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[2021 Advance Fixes ] How to Uninstall Ds4windows

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]
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DS4 is the DualShock 4 portable controller system that you download for the best experience of gaming. When people update Windows, this system is also updated, and no more provides you with the best response and becomes an irritation for the user.

Now what to do if this system is no more needed?

Let me tell you a simple fact since this system does not have its own uninstall service; therefore, many people face problems regarding the uninstallation of ds4windows completely.

The upside?

Here are the best possible solutions to how to uninstall ds4windows.

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]

DS4 Windows /

How to uninstall ds4windows?

Have you updated your gadget and ds4windows have become a source of trouble? Do you want to uninstall it and cannot find the way! You can barely see any solution for this, but here I have presented all the best possible answers to uninstall ds4windows.

Please go through all of them and find out which one is best for you.

Fix #1: Remove DS4 from Control Panel

Here I have made it very easy for you to uninstall the trouble-causing ds4window. There is no need to download anything. The solution is inside your device.

Click on the start menu and then find the Control Panel here. You can open the ‘Run’ box by pressing the Windows logo key and R simultaneously. Then type the Control Panel here and Click ‘ok.’

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]

 uninstall ds4windows via Control Panel /

Now select the ‘Category’ in ‘View by.’ Open the ‘Programs’ and choose the ‘Uninstall a Program.’ Now find the DS4 windows and select the ‘Uninstall option.’

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]

How to uninstall DS4 Windows via Control Panel /

Fix #2:Uninstall ds4windows driver

So, you have successfully uninstalled the ds4windows from your device, but the drivers are still running. Here are the ways of how to uninstall the ds4windows driver.

Suppose you have done a recent backup to your device. Then this method is for you. You can uninstall the ds4windows by restoring the previous backup.

Here is how to do this:

Open the ‘Settings’ folder from the Start menu. Now open the ‘Update and Security’ panel. Choose the ‘Backup’ and then ‘Back up using File History.’

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]

Uninstall DS4 Windows via Backup/

Click on the ‘more options,’ and you will find the ‘Restore files from a current backup.’

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]

Uninstall DS4 Windows via Backup /

Now in a new window, you will find the back-up options you want to restore. Choose the version before you installed ds4windows.

This will take a few moments, and you will see that you have restored a version where ds4windows were not installed yet, and hence no DS4 windows drivers are seen. Click the ‘Green  Restore.’

Fix #3: Update the Windows

If you don’t want to back up your system, updating the Windows will also vanish the Driver of ds4windows.

You can install the recent version of Windows on your PC as well. But it requires a lot of time and can alter the previously saved data.

Fix #4: Uninstall the Driver in Windows 7

Well, if you are a Windows 7 user, though the old version, but the solution is the easiest for you! You may not find an uninstall driver feature, but it is present for Windows 7 users. Open the device manager and then uninstall the driver.

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]

Uninstall ds4windows /

Fix#5: Uninstall the DS4 Windows driver by downloading Virtual Bus Driver

Many people do not install the DS4 Windows and the driver, and the Virtual Bus Driver doesn’t show up. You can click the link and download it from Driver and then uninstall it.

Hit the link to download the driver in the blink of an eye. Once you download the particular driver, open the drive and uninstall ds4 windows.

Fix#6: Uninstall ds4windows without driver

The alternative method of uninstalling ds4windows if you don’t want to download the virtual driver is to delete all the DS4 window files from your hard drive.

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Fix# 7: Download SCP Tool kit to uninstall ds4windows

Most people don’t want to install a new Window or back up their device to uninstall the driver. Here is an easy way to remove the Driver of ds4windows.

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]

Install SCPToolkit to uninstall ds4windows driver /

Here you have to install the SCP Drivers tool and make a shortcut of it to the desktop. Use the PeaZip, 7Zip, or WinRar to extract the folder. A new folder named Virtual Bus Driver will pop up. Open it.

Now you have to right-click the SCPDriver.exe and then choose the ‘Run as Administrator.’ Allow the confirmation.

It will let you know of installed drivers on your computer. Choose the ‘Uninstall.’ Whoa! You have successfully uninstalled the DS4 Windows along with its Driver.

Fix #8: How to uninstall ds4windows driver using Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Here is another amazing way to uninstall the undesired ds4windows along with its driver.

Most people don’t have Advanced Uninstaller PRO already on their PC, so you have to install it on your PC and start the program. Open the ‘General Tools.

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]

How to uninstall ds4windows using Advanced Uninstaller PRO /

Now click on the ‘Uninstall Programs’ button.

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]

How to uninstall ds4windows using Advanced Uninstaller PRO /

All the programs on your PC will be shown up. Please scroll down the list and find the ds4windows inside it. Select this. Now choose the ‘Uninstall.’

How to uninstall ds4windows [8 Quick fixes]

How to uninstall ds4windows using Advanced Uninstaller PRO /

The Advanced Uninstaller PRO will then show all the programs related to ds4windows. Here you can clean all of them. Hence you can be get rid of all the ds4windows files and driver.

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How to uninstall ds4windows for windows 10

Although you can use any of the above fixes if you are a Windows 10 user, we still present a fairly easy method for you to don’t have to download anything.

Click open the ‘Control Panel’ and choose the ‘Add or Remove Programs.’ Find the desired program and then choose the ‘Remove.’

A notification bar will open to show how much time it would take to uninstall the ds4windows from your Windows 10. Congratulations! You are done.

Final words,

So, these are the quick fixes you can try confidently to uninstall ds4windows. I’m hoping you’ll find the answers to all the questions about how to uninstall ds4windows.

Frequently Asked Questions About  How to Uninstall ds4windows

 How to uninstall ds4windows?

Navigate to the configuration panel, then go to the programs and search for the ds4windows. Right-click here and select remove. It’ll remove ds4windows from your system.

How to uninstall ds4windows windows 10?

Go to the control panel and then uninstall programs.  You’ll be able to uninstall ds4windows in the control panel. If not, find the app in the windows menu and right-click on the app. Select uninstall and get rid of the app.

How do I completely remove drivers from Windows 10?

Step 1. Open Run with Win + R.

Step 2. Type into control and hit the Enter key.

Step 3. In Control Panel, go to Programs and Features.

Step 4. Right-click the driver and select Uninstall.

Thus you’ll be able to uninstall a driver from windows 10 completely.

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