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[Step by Step] How to Uninstall Star Citizen? Try 5-Minute Process

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Star citizen is really an adventurous game about a space ship. Its world is imaginative and fascinating. Once you start playing it you’ll become addicted to it.

 But sometimes users face different errors that force them to uninstall star citizen. Star Citizen installer error is the top of them.

But here is the deal:

Here, we’ll learn how to uninstall star citizens quickly. But before we dive into the steps, first we’ll read what are the reasons behind the uninstallation of star citizen.

Why do we need to uninstall star citizen?

Mainly there are three reasons for the uninstallation of star citizen

Besides this, you can be kicked out of the game due to not playing well. Losing a game can force you to uninstall it.

Speed problem

Do you have enough storage on your PC? Sometimes, you may not reach the required storage limit for star citizen. Besides, It takes 100GB of the hard device, and you may need to delete some important files. Then you will prefer to uninstall star citizen from your files.

At this point, you will move to know how to uninstall star citizen. Because when your PC gets overloaded, it slows down the speed of all files and folders.

PC’s quality

There is no doubt that star citizen is a highly demanded game. On the other hand, it requires a high-quality PC with

You can play star citizen if your PC fulfils all its demands. But if your PC does not fulfil its requirements, you will certainly uninstall it.

Graphics quality

We know that it is suitable for high-quality PCs with high-quality graphic cards. Here, I’m showing you a graphic card table so that you could understand the quality of all the graphic cards to use for star citizens.

graphic cards/

We can see that NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 780 or AMD Radeon 290 are the best graphic card for star citizen. If your graphic quality is low then you cannot play it well. Consequently, you will think about the uninstallation.

The best part?

Whether you’re struggling with the uninstallation of ds4windows or want to get rid of Disney plus error code 83, we have a solution to every problem. However, it is time to go through some easy peasy ways to uninstall star citizen

 How to uninstall star citizen?

Here, I’m sharing with you the ways you can use to uninstall your star citizen game.

Method:1 Delete Star Citizen Game launcher

You can uninstall star citizen by deleting the star citizen game launcher. For the deletion of the star citizen launcher. You will use the add/remove program feature in the control panel.

1: Windows Vista 7/8: click uninstall.

2: Windows XP: click add or remove programs.

You will see a screen with all the program files. Select your Star citizen launcher and perform one of the following.

1: Windows Vista 7/8: click uninstall.

2: Windows XP: click remove or change/remove.

Method:2 Delete Cloud Imperium Game

When you will delete Cloud Imperium Game all the game files will be deleted automatically.

Have you tried the above-mentioned methods and still your PC has Star Citizen? Ok! Don’t leave here as I’ve some more tactics for you.

Method:3 Delete User folder

It is also an easy way to uninstall Star Citizen. In this method, I’ll show you how to uninstall star citizen windows 10.

I hope It’ll work for you.

Method:4 Delete RSI launcher

When you are trying to uninstall Star citizen and you find it difficult. It can be helpful for you to delete the RSI launcher which will delete star citizen. Going through the whole process you may want to save your custom files.

Save Your Custom Files

When you have a custom setting, you can save your files through this method

After saving your custom files the next step is to delete all files due to which RSI launcher and star citizen will be deleted.

For the deletion of all files, you need to follow some steps,

Through this process, you will hopefully uninstall your Star citizen in 2020. This is the simple way you can uninstall star citizen in Windows 10.

If you’re still facing problems then no need to worry about the star citizen’s uninstallation process. Let us watch a short video to uninstall start citizens quickly.

Final words

We went beyond the expectation to mention the best solutions to uninstall star citizens in  Windows 10. If you are a game lover, it is very possible that you are using Roblox (a famous gaming platform). Roblox users are also facing some common errors. Like Roblox error code 267, Roblox error code 277, and Roblox error code 279.

But here is the kicker for you guys:

All these frustrating issues can be fixed easily without going to hot water. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions related to this topic. We’re always here to serve you.


  How to uninstall star citizen?

It is not so hard to uninstall star citizen from your PC. If you are using Windows 8, it is very easy by clicking the start menu, make a right-click on the start menu, go to the control panel, go to programs, and select uninstall.

How to uninstall star citizen in Windows 10?

The trick will surely make it easy that you can uninstall star citizen from your computer with just a few steps.

Choose the Program file in C Drive and open the User folder. Delete your user folder it contains the Star citizen file. The deletion of the User folder will delete the star citizen.

Note: If your windows 10 crashes during uninstalling star citizen, you might solve this issue with our latest guide.

How to uninstall Star citizen PTU?

People are finding it difficult to uninstall star citizen PTU. Let us have a sight at it. Delete test folder inside Cloud Imperium Game in which star citizen exists. Your files must be verified. Sometimes, it is done by only renaming the test folder with the Public.

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