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Ps4 Overheating? How To Stop it Immediately |2023 Guide|

Being a gaming enthusiast, you can’t tolerate your Ps4 overheating for very long. You should take your PS4 overheating seriously if your PS4 emits too much heat because consistent overheating could damage its circuit boards.

Ps4 console comes in three different iterations: PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 slim, and unluckily, they can all overheat for similar reasons.

What’s the solution?

Cooling your PS4 and preventing it from overheating can be done at home in several ways.

Firstly, all you have to do is to figure out the causes of overheating by its symptoms, then dive into the solutions. Let’s break each element down.

Why is my ps4 overheating?

Ps4 Overheating error

PS4 overheating

Overheating is a prevalent issue in ps4 and ps4 pro; the same overheating problem you will see in ps4 slim. If your ps4 keeps overheating, the following reasons could cause this problem.

Corrupted Files: Your corrupted files in the ps4 software are one of the reasons behind overheating. The CPU and ps4 release more heat due to a corrupted database.

Bad Airflow: Bad airflow is the primary issue, and due to this, your ps4 is overheating. When your PS4 is located at a place where the airflow cooling system is indigent, then the PS4 gets overheated.

Dusty Internal Components: Dust is a big issue when ps4 gets dusty and blocked. The fan produces irritating noise and is not working properly, so your ps4 gets overheated due to dust.

Thermal Paste Deficiency: When the thermal paste deteriorates, it produces heat and overheats your ps4.

Malfunctioning of Hardware Components: Intermittent or malfunctioning hardware components, such as the CPU, PSU, GPU, or HDD, can cause the PS4 system to heat up excessively.

Ambient Temperature of Room: The high degree of the normal temperature of your room where you operate the PS4 is another big reason to keep your PS4 overheating.

High-Intensity Apps: High-end apps and games not compatible with your CPU and GPU can cause your PlayStation 4 to overheat.

Outdated Software: PS4 system software versions that are outdated can consume excessive energy, and older versions of PS4 operating systems may be poorly optimized for gaming and other high-intensity tasks.

Blocked Grills and Vents: If the grills are blocked due to dust, then it would be a reason for overheating.

Over Usage: The excessive use of PS4 for long gaming sessions might be a reason for various issues like unrecognized discs and overheating.

These are some common reasons for ps4 overheating. When you find the perfect reason for overheating, you should fix it as soon as possible because it’s an alarming situation for your ps4.

Symptoms of PS4 Overheating

Any of the symptoms below may indicate that your PS4 is overheating. If you want to keep your console cool and protected, you should be aware of signs of overheating.

  • Unusual loud whirring noises coming from the fan
  • An unexpected shutdown occurs on the PlayStation4
  • When opening a new browser window, the PS4 becomes slow and unresponsive
  • Error messages are indicated: The PS4 is too hot
  • The PS4 runs slowly and reduces its performance
  • PS4 side panels can be hot, particularly around the fan, RAM, processor, or hard drive
  • The severe situation occurred by game consoles freezing and blue screen crashes etc.

How to Fix PS4 Overheating?

As you already know, overheating your PS4 console software can destroy the database on your PS4. Let’s explore these fixes in detail in order to resolve the overheating issue. 

In addition, you can also fix overheating issues with your PS4 pro or PS4 slim using the following methods.

 Now let’s get to it.

  1. Shut Down Your PS4

The first thing you should do when your PS4 console software overheats is shut down the system and let it cool down to an average temperature. After some time, turn on your ps4 system. Once the PS4 is up and running, check if the previous reason for overheating has been removed. If it works well, then start using your ps4 again and enjoy.

  1. Proper Cleaning and Dusting

ps4 overheating

It may be due to dust blockage that your PS4 console gets overheated. It is therefore essential for you to clean your console regularly and to avoid dust accumulation. If you want to thoroughly clean the dust of its internal components, you can use a microfiber cloth, compressed air, or an electric dust cleaner. Alternatively, you can also use the hose of a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust or an air blower as well. Ensure the dust from intricate parts is blown off carefully to prevent damage.

Unless you have prior experience with this kind of work, it is by no means an easy task. One wrong move could damage your PS4. You can restore your PS4 to its original state by following these step-by-step instructions.

  • Firstly, turn off your ps4 system and unplug your console
  • Clean the outside of your PS4
  • Then open your compressed air can and spray bursts of air in each of the USB and plug ports, front and back, and vents as well
  • Then use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the surface
  • Open the upper case of the console and clean the fan properly and carefully
  • To dislodge the dust, spray compressed air into the fan in short bursts
  • Now fix the system again and turn it on
  • If this were the reason for ps4 overheating, it would work perfectly after fixing this issue.

