Rinnai Error Code 11
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A Complete Guide For How To Fix Rinnai Error Code 11

Rinnai is a company producing tankless water heaters. Though extremely convenient and useful, there are certain error codes Rinnai tankless water heater shows on its remote controller if a problem occurs. One of the error codes is Rinnai error code 11.

This error can be easily fixed once you understand the issue. Therefore, we will be helping you by telling you the cause and how to fix the error code 11 on Rinnai tankless water heater.

What Causes Rinnai Error Code 11?

When you see the error code 11 displayed on the heater’s remote controller, it indicates that there is no ignition.

Now, there can be many reasons why your Rinnai water heater has no ignition, thus, displaying this error. Those reasons are mentioned below:

  • There is insufficient gas value coming to the heater from the gas system.
  • The igniter is not functioning correctly.

How Can I Fix Rinnai Error Code 11?

The next step to deal with this error is to fix the reason behind it so that it will stop displaying itself.

Here are 3 easy ways to make sure that your tankless water heater is working properly and showing no error.

  • Check the gas supply.

Check the gas supply to make sure that there is proper gas pressure coming to your tankless water heater.

If it is not fully turned on, the gas supply is interrupted. So make sure natural gas is fully turned on.

And there may be some problem with your gas lines, gasket, or the gas exchanger, so it is better to have a look at these things also, to make enough gas value is coming to your water heater and is working properly.

  • Check the Ignitor

To make sure that the ignitor is working correctly, look for a spark after cycling the unit. If a spark does not happen, then there must be some loose or visible damage on its parts, Look for those parts and deal with them accordingly.

  • Check the Flame Rod

Upon examining the flame rod, make sure that the wiring looks like it is in good condition and that every connection appears to be secure.

Make sure that there is no dirt or debris on the flame rod, heat exchanger, or gasket, and clean them if necessary. It may be necessary to replace these parts if they appear damaged in any way.

  • Check the Venting

Make sure the intake and exhaust vents are free of obstructions. Displacing or misaligned venting components can impede airflow and result in flame rod deposits on the hot water heater.

  • Check the Water and Moisture

In the Rinnai water heater, look for any indication that there are leaks or excessive moisture I’m the airflow, which may result in corrosion of the parts or damage to the electrical connections.

In the case of condensing units, check the condensate drainage system.

  • Contact a plumber for Rinnai Error Code 11

If error code 11 persists after checking the gas supply and ignitor, then approach a plumber. He will deal with the underlying issue if there is any.

Final Words

To conclude, error code 11 on the Rinnai water heater is an easy issue to deal with. You just have to take care of the specific needs for the heater and that’s it.

Once you are aware of the cause and follow the instructions mentioned above, you will be free of this error and your water heater will work normally. You can also read the manufacturer’s instructions given to you with the Rinnai water heater to get the solution.

If you are facing some other Rinnai error codes with your Rinnai heater, have a service call to get a qualified plumber.

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