you have selected the Drive, an option will appear to confirm or deny the process. Select Confirm.

Uninstall Eclipse
How to uninstall Eclipse-System Restore

7: After it is confirmed, you will see a message stating that you cannot turn off the system restore point. This is the confirmation the system Restore point has been created

Uninstall Eclips
Completion of system restore

Fix 4: Uninstallation BY Using Antivirus

Using Antivirus is another helpful way to remove Eclipse. Sometimes general thought is that Eclipse is not uninstalling because of some computer conditions. Still, it’s because of some virus or malware that the files of the Eclipse Could not be removed.

In these particular cases, you have luckily the Assistance of the Antivirus software’s that you can just download them and scan for the malware. In this way, you can easily uninstall the Eclipse from our computer without any undue hassle.

Fix 5: Uninstallation from registry Command

When a program is being installed in the computer windows, save all the commands installation and uninstallation command in its registry. You can use this method in the uninstalling of the Eclipse IDE Java.

To perform this method:

1: Press ” Windows + R ” Key a command. The Box will open, in this box you have to write Regedit and press the OK button.

2: Then you have to navigate and look for this directory of Eclipse IDE

3: Now you have to double-click on it and copy the string value data from it

4: Then, reopen the run command box by pressing “Windows + R” and paste the value in the Command box and press OK

5: After that, you have just to follow the Commands, and you will uninstall the Eclipse from our computer

Fix 6: Uninstallations through Uninstaller App

If none of the above methods have worked for you . You can use an uninstaller to get rid of this problem.

  1. In this method, you just have to download the software named as Uninstaller.
  2. When you download it, search for the Eclipse select it and right-click and then click on option delete.
  3. All the files and directories regarding the software will be automatically deleted, and thereby, you are quickly done.
  4. No files of the Eclipse will remain on your computer.

Fix 7:  Uninstallation by reinstalling Windows

Dear readers, above all, the mechanisms that you can use, are handy and easy.

In conjunction with that, sometimes you can’t figure out what is going on with our computer, and it behaves almost abnormally.

So, in that case, you just need to renew your windows. By renewing your windows, you have almost a new computer. Our hard drive is completely formatted. In this way, you just get rid of the Eclipse application that we could not uninstall.

How to uninstall Eclipse on Mac

Uninstallation on the Mac is also very similar to windows.

Just like you have done uninstallation in windows, you have to first remove the application, and then there are some files /directories that are left behind in some other folders. Removing those files is also very important.

Most probably those files will be stored in the User folder. Open the User folder, and in this folder, you will find the file of Eclipse as the name of Eclipse .app. Thus you will be putting it into the trash.

Uninstall Eclipse
Uninstallation Eclipse on Mac

You may also need to delete a subfolder in your home folder. If there are no files of use, you may delete that too.

Uninatall Eclipse
How to uninstall Eclipse on Mac
  1. Now you should find and remove the Eclipse service files, which are stored in the system Library folder.
  2. To get access to them, open finder, and then you click Go”  in the drop-down menu and further type the directories to the files provided below and click on Go button
  3. Delete all the files associated with Eclipse
  • ~/.eclipse
  • ~/Library/Caches/org.eclipse.platform.ide
  • ~/Library/Saved Application State/org.eclipse.platform.ide.savedState
  • ~/Library/Preferences/org.eclipse.platform.ide.plist

All the files are deleted from the mac, Including the Eclipse app and all the directories.

Furthermore, to this uninstalling experience,  you can also download a dedicated uninstaller, which in cases proves to be working more quickly because of its non-complex ability.

Uninstall Eclips
Mac-Eclipse uninstallation

Summing Up

These were the best and easiest ways for uninstalling the Eclipse from your computer without damaging your personal space of Windows 10 (any version).

Feel free to comment if you have any questions regarding the uninstallation of the Eclipse.

Was this information useful? Was there any difficulty in Uninstalling Eclipse? Share with us. We’re always here to help you.

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