how to save image on mac keyboard

How to Save a Mac Image Like a Pro

It’s easy to find an image or photograph you want to keep, whether for personal use or office work. It can be difficult to figure out which method to use if you’ve never done something like this before. Despite trying to find the best solution to save pictures on Mac, many people cannot do so. 

Macbooks can be a little tricky to save images compared to other computers. It takes a little more effort to save images on Macbooks. You won’t have to stretch your muscles to save your images on a Mac anymore. That’s because Mac users have amazingly easy ways to save images. 

Almost any image can be saved to your Mac once you know the trick, whether a screenshot from a website, a profile picture on social media or a file, a PDF that cannot be downloaded.

The following guide will help you understand how to save images on mac or how to download images from the internet on mac.

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Manually Saving a Mac Image: What are the Best Methods?

There is a built-in Photos app on Macs, which is widely used. It is Apple’s default photo management software and contains all of the basic tools you need to organise your photos, edit them, and share them with others. Your video player can snap a picture from a media file in just a few clicks. As it is built-in, easy to use, and works with all Apple’s platforms, many users already know it.

In today’s article, I am going to show you how to download images immediately on your Mac with a few clicks!

Method 1: Right Click and Save Image on Mac

In general, this is the best way to save images on a Mac because it gives you the most flexibility. You can tap the trackpad the same way you right-click on a Mac with two fingers. You can also trigger a right-click by holding the Control key on your keyboard as you click if your mouse does not have a separate right-click button.

  1. Select “Save Image As” from the drop-down menu when you right-click on the picture.
how to save image on mac keyboard
  1. Then, type the file’s name and select the location where the saved item will be stored.
how to save image on mac keyboard
  1. Save your image by clicking the blue “Save” button.

Saving images to a MacBook is usually done this way. You can, however, download images in other ways. You will need to follow the steps according to the browser you used.

Method 2: Save an Image With Drag-and-Drop

Drag-and-drop is a faster method of saving files on a Mac than right-clicking. You may need to restart the Finder if this feature does not work, or you can refresh your mac. Click the Command+Option+Esc button to force quit the Finder. The only downside is that you cannot name the file by right-clicking.

1. Hold down the left mouse button while clicking on the image to save.

2. Drop it anywhere on your computer, including the desktop, into an open folder or folder on your desktop files name or into a Word or Pages document.

3. Once the “+” symbol appears in a green circle around the image, release the mouse button. The image will drop into its new location.

Method 3: Copy Images With a Browser

  1. You will need to find the URL of the page where you want to copy the image.
  2. Click “Save Image As” to save the picture. When “Save” does not appear, you may have to import it via screen capture.
how to save image on mac keyboard
  1. Rename the image file and save it on your Mac by clicking “Save.”.

You can also drag the image to a folder on your Mac by right-clicking the image and selecting “open image in new tab.”. Simply drag and drop the image.

Method 4: Mac Screen Capture

Screen capture on a Mac can capture any image, including those that can’t be downloaded directly, such as Instagram or PDF files.

  • The quickest way to capture a screenshot of a particular image or section of the screen is to hold down the “Command + Shift + 4” key, then left-click and hold, then drag a box around the area to be captured.
  • On a Mac, press “Command + Shift + 3” simultaneously to take a screenshot of the entire screen. Both cases will save the image to your Mac’s desktop. 

Within the “File” menu, you have three options: “Take Screen Shot”, “Selection”, or “Window”.

Apple Mail: How to Save Images?

Macs using OS X 10.0 and later are installed with Apple Mail by default. Here’s how to save images:

  • You can save any image from any sent or received an email in Apple Mail.
  • To save an image, click on it.
  • Choose a location on your Mac and click on Save Attachment. Alternatively, select Save to Downloads. That’s it!

Gmail Images on Mac: How to Save Them? 

Using your Google account, here is how you can save images to your Mac:

  • Enter your Gmail account and locate the image you want to save to your Mac.
  • You can enlarge the image by clicking on it.
  • Press Control-Click to save the image.
how to save image on mac keyboard
  • If you prefer, you can rename the picture and specify the location. 
  • Select the Save option. 
how to save image on a mac keyboard

The copy image option may also be selected and pasted wherever you like.

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there are many ways to save an image on the MAC operating system. Hope you enjoyed our article on how to save images on a Mac. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below and tell us which method you found easiest to use.  Thank you for reading. We are always excited when a post like this provides you with helpful information!