solution of Samsung Dryer Heating Problem
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[SOLVED] Samsung Dryer Not Heating Problem

Are you looking for solutions to solve the Samsung dryer, not heating problem? Then, you do not need to worry because we have the best solutions for your problem. 

Drying is an essential activity you perform almost every day. However, if you face any issue while drying, you will end up with damp clothes, which can be a hassle. 

Samsung dryer, not heating is quite a common problem faced by Samsung users. There are several causes for it, and there are ways you can fix the problem yourself.

In this article, we will help you if you are struggling with the problem of the Samsung dryer not heating the way it is supposed to be.

Causes Behind The Problem of Samsung Dryer Not Heating

Here are some of the problems that might be causing your Samsung dryer not to heat properly.

Issues in Internal Wiring

Proper wiring will allow any machine to work efficiently. Therefore, internal wiring issues can cause slight problems in the drying capability of the Samsung dryer. If they are loose or disconnected, they might cause the Samsung dryer not a heating problem.

Clogged Venting System

solution of Samsung Dryer Heating Problem

The moisture taken from the damp laundry escapes through the venting system. Therefore, an issue in the venting system, such as a clogged air vent or lint filter, might cause the heating issue in the Samsung dryer.

Clogging of venting system might occur due to continuous usage of Samsung dryer. Also, anything getting stuck in the air vent can cause the venting system blockage.

Faulty Heating Element

solution of Samsung Dryer Heating Problem

The heating element is an essential part of a dryer, responsible for drying the clothes completely. Any fault in the heating element is quite a significant issue that can cause the Samsung dryer not a heating problem. For example, a faulty or burnt heating element might be caused by overloading the dryer, lint filters clogging, and insufficient ventilation.

Problems in Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse helps protect the dryer from overheating. It blows up when there is a sudden surge in power. A blown-up thermal fuse will prevent the Samsung dryer from doing its usual function.

Thermostat Issues

Proper voltage helps the Samsung dryer to run smoothly. Therefore, any issue causing a change in voltage might cause the thermostat to malfunction. Since a thermostat helps maintain the heat needed to dry the clothes, a malfunctioning thermostat can be a reason behind the Samsung dryer, not a heating problem.

Fixing the Problem of Samsung Dryer Not Heating

Here is how you can deal with the problem of the Samsung dryer not heating properly.

1. Check the Wiring

This is how you can check if the issue in internal wiring is causing the Samsung dryer not a heating problem:

  • Unplug the Samsung dryer.
  • By removing the cover plate, you can have a look at the screw terminal.
  • The screw terminal is the place where you will see wires connected.
  • If you see any loose or disconnected wire, tighten or connect it respectively.

2. Cleaning the Ventilation System

You can avoid the clogging of lint filters and air vent by cleaning them after each cycle. Though regular cleaning helps maintain the function of the ventilation system, sometimes, dirt and debris from the dryer can clog it. To prevent this situation, do proper cleaning of your Samsung dryer twice a year.

solution of Samsung Dryer Heating Problem

3. Replacing the Heating Element 

solution of Samsung Dryer Heating Problem

You will have to do the following steps to remove and replace the heating element.

  • Unplug the Samsung dryer from the power source.
  • You will see screws present on the dryer’s back. Remove them.
  • By sliding the lid off, you can remove the lid.
  • By lifting the control panel upward, you remove it.
  • You will have to remove the wire harness which is connecting the control panel to the dryer.
  • You will see four screws at the front panel, securing it. Remove those screws.
  • By opening the dryer door, you will locate two screws at the door’s base. Remove them.
  • Now, depressing the locking tabs will remove the front panel.
  • By disconnecting the door switch wire, the panel can be lifted.
  • Now, you will see a moisture sensor wiring harness. Disconnect it.
  • By removing the screws holding the heating element housing, you can remove them from the mountain bracket.
  • Now, get the mountain bracket removed by removing the screws connecting the mountain bracket to the base.
  • Get the heating element housing out.
  • There is a wire harness on the heating element. Disconnect it.
  • Make sure you do not remove the wire harnesses from the thermostat or high limit switch.
  • You will see screws holding the high limit switch and thermostat. Remove them.
  • By removing the screws holding the heating element housing together, you can bend the tab upward to separate the heating element housing.
  • There are wire terminal locking tabs. Straighten them.
  • Now, you will remove the wire terminals along with the heating element from the housing.                         
  • Use a multimeter to see if the heating element is working.
  • If you find it faulty, replace it with a new one.

4. Replacing the Thermal Fuse

Here is how you can see if the Samsung dryer, not the heating problem is due to the thermal fuse getting blown up.

  1. By removing the back panel, you will be able to locate the fuse. You will see it near the heating element or the blower.
  2. Now, to check if the fuse is working, do the continuity test by using a multimeter. If the fuse fails to pass the continuity test, it indicates that the fuse has blown up.               
    solution of Samsung Dryer Heating Problem
  3. It would be best if you replaced the fuse to get your Samsung dryer working correctly again.

5. Replacing Thermostat Wires

To ensure that the correct voltage is being supplied to the thermostat, you will need to change the wires connected to it. Changing the wires can be handled by a professional, so contact one if the need arises. 

Final Words

The Samsung dryer, not a heating problem, can be caused by issues like the burnt heating element. You can continue drying your clothes with the Samsung dryer by utilizing the above-mentioned solutions. 

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