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How Should I Set Up Dual Monitors – A Complete Guide

There are many reasons for set up dual monitors on your PC. The extra screen real estate is useful if you are working on a job requiring many windows and applications to run separately. 

Dual monitors are useful for live streaming. The first screen shows viewer content, and the second shows how the stream is managed behind the scenes. 

No matter your situation, Windows makes adding monitors relatively straightforward. 

We have a detailed guide on setting up a 2-monitor PC for you to check out.

So let’s get started!

Things to Consider for Dual Monitor Setup

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Before setting up a dual-screen PC or laptop, there are a few things to check. But most modern laptops have the option to attach an external monitor. 

For example, many monitors are easily supported by Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

However, you should check your properties to ensure your graphics card supports the external monitor. 

Otherwise, the user will need to purchase a suitable graphics card and install it on their computer or laptop.

Steps to Set Up Dual Monitors

Set Up Dual Monitors

Step 1: Adjust the Multiple Display Setting

You can choose your settings under Multiple Displays at the bottom of the display window. Expanding these ads is selected by default for most applications. 

This allows you to use second monitor in addition to the first.

The “Duplicate these displays” command mirrors the image of the main monitor to the backup display. Depending on the option selected, “Only show on 1” or “Only show on 2” will turn off the other displays.

Step 2: Connect Both Monitors 

Setting up a dual-screen laptop is easy once you know the connectivity, port, and graphics card requirements. 

Then, once the cables are secured, you’ll need to continue with the steps outlined below to set everything up.

  1. Connect both monitors to the back of your graphics card (not the motherboard).
  1. Right-click on the desktop and choose your likely Display Settings.
  1. When two monitors are connected, the display settings page immediately recognizes and renders both displays and shows two boxes with the numbers “1” and “2”.
  1. If, for some reason, the second monitor does not appear in this box, click the Detect button to let the computer detect both monitors.
  1. Select the other gray boxes to configure this monitor.
  1. Click and drag the box to mimic the desk and monitor configuration. To change the primary monitor to the left or right, simply drag the box representing the preferred monitor to the side of her choice.
  1. The same phenomenon occurs whether the monitors are stacked vertically or diagonally.
  1. Once the user knows which monitor is primary and secondary, check the box to select the preferred monitor.
  1. You need to Scroll down and check the Make this my main display box.
  1. Sometimes, both screens will mirror each other during the initial setup for adding a second monitor. Finding the box for multiple displays will instantly remedy this.
  1. Make sure Extend these displays are selected for both monitors. This way, the two displays effectively act as one giant monitor for her, and the user can seamlessly move the mouse pointer between them.
  1. To complete the optimal configuration, the user can make final adjustments to the settings, such as Change Resolution, Orientation, and Text Size.

Step 3: Locate your Display Setting

After connecting the dual monitors in a double monitor arrangement, you need to Calibrate the Monitors Windows handles setup automatically, so it can be as simple or as complex as you want. 

Any additional monitors attached will become secondary displays, and the first detected monitor will become the primary monitor. 

Set the correct resolution, scale, and layout to 100% by default.

Enjoy the Extra Screen Space

Happily; Windows makes setting up multiple monitor configurations quick and easy. Selecting the cable required for the actual connection is the most difficult step. But then you can relax and enjoy your improved eyesight.

First, drag some applications to the new monitor to clean up the primary display. You’ll quickly wonder how it survived with just one display.


Here, you’ve got a complete guide on how to set up dual monitors to enhance your productivity. Hopefully, this guide will come in handy for you and help you in the future.

Have any queries regarding monitors, feel free to contact us!

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