How to delete system32? Here are the Simple Solutions
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How to Delete System32? Here are the Simple Solutions

Looking for the easy and quick ways to delete system32 in window 10? Well, you have stepped into the right place. But before we learn simple techniques, let’s try to know a little bit about System 32.

What is the System32 Folder?

The system32 is a directory which is located in C drive. Computer’s Windows has important files to run an operating system. It contains all the files that are needed to run a computer system. System 32 contains all the system’s software all important files and backups. Many important files of the system are here as well.

The most common files are:

⦁ Dynamic Link Library (DLL )
⦁ Executable files (EXE)

System32 is associated with Microsoft Windows. If there will be any corrupt, infected, missing, and error in the file then your PC does struggle to run.

Why Do We Need to Delete System32?

As we said before that System 32 is essential for an operating system. If you try to delete this folder then it does not damage your computer but it damages its operating system.

Some news is viral that Sysstem32 contains the virus. Most people delete this system due to fake news. Their operating system did not run properly. There is no need to delete this system. It is like a heartbeat of the Computer.

Location of System32 folder?

The folder of system32 is located in C drive.
PC / “C” drive/ window / system32

How to Delete System32?

Many questions are surrounded on the internet about deleting the system32. Many people ask that “How can we delete system32?
Here are some easy methods to delete system32 but you should be aware that what are you deleting.

Method#1 Deleting with the help of Notepad

Step 1: Open Notepad

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Step 2: Type cd in Notepad.

Step 3: Now find the file that you want to delete, click on the file, and open properties.


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Step 4: Properties tab will appear, just click on the Location.

Step 5: copy the location address

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Step 6: Paste path location after a space quote

Step 7: Click on the Enter button and move the line down in Notepad and del.

Step 8:In the last type file name after del with one space.

Step 9: Type the file name along with any extension if present with quotes.
Example:del “sample.dox”.

Step 10: Save the file as Save as type “All file”.

Step 11: You also need to save the file with the .bat extension name.

Method #2 (Acquire Ownership &Delete)

For this method, you have to take permission from the administration.

Step 1: Click on”Start”, type”cmd” and press”Ctrl” and”Shift” and “Enter” keys simultaneously to load the symbol of system console with administrative privileges.

Step 2:Type”takeown/fC:\Windows\System32″ and press “Enter” to take ownership of the System32 folder.

Step 3:Type “IcaclsC:\Windows\System32″ and press “Enter” to grant you privileges to remove the “System32” folder.

Step 4:Closes the symbol of system console, by typing “Exit” and then pressing “Enter”.

Step 5:Close all the running applications.

Step 6:Click “My Computer/ PC” and open the”C” drive. Then click “Window” then click on the “system32” folder.

Step 7:Open the System32 folder, Select the files that you want to delete.

Method 3 (For Protected Files)Trusted Installer

Sometimes when you want to delete some system’s files you get some error messages, or you do not have permission to perfume this action. To manage changes in an application you need to obtain ownership. So that you can delete or modify the files.
For this method, you have to follow these steps

Step 1:In Window Explorer, navigate to the System32 folder. Select the file or folder Right Click on it for Properties.

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Step 2:⦁ Click on Security
⦁ Then next click on Advanced.

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Step 3:Click on the Owner tab. you will see Trusted Installer as Owner.

Step 4:Edit the ownership of your account or administrator account.

Step 5:Close all the Windows and again the properties of system32.

Step 6:Now Go to Security=> Advanced => Edit.

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Step 7:Click on the user name and change it. If the user name is not available in the list, click Add and then click on OK. Also, change the sub-containers and objects. You can add the new owner’s name.

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Step 8:Then click on the checkbox next to Full Control. Then click OK.

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Step 9:In this way, you can delete any system,s file without any message.

What Will Happen if you Delete the System32 Folder?

If anyone deletes this folder then the operating system can not work properly. You have to reinstall Windows for the computer. Some apps do not work properly. You should not try to delete this System32 as it contains important files.

If you want to delete this folder then it will be a massive loss. After deleting the System32 folder your operating system does not work properly. It does struggle to run it. If you delete some files from this folder then your operating system does not work properly. Some apps will stop to work, You have to reinstall window to run the operating system

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