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3 Greatest Hacks To Watch A Deleted YouTube Video

There’s is no wonder that YouTube is being used by millions of people around the World. Every hour, there are more than 500 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube. It is a very interesting and engaging app as we all know that.

Watching a YouTube video is all fun till you find out that your favorite in your watch-later or liked videos is being deleted and there is no option to watch that again.

Well, I am here to tell you some easy solutions to this difficult solution. Let’s make a start to know the best solutions to watch deleted videos on YouTube conveniently

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1. Watch deleted YouTube Videos Without a Link

Watching a youtube video is not difficult at all. Well, it is when you’re about to watch your favorite video and it is deleted either by YouTube or by the person who uploaded it. I know that‘s quite a headache.

Usually, it happens that your favorite video might be re-uploaded by some other channel or user. Try to find the video by searching some words that are the same as that of your favorite video. So, if your up-loader is a well-known person, then you may find the video uploaded by someone else. That’s good news. right?

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2. Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Through a Link

You might don’t know but YouTube has very strict rules and regulations so if some video that disappears suddenly, it is most probably due to some copyright issues or violation of YouTube policy. Now you will ask me if the uploaded is not a famous person then what? Are we never going to see that video? My answer would be “NO” because I have some more solutions for you.

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1. Copy The Link

It sometimes happens that you share the link of your favorite video with your favorite person through some social media site. And, If you’ve got the link of the video then go find the link in the chat as soon as possible and come back to me. The next steps are waiting for you.

2. Go To

Moving on after we had our link go to google. Simply search on your search engine. Then there will be a tab in front of you showing different options like video, books, and images. But that’s none of our business. I am just making sure you’re in the right place. Keep following me we are moving towards the main part.

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3. Way Back Machine

Right on the black patch, you’ll see an icon named “WAYBACK MACHINE”. Don’t think that it is written just for the search purpose, it has its library within it. Click on the “WAYBACK”  icon just next to the search bar.  It will lead you o another URL. Don’t worry we are in the right place.

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4. Browsing History

Now all you need to do is to paste the URL you’ve copied on the search bar which is right next to WayBack icon and click on the browse history icon or simply press enter to browse the video. Let this platform help you with watching your favorite video.

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5. Enjoy Your Favorite YouTube Video

It may take a few minutes or more depending on your internet speed but it’s worth the wait. It will show some history where you can find your video. Click on the video, download it, watch it as many times as you want. I hope this made you happy.

TIP: you will see a range of years for the video to play for you. Always choose the oldest available year and date. because if you choose a new archived page it might show to you that this is a deleted page.

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NOTE: You will probably not able to watch all the videos on YouTube but maybe the video you want to see will be available on that. Good LUCK!!!

3. Recovering A YouTube Video

It sometimes happens that you accidentally delete your video which is quite frustrating because it took so many efforts to make one good video. Now, to recover that video or download that again follow these simple steps.

1. Contact YouTube support

This method is easy but it may not work for you if your channel has less than 10,000 views in the prior 1 year. Go to Youtube and sign in to your account. If you’ve multiple accounts go for the one in which you have deleted the video. Scroll down to help and then to need more help.

Click on the Creator Support and then on choose your issue. Now you can go either for the email option or the creator support team. Both Works equally well.

Note: This method will take some time but it is worth the wait. Plus, contacting Youtube is the best option available because you’ll get the video in the best quality possible and they might upload it to your youtube channel again. So, your both worries will go away.

Final Words: 

If you want to watch any video that is deleted by its channel, or any video that you deleted accidentally on your channel then these simple and demonstrated steps will let you get through this.

I think the best way to prevent these things is to always have a back up of videos that you uploaded or the videos that you like. If you think that the channel is not trusted, always download the video you like. Well, we should keep in mind prevention is the key.

If you’ve more issues regarding this, you can always look up to me. Comment under the post and I will try my best to resolve your issue.