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[FIXED]Steam Friends Network Unreachable

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Are you scratching your head with “Steam friends network unreachable” error? Do not worry, you are not alone. A lot of users suffer from this error after logging in to Steam.

Well, this is an irritating situation as you are not able to access your friend list.

Have you also experienced the “Steam friends network unreachable” error?

Steam Friends Network Unreachable
If the answer is “yes”. Then don’t worry, this post is surely for you. After reading this post, you will be able to tackle the situation.


Certainly, Steam is a well-known platform for buying and playing games.

But, many users complain about an error while login into Steam.

Before starting let’s explain a little bit more about steam.

What is Steam?

Steam is a well-known outlet for buying and playing games. On this platform, there are thousands of games available that you can play online as well as they are downloadable too.

Steam has different kinds of features that it provides to its clients. These features are the installation of games and game updating as well.

Steam also delivers community features such as friend’s list and groups, cloud saving, and more importantly, it provides in-game voice chat and chats with friends.

However, many users reported that their “friend list “ not being available even though internet-connected.

The crucial part?

What are the reasons behind this error? Let’s go

What are the Causes of “Steam Friends Network Unreachable” Error

There is no particular reason for this error. But somehow, there are a few reasons for this error.

  •  Beta Mode: Often to check out the new features, the Steam users turn out, the beta version of the application, mostly that versions contain bugs. Beta the mode is one of such bugs found in Steam.
  •  Cache: Mostly, applications store temporary files in your system. That files help you to increase the function of the app and decrease the load timing of the game. In the case of Steam, the same things happen with it. It stores some files. But these files might become corrupt with time. These corrupt files create an issue with the application.
  • Steam Properties: Sometimes, Steam properties may restrict you to access the Steam features and cause issues.
  • Slow connection: Last but not the least, the slow connection may be the cause of the error. It may be the reason that your Steam does not work properly.

After exploring the causes now move towards the fixes.

Easy fixes for Steam Friends Network Unreachable

Try the following fixes to resolve the “Steam friends network unreachable” error of steam.

Note: Before trying to fix the issue. Try to fix the problem with quick fixes.

  • Restart the Steam and your PC. After restarting the Steam and PC, try again.
  • Make sure that your network connection is working properly. Check out your network connection and try again.

Fix1: Check Antivirus Settings

You should check out the antivirus setting and try to make sure that your Steam Client is not blocked by antivirus software.

Fix2:Network Connection

Due to poor network connection Steam does not work properly. So, first, make sure that your network connection is working properly.

Turn off your device and after a few minutes turn on the device, and check, the error may have been fixed.

It is possible that your friend list does not open on Steam due to network connection failure.

If the problem is resolved then it is well and good. If the error exists then follow the following fixes.

Want to know why does steam update everyday? Here is a quick solution

Fix3: Opt-out of the Beta Mode

If you are using the beta version then it is quite obvious that you encounter a bug.
Steam offers to its users to quit the beta version.

Here are the following steps to opt-out of all beta programs.

Step1: Open the Steam client and log in to your account.

Step2: Click on the Steam button in the upper left corner, then go to the setting option.

Step3: Under the Account button, click on the change option under the participation heading.

Step4: Click on the dropdown and choose the option “Non-opt-out of all beta programs” option.

Steam Friends Network Unreachable


Step5: After clicking on this option you will opt-out of the beta version and you will not receive any beta updates.

After this check the error and access your friend list. Find out does it fix works or not?

Fix4: Delete the Caches of Steam

Usually, application store temporary files on your system. Steam also does the same but sometimes these files might become corrupt and create issues to run the application.

Therefore, you have to delete the caches files of Steam.

Here are the steps for doing this process.

Step1: Open the Steam client on your PC.

Step2: Then click on the Steam on the top toolbar and choose Setting from the dropdown menu.

Step3: Select the Web Browser section. Then choose the Delete Web Browser Cache and Delete all Web Browser Cookies button.

Steam Friends Network Unreachable

After doing this procedure, the Steam friends network unreachable error should be fixed. If it does not. Then move on to the next solution.

Fix5: Change the Properties of Steam

There is another way to fix the error. It is an effective way to resolve the error Steam friends network unreachable.

Which is to make changes in the properties of Steam.

Here are the steps to change the properties of Steam

Step1: First right click on the shortcut of Steam in your steam. Then go down towards the properties option.

Step2: Input the -nofriendsul on the Target window bar. In the last click on Apply and ok to save it.

Steam Friends Network Unreachable

Step3: if it does not work, then add -nofriendsul-Neuchatel in the Target bar and click on apply and save.

After changing the properties, the error Steam friends network unreachable should be fixed.


I’m very hopeful that this article will be helpful for you, if I missed something then you can suggest me without any fear. Also, share your valuable thoughts with us.

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