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Struggling To Save Images On Mac? Try One-Click Solution

Whether you need images for business clients, personal projects, or school presentations, whatever the reason is, you can save pictures on your Mac. It’s not challenging but can be tricky sometimes. The following steps will lead you better in saving images on Mac.

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Right-click Method

The best way to store images on your Mac is the right-clicking method. The following steps will help you out.

Step 1: Open the web page where you want to save the picture.

Struggling To Save Images On Mac?

                                                         Figure 1; Open web page

Step 2: Hit the picture to get the full view. Now, hover your mac mouse over the desired picture before proceeding further.

Having trouble saving images on Mac?

                                         Figure 2: Hover your mouse on the picture

Step 4 Open the context menu

There are a couple of ways to pop up the menu on the top of the image.

  •   Press the trackpad with two fingers at once. It will prompt a menu before you, maybe on the top or side of the image. This action also counts as right-clicking.
  •  Another option is to hold the ctrl button on your keyboard and click the image. The reason it works is when you click the “ctrl” button; it activates the right click on the mouse. This one is helpful when your mouse doesn’t have a separate right-click faculty.
  • For the MacBook, you can long-press the image to throw up the menu. Once the menu pops up on the top of the picture. From the menu, you can see multiple options.
How to save image on mac

                                                                      Figure 3 Open context menu

Step 5 Click On Save Image

To save photos in Mac further, you need to select the “image save as” option from the context menu. A window will pop up, allowing the faculty to choose the name and download location for the respective picture. 

How to save image on macbook pro

                                                  Figure 4; Click on the save image as

Step 6 Choose the Download Location

How to save image on macbook computer

                                       Figure 5; select download location

Step 7 Rename the file while saving the image in your Mac. 

How to save image on mac without right-clicking

                                                               Figure 6; Rename file

Step 8 Click on the Save button

You have downloaded the Image on Mac. It’s that easy.

How to save image on mac with the internet

                                                       Figure 7; Hit save button

In this way, you can easily download images from the website or google to the Mac. This method of saving photos also helps to keep pictures from Facebook. No matter what format you choose for saving images, downloading photos on a Mac does not affect the quality. It remains the same.

What If The Right Click Method Doesn’t Work On Your Mac? 

 There are different hacks you can do to fix right-click issues on your Mac;

  1. Restart your Mac or simply refresh your mac in seconds.
  2. Check browser’s permission. 

Make sure your browser grants storage permissions for Mac. To check this, you can go to the settings of chrome. Click on the privacy option in the settings. From there, you click on photos, and here you can change the permission settings.

  1. Also, you can clear cache data and browsing history to fix this issue. Cache data becomes problematic sometimes in saving images on Mac.

2. Drag And Drop Method

The dragging method is the fastest method to save images on Mac. For this purpose, consider the following steps:

Step 1 Open the respective webpage with the picture to be dedicated.

How to save image on macbook air

                                            Figure 8; webpage with a picture

Step 2 Click the image to get it in full size.

How to save image on mac from google

                                              Figure 9; Image in full view                                     

Step 3 Resize the browser screen to get the desktop view.

How to save image on mac without mouse

                                               Figure 10; Resize the browser window

Step 4 Drag Image To The Desktop

Click right on the image while holding the keys on the mouse, move the mouse to the desktop. Hold the key until you see an “+” sign in the green circle on the picture. After, release the key.

How to save image on mac keyboard

                                            Figure 11; Drag image to the desktop

Step 5 File has Downloaded on Mac

Here, you can see the transparent file of the respective image on the desktop. Similarly, you can save this image in the desired document. To get the pictures on Mac through this method is suitable, but you can’t rename the image file.

How to save image on macbook

                                                            Figure 12; Transparent image file

3. Screen Capture Method

The screen capture method is perfect, especially for those images you don’t have access to download. The process involves a couple of steps;

Step 1 Select the picture or the screen area you want to capture. 

How to save image on mac from internet

                                                 Figure 13; select the image file

Step 2 You need to hold “command + shift +4” simultaneously through the keyboard. This action will save images on your desktop directly. 

How to save image on mac

                                                                           Figure 14; Take a screenshot

To capture the entire screen.

 Hover the mouse over the desktop screen and press “command + shift + 3” simultaneously, and there you go. It will save the image on your Mac. Using the screen capture method, you can also save photos from Instagram. 

How to save image on mac

                                                         Figure 15; Capture whole screen

How Can You Save A Picture On Mac From The Message App?

Usually, pictures get saved in iCloud automatically. If it doesn’t happen, you can keep them yourself from messages in iCloud. 

STEP 1 you can go into the messages app select a conversation from where you want to download images. 

STEP 2 Hit the detail button on the bottom right of the conversation. By clicking on it, you can find a download option. 

STEP 3 Tap on the download option. The pictures will be right in your iCloud storage.

STEP 4 You can also save them on the desktop of Mac or in a separate document.

How To Save Images On Mac From Apple Mail?

If you are new to Mac, a couple of things can be problematic for you, like saving images from Apple mail. The following steps can ease your confusion about image saving on Mac from its mailing app.

Step 1

The first step is to open Apple mail on Mac and choose the messages with desired pictures. The sender may have placed photos in the middle or end of the conversation. It doesn’t matter wherever he puts the image in the mail. You can save them with ease.

Step 2

The next step is to open the mail. You will see a horizontal line at the top of the mail content, under the mail receiver info. There you can easily find an action bar menu. You need to click on this horizontal action bar to see more options.

Step 3

The further step is to click on the paperclip sign option from the action bar menu. A menu will pop up on the page to select photos you want to save in Mac. Also, you can choose the “Save All” option for all the images. Down in the menu, there is another option to save images in the Photos app. 

Step 4

 The second last step is to select your desired option from the menu. A window will prompt on the page as you click the respective option. It will ask you to choose the place for photos. Here, you can select the destination as a desktop or photos app.

Step 5

The last step is to select the locality to save pictures. It may be in a new document or on a desktop. Another option you will see ‌is to rename the file. Rename it. After that, you can click on a blue button to get them into your place. 


I hope this guide helps you save photos on the Mac from various platforms. Trail out different ways and see what works best for you. You can successfully save pictures on your Mac through the above methods. You can comment below if you have other questions or concerns like how to connect your headphones to mac!