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6 Tips to Fix :Mobile Hotspot Connected but No Internet on Android

This is so frustrating situation that the Mobile hotspot is connected but there is no internet on Andriod. Internet connection is now an essential part of our lives. Thanks to the latest technology, It makes our lives so easy. However, without further ado, let’s discuss our main topic.

Android is the most popular Smartphone and handles 85% of our tasks. Thanks to the technology, that they provide the facility, but the problem starts when the hotspot is connected and no internet on our android mobile phone.

In this article, we will learn how you can fix this annoying issue about mobile hotspot connected but no internet on Android.

6 Tips to Fix :Mobile Hotspot Connected but No Internet on Android


Why Mobile Hotspot Connected but no Internet on Android?

There are so many reasons are behind this let’s check what should be:

  1. Make sure that you paid the bell of your broadband, so if this was your problem the solutions are very easy just pay the bill and enjoy the internet.
  2. Sometimes the restriction of the network may be handled between you and your internet connection
  3. The third problem may be the distance between you and your broadband. Sometimes you are using your android phone from a distance and the signal strength is not good. It also creates a problem. The hotspot in your mobile may be connected but you will not be connected to the internet.

6 Simple Tricks to Fix ‘Mobile Hotspot Connected but No Internet on Android’ Issue

These are 6 simple and amazing will might help you to solve the problem.

Solution1: Check the Data Balance on Your Device

The very first thing you have to check is the balance available on your SIM card. Many times it happens that you do consider this option and you already use all the date and you are out of balance. So you didn’t access the internet. Without inactive balance, how you can access to the internet. As a result, your hotspot is not working

Solution 2: Turn Off the Battery Saver

Saving mode on the device Battery is one of the features of your mobile that optimizes all power and prevents your device to not use more battery power. Many times this option also a hurdle in the working of a hotspot in your device. So this is highly recommended that turn off this feature while using the hotspot.

To do this,

  1. Go to the settings and tap on  “TURN OFF” option
  2. Go to the hotspot feature and again check it is working or not



Solution 3: Reboot Your Device into the Safe Mode

Safe mode is the mode when your device is saved from the corrupted files. The purpose is the safety of your device. It boots up your system with minimum resources and helps to find the corrupted files in the device.

Once you get rid of it, the hotspot problem will be automatically solved.

To fix the issue, follow the below easy steps.

  1. Press the power button and hold to select the safe mode
  2. Once it selected, The culprit files will be removed and the mobile hotspot problem will be solved.


Solution no 4: Use the Aeroplane mode

Turn your Airplane Mode ON and then Turn It Back Off. Sometimes mobile is overused and the adapter may be confused so the system will be slow down and not work properly.

When you turn it off it will slow the speed and then turn it on will again normalize the phone speed and back to work.

Turn Of Airplane Mode


Solution 5: Install IMyFone Fixppo

IMyFone Fixppo is the professional software to fix this issue very quickly and efficiently and trusted by so many individuals and websites.

There are three simple steps and the software will download on your android phone. Simple to use with 100%  recommended to use for android iSo recovery issues.

  1. Download and lunch the software on a computer.
  2. Enter the information on the following screen and download the firmware.
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  3. After download firmware connects your Andriod device to your computer and put your device into recovery mode.
  4. If the device is not going to the recovery mode then Open the Guide.
  5. Once the device goes into download mode it will start the repairing of the device.
  6. When the device repaired it will restart automatically.

Solution 6: Set New Apn on Android

APN(access point name) is the name of the system that needs your phone to connect with the caller provider and the public internet. Without the right setting, your phone is unable to reach the world.

The setting of APN to android phone:

  1. From home screen go to the menu
  2. In setting to the Mobile network and tap the access point names
    Check your phone for Apn Setting
  3. Tap the new access point and enter the user name field and enter.
  4. insecure and press Ok. (Don’t remove the previous one)
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  5. Now tap  the Password field enter secure, tap ok
  6. Now go back to the menu and Save.

Settings for the iPhone:

  1. Go to settings and select the mobile data, and enabled it.
  2. Choose mobile data network and only change the APN (enter the internet name)user name & password leave them blank.
  3. Return to the Start screen  and hold and press the power & volume button, the screen appears with unlocking tab, unlock it
  4. Enter the Pin code and press ok
  5. Tap to cellular reset  settings

Final words:

The problem is so simple but some times converts into a frustrating situation. In this article, we have mentioned six solutions that will help you to fix that frustrating issue in no time.

Did you find this solution helpful? Want to ask something from us? Please feel free to contact us.

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