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7 Easy Tricks To Skip Ads On Hulu In 5 Minutes

Internet and technology have made our life a lot easier in many aspects. All Thanks to the development of technology, video streaming is now becoming the limelight of our era. Now we can watch tons of episodes of our favorite show anywhere and anytime!

Ads during Hulu video streaming is a real fuss and I can understand what you feel. There’s a quicker way to remove or skip the ads on Hulu but are you ready to spend the dollars on that? I will suggest you not to!

Is Hulu (no ads) worth it?

One line answer: It is worth the hype!

If you have a little patience or don’t have enough time to block the unnecessary ads while watching their favorite show then  Hulu no ads will do it for you. You would love the no-ads version of Hulu, also known as the premium version or the Hulu plus If you’re currently using a basic plan with commercials.

But wait till I tell you some solutions without spending any dollars. You heard it right friend!

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How to skip ads on Hulu

Hulu ads popping up on your screen is a real pain that never lets you watch a whole show peacefully. Unlike other streaming platforms, Hulu shows non-skip-able ads even on basic plans.

But from now on, you won’t be stressed about the Hulu ads anymore. Now you can watch your favorite show without any disturbance. Out of the blue? Like I did.

How to skip ads on Hulu without paying?

Well, it is not possible to skip the ads on Hulu without paying since it has non-skip-able ads until finished. But, there are a lot of ways to block the ads on Hulu and Hulu plus.

Below are some of the easiest ways to block the ads on Hulu while watching your favorite show. Let me walk you through it.

Skipping Ads on Hulu Chrome – by AdBlock Plus

If you’re looking for something that is both on-browser and easy-to-use for blocking the annoying ads on Hulu and Hulu plus then AdBlocker is the one for you.

This simple to use extension will work the best for you if you’re looking for some temporary solution to block the ads on Hulu chrome. It blocks the ads by showing a blank screen to you.

Add AdBlock Plus to your Google Chrome browser extension and enjoy ad-free content on your PC.

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Note: Some of the videos may not play due to this plugin. Disable it and enjoy!


Skipping Ads on Hulu Phone – by Blokada app

If you’re using The Hulu app on your phone then you are going to love this app to skip the ads on Hulu plus. Problem Solved? No?

This third-party app will work the best to skip ads on your android phone. Download the app from Google Play and watch your play uninterrupted.

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This app will not only work for Hulu but also for the other apps that pop up ads while playing its content.

Skipping Ads on Hulu (All platforms) – By Enounce MySpeed

Using this software, you can somehow block the ads on Hulu. This software will work for you if you don’t want to see the Hulu ads. How? Let me explain.

This software will not necessarily block the ads, but fast-forward them so you can get rid of the ad within a few moments. What else to want?

Nothing good comes for free, So, you have to spend just $2.99 to purchase its license key with a seven-day free trial.

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Since it works on all platforms so I will say, it is a very good investment of money. Download from HERE.

Skipping Ads on Hulu – Two tabs Method

If you’re not ready to spend any money on your Hulu account then you need to do this trick immediately. This method may sound funny to you but it actually works!

All you need to do is to open your chrome, then your Hulu account, and open the same video you want to play in two, separate tabs. After that, mute the video on the second tab and play it on the first.

Watch the video on the first tab till the Ad dot.  When the ad pops up, go to the second tab and watch there. Bang!!!!!

Skipping Ads on Hulu – Refreshing The Page

I can surely say this one is the simplest method to ski the ads on Hulu. This method requires no plugins and extensions, and neither any app. Sounds about right?

Well, this method will not remove the ad, but instead, it will reduce its duration. Now you have to bear the ad for a short time.

We all know that Hulu and Hulu plus ads are not only frustrating but long as well, so a shorter duration of the ad is also a win-win.

Skipping Ads on Hulu – By Web Filtering

In your router control management, you have options like parental control or access control, you can do web filtering of Hulu plus ads.

This method is not that difficult to do and has great results in blocking your Hulu advertisement. The steps are as follows

• Open your browser.
• Type your IP address in the search bar and press enter.
• After successful submission, search for the web Filtering option.
• Now to your block record add “”
• Apply the options and restart your router.

This method is effective as this domain works for the ads on Hulu. So, if you bock the domain, you won’t be getting any ads on Hulu. Now. enjoy your favorite show.

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Skipping Ads on Hulu – Premium Version

If you’re not liking the above methods, then you’re only left with the premium version of Hulu. Although it’s easy to upgrade your account to the premium you will have to spend some extra dollars for that.

The downside of the Hulu no-ads version is that there are still some of the seasons and movies that show ads. It means you just cannot get rid of ads even when upgraded to the premium version.

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What’s your take on now?

Of all the methods listed above, you can choose the one that suits you the best. All of them are effective tricks to get rid of the ads on Hulu.

Or If you’re still not interested in them, you can purchase the premium plan and live your life Ad-free.

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