Modular Power Supply VS Semi & Non-modular PSU

What is a modular power supply

Modular power supplies are not only advantageous but also very widely used. Whenever you buy a power supply, you may wonder, What is a modular power supply and what are its specifications.

Why is its demand rising besides its high prices? And in which sense is it serving you superior to the other power supplies?  I know all your concerns are genuine. But!

Don’t bother about it anymore. Here I’ve come up with a fair knowledge of all these confusions. 

3 Types of Modular Power Supplies

There are generally 3 types of modular supplies when we talk about modular. These are

  • Non-modular power supplies
  • Semi-modular power supplies
  • Fully modular power supplies

Either you go to create a new PSU or purchase it, you need to know about it. Because a low-quality power supply can harm your computer’s CPU badly, let’s explore all these types a bit more. 

Non-Modular Power Supply

In a non-modular power supply, all the wires are fixed permanently. Either they are connected to the motherboard or any other part of the CPU; they are fixed in the PSU. 

The most appealing feature of the non-modular PSU is that it is low on budget.  And it is just cheap than the other two modular power supplies. But, generally, it also has a solid cost. It is almost $87 at the biggest shopping mall, Amazon.

What is a modular power supply
The non-modular power supply unit


 A non-modular PSU is effective in a way that it is low on budget. The people who are building a PC for only their small business are starting at a low non-modular PSU cost. Moreover, it is very reasonable in size. Thus you can fix it in a standard size PC case easily.


A non-modular PSU does not provide an efficient airflow and also increases the temperature of the wires. That can damage your hardware. It also has poor cable management as all the wires are fixed inside the PSU. You’ve to take all the cables, no matter if you need all of them or not.

One more annoying thing is whenever you want to replace the Non-modular PSU. You’ll disconnect all the cables from the motherboard, DVD ROM, and from all the drivers.

Semi-Modular Power Supply

In a semi-modular PSU, only the necessary wires are connected permanently, and the others are not. You can connect the other cables as per your need. Simply, it has some qualities of a non-modular and some of a fully modular PSU. You can buy it within the range of $90-94 from Amazon.

What is modular power supply
A semi-modular power supply


It does not frustrate you for cable management and provides a good airflow that cooldowns the CPU temperature. You can uninstall the unnecessary cables easily, and you don’t need to carry all the cables simultaneously. 


Actually, we should not say it a drawback of semi-modular. The change in price is that the non-modular does not vary significantly because most people can afford it. 

Fully Modular Power Supply

One of the latest additions to the modular PSUs is the fully modular power supply. It has so many advantages. I find it to be more quality-friendly than the other two PSUs. 

A great addition to a fully modular power supply unit is fewer wires, and none is fixed. It all depends on you to connect the only cables that you need. You can avail of it at Amazon at the cost of $125-145.

What is a modular power supply
A fully modular power supply


A fully modular power supply is really an amazing gadget.

The best part:

It provides perfect airflow, which keeps all the components of the PC  cooler, and there remain much fewer chances of any hardware loss. However, its wire management is also amazing.

If you can afford to pay some more money, there is no chance to refuse to buy a fully modular power supply. It is also a favorite among the people who are addicted to playing games and those who develop games.


It takes more space; that’s why it needs a big PC case to install. If you are a new builder, you should prefer semi-modular to the full modular PSU.

I know you won’t like to beg money from your parents to buy it again. Because you can make some mistake installing cables and you may come across a severe issue.

Final thoughts,

It is all about your PC’s important component, the PSU. I hope the information that I’ve put in this article will help you decide which PSU you should buy.

Now, you have got a clear knowledge of what is a modular power supply unit. You are always welcome to ask if you have any other questions.


How do I know if my power supply is modular?

You can judge that a modular power supply does not come with a bunch of wires attached to the unit box. It is a non

-modular. If it has free wires, then it is a modular PSU.

Do modular PSUs come with cables?

Yes, a fully modular PSU has all its cables inside the box. But it is not necessary that you have to install all of them. Just install the necessary wires and keep the rest in the box.

What’s the difference between semi and fully modular PSU?

A semi-modular power supply has some important wires permanently attached to the unit, and the other wires are removable. Whereas a fully modular power supply has all the wires removable. You’ll connect them according to your need.

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