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Learn how to edit videos

There are different aspects of video editing, and InVideo can help you with all of them. This video editor helps its users edit their videos and make them worth watching in less than 10 minutes.

One of the best things about this video editing tool is that it removes the need to possess good experience in editing. Yeah, you got it right. It works effectively for beginner-level editors who want to stay ahead of their competitors by creating marketing videos of the highest quality.

Once you are aware of the features of this tool and where you will get them on its home page- it is time for you to understand the right procedure for editing your videos. As has already been said, there are varied aspects of video editing, and here’s a breakdown of each of them:

Choosing the Right Template

The best thing about InVideo is that users get to choose from a plethora of templates as per their niche. They can choose from three main template varieties, and they are:

  • Pre-Made Templates. This stunning collection is one of the most excellent choices for the ones who do not want to make videos right from scratch.
  • Text-to-Video Templates: These are ideal solutions for the ones with prepared scripts looking to transform the same into videos.
  • Blank Templates: These are for professional editors with proper experience in making videos. These templates offer complete control over the editing procedure right from the beginning till the end.

Guide on Choosing a Template in the InVideo Software

  • Log into the software account.
  • Choose any one of the three template options.
  • Type in the desired keyword in the search bar. This will help you locate the desired template faster.
  • Click on the template you have chosen.
  • Pick the size of the template.
  • Now click on the “Use this template” option.

There you are! All set to proceed with the process of editing your template. This way, you are one step closer to giving the right finishing touches to your final video.

Adding Text to the Video

Follow these steps for adding text to your video:

  • Click on the text box you get along with the template.
  • Delete the text that is already there.
  • Type in your desired text.

The templates have varied text boxes, and you can add text to all of them.

InVideo’s standardized text box helps you in adding:

  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Body text

Editing Text in the Video

Yes, it is true that merely adding a few words to the template will not suffice. You must be careful with the styling of the text. You need to style it in a way that fits your vision of the project at hand. For editing added text, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the provided text box in the canvas.
  • Choose any one category you are looking to edit.
  • Pick desired text size, color, and font.

The InVideo editing tool also gives individuals the scope of playing around with their text’s drop shadow, animation, and text box animation.

Editing the Storyboard of the Template

There is this option of changing for those who do not seem to be satisfied with the background of their scene or the storyboard of the template they have chosen. The steps you will have to follow are:

  • Select the storyboard you are looking to edit simply by moving the slider on the timeline.
  • Click on the background on the storyboard.
  • Find Video Edit in the right-hand menu for cropping, trimming, and looping the video.
  • Now move on to the other aspects you are looking to change, like Video animation and Playback speed.

Adding, Removing, and Rearranging Your Scenes

The rearrangement of scenes is one of the most significant parts of the video editing procedure you have in hand. This involves the addition, removal, and chance of the timeline of different scenes.

InVideo makes it very easy for its users to rearrange their scenes and style their projects as per envisioned result.

To add several scenes, you need to click on Add scene in the timeline section of the editor’s page and add the desired scene. You even have the choice of selecting a scene from InVideo’s extensive library.

For removing scenes, choose the scene you want to remove and click on three dots appearing right in the center of the box. Now go for the delete option.

For rearranging scenes, click on the scene you are looking to rearrange and slide it in the order you want the same to appear.

Changing the Timeline of Your Scene

Once you have clearly polished all your scenes to appear perfect, the next step is controlling their duration. Steps you need to follow are:

  • Go to default timeline in InVideo software.
  • Move to the right side of the scene box.
  • Now align the cursor to the tiny white lines you see around the scene.
  • You need to left-click on these lines while moving the cursor left to right for lengthening or shortening the scene duration.

Editing the Transition of a Scene

The InVideo video editing tool boasts of yet another mesmerizing feature which is the users get the flexibility of choosing the end number of varied transitions for their scenes.

The way scenes keep changing from one to another will genuinely have a major impact on the envisioned result of your assignment. Hence, you need to pay attention to the transition part. For picking a transition for an individual scene in the video you are editing:

  • Click on the option that says Curtain Call Top in the scene box.
  • Discover and choose different creative transition effects on the storyboard screen.

There are other neat and clear features of the InVideo timeline enabling you to:

  • Duplicate scenes
  • Use an advanced timeline if you seem to be more comfortable using the conventional way of editing videos.
  • Zoom in and out of the scenes to have better control over editing different aspects of the scenes.

Then there is the InVideo music editor that can be used to add and edit music you have chosen for your video.


All in all, InVideo is the only video editing tool you can use with complete control of everything you are looking to edit.