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How To See Chegg Answers Free? Here is the Ultimate Guide

|4 Step-by-Step tricks| How To See Chegg Answers Free
Written by Kainat

In this pandemic, you don’t want to miss out on your studies, but Chegg’s got all the answers blurry. What will you do in this disappointing situation?

Do you eager to know how to see Chegg answers free?

Yes, you read right. You can see Chegg answers free. But the question is, how? This is what I want to make you aware of within this article.

But before we dive into making the answers unblur, have a slight look at the Chegg working strategies.

What is Chegg?

Chegg is a California-based online study platform that is visited by millions of people. The educators and students benefit greatly from this platform. Besides home tutoring, it provides internships and scholarships to its users. Amazing right?

How to see Chegg answers free

Chegg a study hub

The teachers are hired after properly testing the skill of which they are masters. And they are getting paid for answering the questions posted by the students all over the world.

Now, during this pandemic, Chegg gained outrageous popularity among teachers as well as students. Chegg has set some rules for the students also. They have to pay to get answers from the experts of Chegg. They have to pay $14.95 to buy a monthly subscription.

And it is the point where the students stuck: Are you also?

Don’t worry, students. Let me give you a hand.

Step-by-Step Guides to See Chegg Answers For Free

Here, I’ve come up with some proven solutions for how to see Chegg answers free.

Solution 1: Unblur the Chegg Answers by Discord

When you search for a question on the Chegg website without a subscription, it shows you a blurred answer.

How to see chegg answers free

A blurred Chegg answer

On this page, you’ll see a View this answer options. If you click here, it’ll ask you to make an account on Chegg and credit card. I know you don’t want to buy a $14.95 subscription. Now, follow these steps to make the answer unblur.

  • Go to the new tab and type
  • Click Enter, and then it’ll ask you to register this website
  • To register the website following the terms and conditions and verify the registration through email
  • Then the Discord will ask you to Accept invite
  • Now you are on the Discord home page
  • You’ll see the Chegg icon on the left side options
  • Click on Chegg and write “lh “ in the message bar
  • Leave the “lh “ (with space) and go back to your question page
  • Copy its URL and paste in the Discord with “lh ” and press Enter
  • Now the URL is in the Discord
  • Click on this link to get the answer. It’ll justify that you are not a robot and show you the answer.

This is what you have to do to get the blurred answer. Besides this, there are some other ways to see Chegg answers for free. Let’s explore them too.

Solution 2: Use a Free Trial of Chegg

To use a free trial of Chegg is a golden opportunity for you as you don’t want to pay to get some answers. If you are new to Chegg, it offers you to use its 30 days free trial. Within these 30 days, you can search your so many simple as well as complex problems and can get educated by the experts of Chegg.

But, a free trial is a temporary solution to your questions. If you need it for a long time, then move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Use Reddit to See Chegg Answers

A reliable method to see Chegg answers for free is by using a Reddit account. The simple steps to use a Reddit account are here.

  • First, make a Reddit account, if you don’t have
  • Go to, and at the right side of its home page, click on 3 lines.
  • Then click Learning, and under the learning, tab click on Chegg for free methods.
  • Out of the Chegg methods, choose Reddit
  • Now. the Reddit server is opened to you
  • Click on Create post; a dialogue box will be open to you for writing your question.
  • Then go back to the Chegg webpage where the is answer is a blur, copy its URL
  • Open a new tab and type; click Enter
  • Paste the copied URL here and click on Create new paste
  • Then copy the URL of and paste it to the Reddit page
  • It may take some time to paste the URL
  • Once the URL is shown in the post box, click on the post button given below
  • After Reddit complete the search process, it’ll show you another link
  • Click on this link, and you’ll see the unblur answer to the same question that you had put in the Chegg study

In this way, your problem can be solved without buying the Chegg subscription.

Solution 4: Use Alternative Search Engine

To get rid of all these things, you can use a different web browser to look up your question. Use google chrome,, or any other source.

how to see chegg answers free

Alternative search engine

Here you’ll also see so many related questions to your topic. That may help you in completing the assignment.

Final thoughts,

According to my research, Chegg has besieged the attention of students all over the world. But it has pinched them by its monthly subscription package of almost $15. Thus they always search for how to see Chegg answers free. So, exercise these guides to find your answers on Chegg for absolutely free.

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How to see Chegg answers free?

You can see Chegg answer without any cost by following the methods

  • Unblur the Chegg Answers by Discord
  • Use a Free Trial of Chegg
  • Use Reddit to See Chegg Answers
  • Use Alternative Search Engine

Does Chegg have a free trial?

Yes, Chegg offers you a free trial for 1 month. You can enjoy Chegg’s services free of cost for a full month.










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