Should Video Games be Considered a Sport?

Should Video Games be Considered a Sport? Here Is the Right Answer

Should video games be considered a sport? At the advent of video games as a whole industry in the late 1970s, the comparison between video games and sports came into being.

With time, worldwide competitions start to hold, and the players received a huge amount of money as a reward. Sports also have this trait. This is why sports and video games are now in direct competition.

Here, we’ll get to know some other video games and sports traits for further comparison.

The greatness of the Video Game Industry

The video gaming industry is becoming more and more popular with the passage of time.

Surprising fact!

According to the gaming industry, the revenue of Asia Pacific will increase to $174 billion at the end of 2021. This is a surprisingly big number. (Source: Statista)

Should video games be considered a sport
The glory of a video gaming industry

The global gaming market is 10 times greater than the film or music industry. The biggest players of video games are Chinese and Americans in the world.

Why Should Video Games be Considered a Sports

Video games are similar to sports in many ways, but before we go towards the similarities, it is necessary to know sports features. So, the main features of the sports are!

  • Entertainment
  • Skill
  • Competition
  • Physical fitness

Now, let’s dive directly into the fact for which sports and esports come across each other.


Entertainment is the core element of sports. Not only entertainment but also a sense of victory always besieged the player’s attention. When an individual or a team plays, they try their best to win over their competitors.

Thus, both the video game player and the sportsman entertain themselves through playing. There is a field similarity for the players. Here, we can consider a video game as sports.


When a sportsman is determined to become a pro player. He has to go through a long time of practice. He practices daily and consistently. Then finally he became a good player who has fame and money.

Like a sportsman, a video game player also struggles day and night to become a popular player. He gains skill after so much practice. Every individual can play normal games on normal levels. But to gain some extraordinary skills, he struggles day and night to become highly skillful. There is a lot of money to make by just playing games.

By keeping in view these facts, I think everyone can say that  Video games can be considered a sport.


When we talk about competition, someone can think that it is implemented only in the playground. But think, competition is the only thing that grows the skills.

A sportsman shows courage in a playground or arena, whereas an esports player does the same thing on his gaming console. So, it can be said confidently; Competition is also the match-up ability between a sports player and an esports player.

With this ability, the players learn how to perform their best and defeat the competitor until he achieves his goal. If the player is solo, in the case of esports, he has so many levels and tasks that he has to complete. Thus, he wins the competition.

Why Should Video Games not be Considered a Sports?

We come across many discussions that video games and sports are not equal things. Actually, this debate is not meaningless. There are some aspects where esports totally differ from sports. Not only are they different but also opposite to the sports.

Sports Always Best for Health

For example, physical fitness is a big trait of sports. And this trait has nothing to do with video games. A sportsman gains all the athletic abilities while becoming a good player. He is strong enough physically and mentally to play well in the stadium or arena and perform well in his practical life.

Harms of Video Games

Sportsman’s interaction with the fans and problem-solving abilities are much strong. But alas! an esports player remains stick to his chair, computer, and gaming consoles and can’t get to know the other necessary life skills.

A video game player can have severe problems with eyes and nerves. But there is no such fear in sports. So we can say that the video gaming industry is also enormous, but it can’t replace the sports industry besides all its dominating facts and figures.

According to the latest debates! 

Most people agree that video games should be considered a sport; 66% of people say yes when they are asked this question. The other 34% of people think that video games and sports have no match-up traits.

Final thoughts,

I’ve collected a decisive piece of information out of the scattered information. After reading this article, I hope you can decide what things make sports and video games similar and what things scattered them.

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Which are better, sports or video games?

According to a deep study of sports and video games. It can be rightly said that sports are better than esports. Esports are also good, but sports and esports are always better if there is an analysis between sports and esports.

Why should video games be considered a sport?

Video games are considered a sport because they are similar to sports in some criteria. Like that, both have to master a skill, take part in the competition, and amuse themselves and others.

Is gaming good for your brain?

Yes, gaming is good for your brain. Especially when they make you creative. But if they make you peevish and stressed, absolutely not a good activity.