Solutions to ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ error
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8 Self-Tested Solutions to ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ error

Minecraft is a well-known sandbox game that was developed in 2011. This game is still very popular among the online gaming community. There are about 91 million Minecraft users each month. Although, it is one of the best online games, yet many Minecraft users are frequently experiencing the ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ error.

Solutions to ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ error

Fixed|’$annotatedconnectexception’ error in Minecraft |

Minecraft users frequently see ‘$annotatedconnectexception’. This may be due to the wrong IP address, out-dated JAVA, Firewall blocking the connection to the Minecraft server, or an incompatible software that is not allowing the Minecraft to recognize your IP address. Here are all the best possible solutions to this problem. Go through the article and see how you can fix these!

Solutions to ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ error

Solution 1: Reset the IP address of the Internet

If you have not set the IP address to static, whenever the internet is reset, the IP address will be changed and IP address will no longer be matching. So, you have to restart the internet settings and clear the DNS cache. Here is how to do this!
First, reconnect the internet. Now connect to the server using the original IP address. Then check if the issue persists.

Solution 2: Updating the Firewall

Sometimes, it is the Windows Firewall that is causing trouble in connecting the game to the server. So, we have to make some exclusions to Windows Firewall to allow its proper connection to the server. Follow the following steps:
Click open the ‘Settings’ from the ‘Start’ menu. Now choose the ‘Updates and Security’ folder. Now open the ‘Windows Security’ and within it, choose the ‘Firewall and Network Protection’. Then click on the ‘Allow an App through Firewall’ option. Click open the ‘Change Settings’ and click ‘Yes’. Now choose the ‘Allow another app’ and then select the ‘Browse’.

Solutions to ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ error

Now go to the game directory and choose the game and launcher executable. Open the game directory again and choose the folder where you have installed the Minecraft servers. Click open the ‘Maxwell’ and then choose the ‘Minecraft Server’. Now you have to allow all the ‘Java executables’ inside the Minecraft Server.

Solutions to ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ error

Now repeat the procedure and choose ‘Java Platform SE Binary’ to allow all of them in both the private and public networks.

Solutions to ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ error

Now reopen the game and hopefully you will not confront ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ connection timed out error again.

Solution 3: Resetting the IP address

This is the easiest and the most successful solution so far! Because most of the people are not using the static IP address. It gets lost whenever you reset your internet. So, you have to check the IP address and update it in Minecraft launcher. Here is how to do this!
Open the Windows bar and type ‘Command Prompt’ in the search bar. Now, right-click to choose ‘Run as Administrator’. Now type the ‘IP config’ and then copy the ‘IPV4 address’ to remember it.

Solutions to ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ error

Now open the ‘Minecraft Servers folder’. Open the ‘Maxwell’, then open the ‘Minecraft Servers’ then ‘Server Properties’. Now keep in mind the ‘server port’ which is ‘25565’ in most cases. Now open the ‘Multiplayer’. Select the desired server and select the ‘Edit’ option.
Now enter the IPV4 address and the number we noted. For example,, where 25565 is the server port number. Now click the ‘Done’ and then ‘Refresh’. Your$annotatedconnectexception connection timed out error will be removed.

Solution 4: Turn off the Port Filtering

Many times you are not aware that your Port filtering is turned on and it is automatically filtering even the correct ports as well. It causes trouble in connecting to the gaming server due to continually changing Port Filtering.
You have to turn it off by changing the adapter connections of your local machine. Open the network configuration to fix it.

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Solution 5: Turn the Windows Defender Firewall off

Here is another method to ensure that the Firewall is not blocking the connection of the Minecraft server. Here is how to turn it off!
Open the Minecraft server’s connection. Open the Window Defender Firewall and then open the ‘Control Panel’.

Solutions to ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ error

A turn on-off button will appear on the left side. Click it and you will see further options. Now turn off the Windows Defender Firewall, which you can see is not a recommended setting. Now click ‘ok’ and you will no longer see the$annotatedconnectexception connection timed out error.

Solution 6: Check the ISP network access

This is also a frequently seen cause of ‘$annotatedconnectexception’ error because sometimes your network access to specific domains is blocked by ISP. Also, you can verify by ISP that internet access is not blocked for the Minecraft server.

Solution 7: Update the JAVA

Added: You have to make sure that your JAVA is up-to-date. If you don’t have 64 or 32 bit of JAVA, your Minecraft server will continue showing the ‘$annotatedconnectexception connection refused’ error. Click on the link to update the JAVA.

Solution 8: Delete the unstable software

There is some software that is not compatible with the Minecraft server. These are an important cause of ‘$annotatedconnectexception connection refused’ error for Minecraft users. So, we recommend to uninstall or delete the trouble-causing software. These include Hamachi and Ethernet! Here is how to delete it.
Go to the ‘Command Prompt’ and type the ‘ipconfig’ there. Now note down the addresses under the Virtual Ethernet Connection & Hamachi. Now search for Virtual Ethernet Connection with Hamachi and delete. Then add the IP address and port number to the Minecraft Server.

Final words

Minecraft gamers are frequently facing’$annotatedconnectexception’ error. In this article, all the possible causes and their solutions are described in detail. You must reset the IP address and update the JAVA. Also, check the network accessibility of the Minecraft server. Further, delete the unstable software that is not compatible with Minecraft Servers.