Ps4 Unrecognized Disc? Clever Ways to Fix it Permanently
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Ps4 Unrecognized Disc? Clever Ways to Fix it Permanently

You must be excited to play the latest version of Horizon Zero Dawn on  ps4. But what? Your ps4 is often an unrecognized disc.

What’s wrong with the Disc?

That is the instant question you will think about in this situation. Do not panic. Some times ps4 disc is not working properly due to some reasons; consequently, you have to find out the problem first.

When you play non-stop games on ps4, you may face some common ps4 problems like ps4 overheating or ps4 unable to unrecognized disc due to excessive ps4 usage.

So, where is the solution to this problem?

Let’s tackle this problem in detail by using quick and actionable hacks.

Why am I Getting an Unrecognized Disc Error on Ps4?

When you are facing errors in your ps4, you always want a quick fix. But you don’t know the exact reason for this error, how can you solve the problem? Here we have discussed the must-have reasons for the ps4 Unrecognized Discs error.

Let’s go through the best possible reasons for the ps4 Unrecognized Disc issue;

1. Ps4 Console’s Disc drive

If your game CD is not working properly, it means ps4 console’s disc drive is not reading or connecting to the game Disc.

You must check the Disc before inserting it into the disc drive so that the disc is not scratchy or dusty; if the disc is cracked or scratchy, then you have to change the damaged Disc.

2. Ps4 System needs to update

Sometimes ps4 undetected discs when your ps4 system needs to update. If you are not updating console software or games, you will definitely face this issue.

Ensure you have to update the software and games from time to time when updates are available because it might be a software issue.

3. It Heats up due to non-stop using

When you are using ps4 non-stop for long hours, your PS4 might undetected disc because of a minor bug.

The excessive usage also overheats the console; if the ps4 console drive is not reading the disc, restart the ps4.

4. Physical Damage

Suppose your console is physically damaged due to heat or accidentally dropped down or showing hardware issues.

It means your Disc drive is damaged, which is why you are having trouble with your PS4 recognizing discs.

These are the must-have reasons for the ps4 undetected disc issue. You have to apply these must-haves to find out the problem.

How to Permanently Stop the ps4 Unrecognized Disc Error?

We have some quick fixes for undetected disc errors in your ps4. If you find the same issue in ps4 pro or ps4 slim, you can also try the same hacks. Let’s jump right in.

1. Clean your Disc before Inserting

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One of the reasons for the ps4 undetected disc is that your disc may be dirty or scratched. We usually don’t check the disc before inserting it into the disc drive. Whenever you play a game on ps4, check the game CD and clean it softly with a microfiber cloth piece. If the disc is scratchy, change your game disc.

2. Restart your PS4

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When your ps4 ejects the game disc or shows an unrecognized disc error, it means there is a slight bug in your console’s disc drive. You have to restart your ps4 to get rid of this problem. Firstly, shut down your system, take off all the plugs from the play station 4 console and wait for some time.

After that, again plug in your ps4 system and restart it. Hopefully, the ps4 undetected disc issue might be fixed after rebooting your ps4.

3. Note your Error Code

ps4 unrecognized disc

If your ps4 displays a message of undetected disc or error code when you insert the game disc, note down the code. Do you know why ps4 generates this code?

It means there is no issue in ps4 console, but you have an error in the game or server. So note that code and search it on google to find the reason and how to fix this error code.

4. Update your Software in Safe Mode

When PS4 shows an unrecognized disc error, it might be a software update issue. Your ps4 console needs software updates on the safe mode option. Here is how;

  • Firstly, press the power button to shut down your console. You have to wait for some time when your power indicator blinks 2 to 3 times.
  • When your console is completely switched off, then press the power button and hold it for some time. When you hear the two beeps, then release the power button.

ps4 unrecognized disc

  • Connect your ps4 DualShock4 controller with a USB cable, and after that, press the ps4 PS button. If Safe Mode is all set, then select the option “Update System Software.”

ps4 unrecognized disc

5. Repair Hardware problems

Suppose your ps4 console is affected due to heat or accidentally dropped down. It damaged your ps4 disc drive, which is why it shows the unrecognized disc error in your ps4. It’s a hardware issue, and you can’t fix it on your own. You should contact the Company’s support service.

PS4 Blu Ray Unrecognized Disc

When your ps4 is not reading discs, you don’t know whether it’s a CD drive issue or the only disc is not working. If the disc is damaged by heat or cracked, your ps4 doesn’t read this disc. Try blu ray disc to check if it works. If your ps4 can read this disc, it means there is an issue with your disc, not with the disc drive, so try another game disc.

Final Thoughts

When your ps4 stops reading the game discs and shows ps4 undetected Disc Error, it will be the most annoying situation for you. If you don’t know how to fix this unexpected error, it irritates you the most. In this article, you will find some quick fixes for the ps4 unrecognized disc errors.

You can quickly fix this error on your own by applying these hacks. But if there is any issue related to hardware, then ps4 disc drive needs repair, so you have to contact the Company’s service center.