samsung dishwasher error codes
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How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes

Have you been struggling with “Samsung dishwasher error codes” for a long time?

Users of Samsung dishwashers are concerned about error codes that pop up one after another. And they don’t know how to fix them themselves. Are you also one of them?

Don’t be exhausted, here I’ll make your approach to the fixes.

Sometimes, you immediately go to the technician and spend a huge amount. But the fact is, you can fix these error codes by yourself. If there occurs a complication then you should go to the technician.

Samsung dishwasher error codes
Samsung dishwasher unit

But before you spend money, try these trouble-free tactics to make your dishwasher work finely.

What are the “Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes”?

The dishwashers show different types of error codes like (LC, LE, 4E, 5E, 7E, and 9E) while washing the dishes and pots. When something goes wrong with the dishwasher. It stops working immediately and shows off an error code.

Now, let’s break the ice and show you the fixes along with reasons.

Where does the Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LC/Le come from and what causes it?

When the dishwasher blinks light and shows an LC sign, it means that the water sensor is detecting moisture. You can fix it by just breaking its connection with the power supply.

Samsung dishwasher error codes
samsung dishwasher error code 4E

Turn it off and unplug for at least 15 minutes. Then, set the power wire again and check if the problem is present or not. If it is not fixed yet, you should try the given below method to get rid of the Samsung dishwasher error codes LC/LE.

Pull out the dishwasher from the countertop and open the metal plate. Check out the drain pipe if it is fine or not.

Here, you’ll see a water tray that collects leaked water. If your dishwasher is leaking you’ll see water in the water tray.

Wipe out the water tray and adjust the water sensor a little higher than before. Then reinstall the dishwasher unit. I hope that the issue will be completely resolved.

Where does the Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 4E come from and what causes it?

If your dishwasher is displaying a 4E error code then it may have a water problem. You should check its water supply if it is coming into the dishwasher or not. If it is OK. Then check for water pressure.

You can experience Samsung dishwasher error code 4E if the unit is getting less water than its demand. You should also check the water hoses. There may be something faulty.

Have you checked all the hoses and water pressure? But still, the error is present.

Now, check the filter. There can be a problematic filter. To check the filter,

  • Switch off the connection of power supply
  • With the help of pliers, pull out the filter and see its situation
  • Clean its holes carefully and check whether it has any damage
  • If everything is ok, reset it carefully

In short, Samsung dishwasher error code 4E can occur due to incoming water problems or outgoing water problems.  You can fix this error in your dishwasher by checking all the hoses and water pressure.

Where does the Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 5E come from and what causes it?

Some users complain that they face the 5E error code during the cleaning process and the others say that they encounter this error when the dishwasher has completed its wash process.

So, if you are facing this issue after cleaning the dishes, then it is due to the problematic sewer line. Uninstall the drainpipe from the sewer line and check water is draining from the dishwasher or not. If you don’t know how to clear a sewer line. Here are the 6 pro tips to clear a clogged sewer line.

Samsung dishwasher error codes
Draining system of washing unit

As long as it happens during the wash cycle or before it is started, it means that the Case Level Sensor DD94-01006A is not working well due to the shortage of water. Try to fix the problem by clearing the clogged and proper flow of water.

Have you tried all this but the 5E error still blinks on the dishwasher?

Wait! there may be a malfunction in its internal parts. These are

  • A faulty/broken drain pump
  • A damaged wire problem

To make your dishwasher work fine, you need to call the technician and have an appointment.

Where does the Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7E come from and what causes it?

Error 7E on the dishwasher appears when the water wall deflector is not working well or there is something that restricts it to work.

Samsung dishwasher error codes
Water walls of the unit

There are multiple reasons behind this error. Check to solve the problem

  • Reset the washing unit
  • Check that the packing tape is removed or not(if it is newly installed)
  • Check the water wall deflector. It may be blocked by something and that’s all.

Where does the Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 9E come from and what causes it?

Error code 9E appears at the time when there is excessive water in the dishwasher and it is not draining. We can say that it is a draining error but 9E represents the sensor failure. In this error, the high water level sensor does not detect that there is excessive water in the dishwasher.

And you can fix this problem by checking the drainpipe. Moreover, you should check that the sensor is fitted correctly. Try to reconnect the sensor. If it is not solved yet then you should replace the water sensor.

Wrapping up,

A dishwasher makes your life easy and helpful in your busy routine life. But these appliances also need to pass through a repair process. The simple fixes for the Samsung dishwasher error codes have been described to prevent daily irritation.

So, feel free to ask any other query that you’re facing.


How to clear the lc error code on the Samsung dishwasher?

lc error code occurs to your dishwasher when it detects moisture or water leakage in its internal unit. You can solve the problem by checking the pipes and wiping the moisture.

How do you reset a Samsung dishwasher?

You can reset the Samsung dishwasher easily. All you have to do is to turn off the power button and unplug the cable. Rest it for 15 minutes and plugin again.