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How to Reset Musically Password without Email

How to Reset Musically Password without Email
Written by Tabassum Altaf

In this digital era, users are always changing their passwords to secure their public accounts. But sometimes, the process becomes unmanageable when things are going between apps and emails. It is more convenient when services allow you to reset the passwords without emails.

Reset your Password with Link or Code

The most useful and easy method which used to be known is directly accessed your password by directly sending a link on your phone. For this, just simply open the app and tap the “forgot password” option on the login screen. And then, you have to enter your phone number for verification. The services send you a code of four or five number digits which is available on the inbox of your smartphone. Simply add this code to the field without leaving out the application.

Recover your Musically Account

Did you update a difficult password on your music account? And it’s hard to remember. On the other side, you don’t want to access your password using your email phone number.

There is another more convenient method to get back to your account. You have to create a new musical account. This is another method to recover your musically account. If your previous have more likes and followers so recover your account is the best method.

So to recover your account, you need to fill up the agreement on the feedback form. On the other side, create a new account and report your problem directly via a musically app.

If you have acknowledged the feedback form, then just wait for a few days or a week. Through this method, you can’t reset your password.

So you have to get in touch with musically directly, and there is no other way than a feedback form for contact. In simple words, create a new account, and then log in to musically, arrange your profile, and then tap three dots. Scroll down the screen and click on the “Report a Problem”. Then tap on “Still has a Problem” and again choose the option Report.

Here is an explained method to recover your musically account.

Step 1: Open the Musically Feedback Form

How to Reset Musically Password without Email

First of all, open the feedback form; this form has two types of uses. First, it permits you to share your whole experience on the musically account. The second one is to report any problem regarding your account. You can open the form easily both on mobile or laptop.

Step 2: Enter your username on the form.

How to Reset Musically Password without Email

Once you have opened the feedback form, here you see contact information. Just enter any email address which is not related to your account. The next step is to enter the username. However, this field is completely optional if you want to recover your account. The next and last step explains to you how to submit your form.

Step: 3 Here, you explain that you have lost your password or username.

How to Reset Musically Password without Email

After you enter your username or then just scroll the screen here so see “What would you like to tell us”. So here you can explain your whole problem. Here you write a description; for example, I forget my password and forgot to access my email. So how would you help me to recover my musical account?

Then tap on the submit option and access your form. Then you have to wait for three to four days for their response.

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