How to Wave Hands on Facebook Messenger ?Here is the Simple Solution

How to Wave Hands on Facebook Messenger ?Here is the Simple Solution
Written by Isla

Everyone knows that Facebook is a social website as well as an open platform. Apart from posting the pictures and posts on Facebook,  there are so many other features that you can use on Facebook. Like buying and selling g products, Facebook ads, etc.

 But today we are talking about the Facebook messenger. And, we’ll read how to wave hands-on Facebook messenger. Without wasting time, let’s take a sample guide. How to wave hands on Facebook messenger ?Here is the Simple Solution

How to Wave Hands on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook messenger is so popular app to connect with your family, friends, and even use as business contacts for free, but sometimes very small issues become complicated. This is an upgraded feature and a little tricky too. To wave hands to someone. But don’t worry we will make this easy for you, Now we will make this easy for you.

Follow the simple steps to wave on Facebook messenger.

  1. Once you open the Facebook messenger, you can see the icon on the top of the screen.
  2. Click the messenger sign to open the will see the waving hand appears on all active friends & family.

  1. Click on it and the wave will send to your contact in no time

You can also see when your friend sends you back a waving hand.

This is a fantastic feature that allows you to get a good start and also attract the attention of others. It also uses instead of ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’.

How You Can Get Your First Wave on Facebook Messenger

You will get your first wave on the Facebook messenger when you start your first conversation with your new friend. The Wave will appear on the screen. This is your first Wave which automatically appears on the messenger screen. It helps you to start your conversation with your friends politely.

How to Wave Hands on Facebook Messenger to Anyone in your Contacts Who is “Active”

You can also use these features for those who already in your contact list just go to the main page click the icon with the two men’s are made on it. It will show you the contact list and also show the active member of your Facebook account. The list shows the grey wave hands on the left of the screen, so if you want to wave it just click and the wave will be sent.

How I  Can Take Back a Wave?

If You send a wave only 10 mints before, you send by mistake and you just want to send someone else. You just simply get it back, Hold the yellow wave (if you using the mobile user can remove it by your finger/You are using a laptop & system use mouse to do the same) for a few second and it will be back again and remove from the screen.

The wave will be deleted from the chat window and also remove from the friend window.

Emojis and Other Options

There is another way to make your chat interesting with your contacts. Use different types of  Emojis to show your feeling with others in a beautiful way. You will find these options near the text box of your messenger.

Tap on it and enjoy the emojis stricter to enhance the conversation. It will also help you to avoid you from texting. Now you can also add a different kind of gesture and face impression to your chatting.

Final words:

This all tutorial is to educate you on a very simple issue some convert into complex issues. Open the Facebook main page>click on the messenger icon>active icons have a waving hand >shown cleary >Just a simple click send the wave instead of saying Hi or Hello send and make your conversation beautiful.

Did you find this method helpful? want to ask something from us? Please feel free to contact us.

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