 3. Proper Ventilation Prevents PS4 Overheating

Ensure proper ventilation of your PlayStation 4 console. It should be appropriately placed where it can pull in sufficient air. In order to prevent your PS4 from overheating, make sure the console isn’t cluttered among cabinets or near other areas piled high with accessories. As a matter of fact, PlayStation 4 can be placed vertically or horizontally. However, vertical positioning is recommended. Keeping your PS4 horizontal ensures that both cooling fans have access to fresh air and can push out hot air as heat sinks of the console can severely damage your PS4. 

4. PS4 Cooling Stand

If the fan can’t exhaust the heat properly, it runs at full speed to cool down the hardware driver and internal components. As a result, your PS4 is overheating. If you want to keep your PS4 from overheating, you should use a vertical cooling stand. With it, you can keep your PS4 gaming consoles in a vertical position, allowing the cooling fan to function properly and hot air to exhaust without distortion.

5. Appropriate Room Temperature

PS4 overheating

In order to avoid overheating, room temperature is very important when playing PlayStation 4. Every system can work for a limited time and needs some time to cool down the system. Playing the PlayStation 4 for a long time may cause it to overheat, so take a break from it for a while. In order to have a successful PS4 system, it must be set up in an area with moderate temperature.

It is essential to avoid a hot environment because it’s a significant cause of overheating. Moreover, too hot or too cold temperatures can negatively affect the performance of your PS4. Temperatures should range from 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit in your room. If possible, try to cool down your room’s normal temperature or shift your PS4 console to another room where the temperature is more comfortable.

6. Update Your Software

PS4 overheating

Ps4 console software needs manual updates from time to time. Sometimes you play offline and delay these software updates. For that reason, your ps4 system gets slower, and it causes overheating. You should update your software regularly to fix this overheating issue.

Most of the time, the system is still getting hot because you are playing games non-stop, and some games need to install new updates related to the game. You should install these updates frequently.

  • On the main screen of your Playstation 4, go to the main menu
  • Select the “System Software Update”
  • Click on “Check for Update”
  • Select “Install Update” if any update is available
  • The updation will be started and installed
  • Now you can play the game

The same procedure applies to both console software updates and game software updates. The latest Playstations have the ability to update when connected to the internet automatically. However, this option is only available to those who regularly update their software.

7. Ps4 Warranty

You will need a professional to fix a hardware problem if the PS4 console fan still doesn’t work after cleaning. If this needs to be repaired, you will need to return it to the company. Check your device warranty plan because this plan allows you to ask for repairs anytime. If you are considering purchasing a PlayStation or gaming item, make sure you check the warranty policy first. It will help you shortly with the repairs and issues. Otherwise, it would be best if you got it repaired by a technician at a repair shop so that it will function well after fixing.

8. Clean your Corrupt Database

There is a possibility that your PS4 console may overheat due to some corrupt files in your system’s software. The PS4 system overheats after some time since a corrupt database slows down the work speed. To avoid this issue in the future, you should check your files daily.

9. PS4 Running Slow

PS4 overheating

It might be that your system gets overheated if the safety system on your PS4 isn’t working properly. As a result of the safety system malfunctioning, your software performs slowly, which causes your PS4 console to overheat. It is recommended that you update the safety system and check it regularly to avoid this issue in the future.

How Long can a ps4 Stay on Before Overheating?

It is possible to use PS4 continuously for hours, and sometimes updates or installations require a long time to complete. PS4 gaming consoles are a little more forgiving about it, and we have personally experienced 10 to 18 hours of non-stop play with no problems. Playstation 4, Playstation Pro, and Playstation Slim all have the ability to work for long periods.

Nevertheless, when the PS4 console starts overheating, this indicates a problem. Therefore, you should avoid long hours and fix that issue first, which causes overheating. 


while using the PS4 you might face some issues such as unrecognized discs, and overheating.  If not fix them quickly, they might create a severe problem. Consequently, you should fix the PS4 overheating issue as soon as possible. The above guide explains how to solve an overheating problem. Using these fixes, we will ensure that your PlayStation 4 will never overheat again.

Alternatively, if the PS4 is still overheating, you should contact the company’s help center. It might be a ps4 console hardware issue, and you can’t fix it on your own.

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