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How to Make a Bed in Minecraft – Ultimate Guide|2022|

make a bed in minecraft

Are you wondering about how to make a bed in Minecraft in a very easy and quick way?

If so then you are in a right place. we have mentioned easy steps to make a basic and colorful bed in Minecraft in no time.

You need a bed in Minecraft if you are an all-nighter type of player. As bed attends to a way to pass-through night and rain in Minecraft as well as respawn points.

Moreover, we have also mentioned the necessary things that are required to make a bed in Minecraft.

So without further ado let’s get started:

Things That Require To Make a Bed in Minecraft

  1. Find Wood: As we all know that we require wood to make a bed. So in Minecraft too, you need to find a tree for making the bed.
    You can cut the trees with an axe.    
  2. Collect Wool: The second thing that you need is wool. So you have to kill the sheep to collect the wool from their bodies.
    You can also get wool while shaving the sheep. But when you trim a sheep you can get 1-3 wool instead of the normal 1 wool that a sheep generates when it is killed.

Confident Steps to Make a Bed in Minecraft

1. Make a Basic Bed

A basic bed means a bed covered with white wool.

For making a basic bed you have to follow the following steps.

Step1: Open the Crafting Table and you have to pull the woodblock from your index. Place the planks in the crafting grid.

Step2: You will need three planks for making a bed. Keep the wooden planks at the bottom of the crafting grid.

Step3: In the next step, you have to put wool blocks, Each of the blocks should in the same color.

You have to place the same color wool blocks in the middle three squares in the crafting grid.

Make sure that the wool block color should be the same.

Step4: Now your bed is ready. Keep your new bed anywhere you like. And enjoy a peaceful sleep.

In this way, you have put in a bonus of making a new spawn point.

How to Make a Colorful Bed in Minecraft

After the updated version,1.12 players of Minecraft can make colorful beds. For this, you have to dye the wool rather than use white wool.

Most sheep are black, white, grey, and brown. If you like purple or blue sheets. Then you have to dye the wool first.

It means gathering and starry all the items in the Crafting Table or Furnace. You can change the color of wool through Ink sacs.

Ink sacs are a dye. Through Ink sacs, you can change the color of any objects like a bed, carpets, concrete, fireworks, banners, wool, sheep, etc.

Now, the following are the steps to make colors for the colorful bed in Minecraft.

1. Black (Crafting Table)

2. Normal Blue ( Crafting Table)

3. Brown (Crafting Table)

4. Cyan (crafting Table)

5. Dark Gray (crafting table)

6. Light Gray (crafting Table)

You can make a light gray color by using another way.

7. Lime (Crafting Table)

8. Magenta (Crafting Table)

9. Orange (Crafting Table)

10. Pink (Crafting Table)

11. Purple (Crafting Table)

This color is easy to make.

12. Red (Crafting Table)

It is easy to make it. As it is available in Minecraft in the shape of Poppy, Ted Tulip, Rose Bush, or Beetroot.

13. Yellow (Crafting Table)

A yellow dye is already available in Minecraft in the shape of a Sunflower or Dandelion.

Now move toward Dying the wool
Dye the Wool

We hope that you will have learned how to change the color of wool. Now we will learn how to dye wool.

Step1: Open the Crafting Table in Minecraft.

Step2: Put the wool in the first box of the Crafting Table on the bottom row. And then put your dye in the next box of wool.

You can give any color to your bed according to the above description.

Here are the steps for how to make a colorful bed

Step1: Place the wood plank block into the bottom row of the grid. Colorful.

Step2: Place one wool block of the same color in the middle row of the grid.

Step3: Your bed is ready to place in your inventory.

Final words

That’s all for this topic. We hope that you will find this article helpful. As we deliver the best information related to the topic.

Is this article helpful for you? Share your precious thoughts and experience of making the bed in Minecraft.

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