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Step By Step Guide To Fix “Message Blocking Is Active”

Step By Step Guide To Fix "Message Blocking Is Active"

Are you struggling with the “message blocking is active” error on your phone? Often it appears on t-mobile but it is also a headache for Andriod and iOS users.

As there are so many apps to communicate with your friends and loved ones. A panic creates when you receive an error message again and again while sending a message.

The solution is pretty simple:

In this article, I’m going to show your step by step how can you fix this error on iPhone, Android, and T-mobile.

What is a “Message Blocking is Active” Error?

When you try to send a message to anybody. Sometimes, the “message blocking is active” error appears on the screen and you remain unable to send it every time whenever you try.

The other times, it appears on the screen in this way, “free message: unable to send message – message blocking is active”.

Let’s through some more light on the error and explore its reasons.

Why Am I Getting a “Message Blocking is Active” Error?

Here, I’ve compiled a list of the reasons that helps you to know more about error code “free message: unable to send a message – message blocking is active”.

Now! let’s move to have a sight on the solutions.

Simple Tips to Solve “Message Blocking is Active” Error

Here, I’m going to introduce you to the tips to get rid of this frustrating error. Are you getting excited to send or receive messages quickly?

So, the wait is over.

How to Fix “Message Blocking is Active” on iPhone?

If you are facing message blocking is active on iPhone, try these fixes and get rid of the error.

Fix 1: Restart Your Device

First of all, restart your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on which you are getting an error message. This simple step can resolve the issue.

If this trick didn’t work for you, try the next fix.

Fix 2: Try Reset Network Setting

Try to reset the network setting of your phone and send the message again to check its results.

The Simple steps are,

When it is done, check that the error is resolved or not. I hope you’ll be able to send the message now.

Fix 3: Check for the iMessaging Interruption

This error also frustrates you when you have changed your phone from iPhone to an Andriod. In this case, your number is registered as iMessaging and shows the error when you try sending messages via an Android phone.

To turn off the iMessaging

How to Fix “Message Blocking is Active” on Andriod Phone?

If you’re facing a problem in sending or receiving messages on Andriod’s mobile, don’t worry. It is going to be fixed here.

Fix 1: Check Network Coverage

Network coverage can stop your messages. When you face an error, check that the network coverage is available or you are in the out of coverage area.

Fix 2: Check the Status of Your Phone Number

In order to get rid of the error, check the status of your phone number. For this purpose.

If it is suspended or still porting, it means your number is not active. In this scenario, you can’t send or receive messages.

Is your phone number active? Still, facing the same error? Move to the next fixes until this annoying error disappears.

Fix 3: Check the Block List of your Phone

To resolve the error, also check the block list of your phone. If you’ve blocked the person you are trying to send a message to. Unblock him/her.

Fix 4: Turn on Premium Access

To enable premium access, follow these steps.

How to Fix “Message Blocking is Active” on T-mobile?

If you are facing this error on the t-mobile, try to solve the issue by refreshing your mobile. But you may no be able to tackle this problem.

In this case, I simply suggest you call the t-mobile help center. They’ll troubleshoot the issue at their end and your problem will be solved.

Final thoughts

I’ve gathered some best solutions in order to fix the issue “message blocking is active”. I’m quite excited that you’ll find the right fix after reading the article. Let me know which one worked for you.



What does it mean when you get a message blocking is active?

It means that you have blocked the person to who you want to send a message or he has blocked you.

How do I fix message blocking is active?

For iPhone users:

Restart your device

Try reset network settings

Check for the iMessage interruption

For Andriod users:

Check network coverage

Check the status of your phone number

Check the block list from the contacts

Turn on premium access

Exit mobile version