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How to Rotate Dell Laptop Screen: An Ultimate Guide 2022

The Dell laptops have a legendary position in the whole tech world. They are not only reliable, durable, and portable but also have unique and fantastic features. Among these features, the flipping screen is an amazing one that enables you to rotate your screen orientation from landscape to portrait.

If your screen suddenly flips while you’re working on an important task or design, it can be the most frustrating situation that disrupts your concentration.

In this situation, you can turn over the laptop that’s really feeling awkward, or you can change the screen’s orientation by configuring the display settings.

To accomplish such a task, you will need to know how to rotate the Dell laptop screen. Whether you want to rotate the screen for a specific reason, or it may be done unintentionally, You can easily follow simple steps to keep the screen back to the desired orientation. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the quick and easy methods that enable you to flip your screen back. 

Why Do You Need to Rotate the Dell Laptop’s Screen?

The Dell laptop can be used as a tablet by flipping the screen. You can easily rotate it both vertically and horizontally. Flipping the screen is more than just an aesthetic feature. It provides significant advantages and functionality as well. Rotating the screen allows you to perform several functions, such as:

For Coding and Programming: Some tasks are easier to accomplish in a portrait orientation, such as programming or coding. Consequently, the vertical screen enables you to work more effectively and immersively.

For Office Work and Excel Sheets: To see the detailed and precise formats, the vertical orientation proves to be a better display for excel sheets and some column works.

For Some Games: Some games require a portrait view in some situations. You can flip the screen during games without any hassle. 

Reasons Behind Abrupt Screen Flipping of Dell Laptop

The screen of your Dell laptop can switch from horizontal to vertical for many reasons, including:

  • During the installation of a new program
  • During a presentation that changes the settings on your screen
  • While setting up a second monitor, you may unintentionally change the screen’s settings.

Rotate the Screen on a Dell Laptop

You can rotate the screen of your Dell laptop in two different ways. Firstly, the keyboard shortcut allows you to do it directly. Secondly, it can be done while making appropriate changes in the laptop’s display settings menu.

All you have to do is just read all the steps thoroughly to flip back your dell laptop screen to standard orientation. It’s just a game of seconds. 

Method # 1: Through Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcut is the easiest and quickest method to rotate the screen back to its normal position. Just follow the steps carefully and change the orientation of the screen in no time.

You can use CTRL, ALT, and Up arrow simultaneously if the screen accidentally flips upside down. In just a few seconds, the screen will revert to its standard display, which is landscape.

Furthermore, to change the position of your Dell laptop’s screen, press CTRL + ALT + the arrow key you wish to change into. To rotate the screen, you must press all three keys simultaneously.

  • If you wish to rotate the screen upward, use CTRL, ALT, and up keys.
  • In order to rotate your screen towards the right, press the CTRL, ALT, and right keys.
  • Alternatively, you can rotate your screen left by pressing CTRL, ALT, and the left key.

Method # 2: Through Display Settings

Only a few steps are involved in rotating the Dell Laptops’ screen from the display settings menu. In the following description, we explain how to change the orientation of your screen via the display settings menu. 

You just have to follow the steps carefully, and you will get the result in a matter of seconds.

  1. Right-click on the laptop’s desktop, and it will open the menu bar.
  2. Choose Display Settings from the dropdown list.
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3. If you have a dual or triple screen set up, make sure to select the screen on which you want to fix the rotation issue.

4. When you are using only one display of Dell laptops, so it will be automatically selected.

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5. Click on Display Orientation and select Landscape from the dropdown menu.

6. Once you have made all the changes, click Apply and save them.

7. Now that your laptop is back to its default settings, you should be able to access it normally.

8. The display orientation menu offers several options, so you can choose the one you prefer. If your keyboard doesn’t work, you can still do this manually.

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You may only be able to change your laptop screen orientation from horizontal to vertical with some computer video cards. However, it is possible to rotate the screen on graphics cards from Nvidia, ATI, and Intel.

You may only be able to change your laptop screen orientation from horizontal to vertical with some computer video cards. However, it is possible to rotate the screen on graphics cards from Nvidia, ATI, and Intel.

Through the Control Panel of Intel HD Graphics to Rotate the Screen

On your Dell laptop, you can also rotate the display using the graphic card’s control panel.

The control panel is accessible through an icon from the graphics card’s system tray. Otherwise, you can follow these simple steps:

  •  Right-click the desktop, and as a result, a menu bar appears.
  • From the menu bar, select Graphics Properties.
  • A graphics card control panel will appear once you click that.
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  • Display rotation can be adjusted by 90, 180, and 270 degrees (in addition to zero, so you can return to the default display orientation again).

Depending on the graphics card manufacturer, the process will vary slightly, but the main rules remain the same. Alternatively, you can use the hotkey method described above instead of going into the settings.

Final Words

To guide you briefly, we have explained all the methods to rotate the Dell laptop screen without hassle. You can choose any method that looks more convenient. To fix the issue effectively, you should follow the step-by-step process attentively. 

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the procedure for turning off the rotation lock on my Dell laptop?

To turn off the rotation lock on your dell laptop:

  • Right-click the main Desktop
  • Click on Display settings
  • Select off from the dropdown list to lock the auto-rotation of the display.

What is preventing my screen from turning horizontally?

Hence, if you don’t see any rotation on your screen, you should check the orientation icon in your Quick settings panel, update your device’s firmware, or restart your device.