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A Beginner’s Guide to Play Yasuo

What, if I tell you about the champion of the League of Legends. Excited? It is true to say that Yasuo is the land of champions in the League of Legends. No doubt, it is hard to master Yasuo but when you master it. It can be your favorite game.

How to play Yasuo
Yasuo-The unforgiven

Basic and Easy Tips to Play Yasuo

To master the Yasuo game it is all about tips and tricks. Well, when you play Yasuo, you either play as Yasuo or against the Yasuo.

When you Play as Yasuo

  1. You should dash through a minion to have Sweeping Blade that is available at that time to chase the enemy.
  2. You can cast Last Breath at any target. And it can be used by one of your allies.

When you play against Yasuo

  1. You can deceive Yasuo when Steel Tempest is narrow.
  2. After launching the Whirlwind, Yasuo is at the weakest point. Attack at that time.

How to Play Yasuo in League of Legends

You need some abilities to play Yasuo as a beginner as well as a master. Yasuo uses these abilities when he is face to face with his enemies. There is a roaming question on Google!

Why it is so hard to play Yasuo?

Hi, guys do you also think so?

Here is a secret for you:

Yasuo is sometimes difficult to play because it provides so many options at the same time. Out of the variety of those options, you have to choose the best one. Then you have to use that work plan within the given time rapidly.

It is just like a hypermarket. When you enter for the first time, you may be confused about where to enter and where to exit. Just relaxed guys, I’m going to end your confusion here.

How to Play Yasuo Wild Rift


Passive skill/Way of Wander: Yasuo has two effects on his passive skill. The first one is a shield. It is triggered when the enemy champion attacks him. Maximum energy is required to acquire this shield. Don’t stay still in the lane phase because with the movement it is recharged. When your passive is high, try to defeat your foe.

How to Play Yasuo
Way of Wander Ability

In his second passive effect, his crit rate is doubled. So, you just need a total of 50% crit rate for Yasuo. With this, his crit rate rises up to 100%.

First skill/Steel Tempest: His first skill is a normal thrust attack but he gains a stack with each thrust. When he completes three stacks, he launches a whirlwind that knocks up the enemy. This skill is reduced by his attack speed. That’s why you don’t need a cool down item.

How to Play Yasuo
Steel Tempest ability

Second skill/Wind Wall: When you use the second skill. A protecting wall is produced in a specific location that blocks any projectile. It saves you from the enemy’s attack.

How to play Yasuo
Wind Wall Ability

Third skill/Sweeping Blade: His third skill allows him to dash through the enemy unit. Though this skill has a very short cooldown, it has a long cooldown for each enemy unit. You could see the cooldown period below the enemy unit.

How to play Yasuo
Sweeping Blade ability

Tap the first skill right after dashing, using his third skill. Then he would make an AoE slash attack around him. Use it in this way to hit more enemy units.

Ultimate skill/ Last Breath: By using this skill, he blinks to an airborne enemy champion. You can only cast his ult on Airborn/ knocked up the enemy so you could use your stacked first skill for it. You could use it when the enemy is knocked up by Blitzkrank, Vi, Janna, etc skills. He also gains 30% damage penetration on crit hit for 15 seconds.

How to play Yasuo
Last Breath ability

Yasuo Skins

Here are two Yasuo skins in Wild Rift.

  1. Battle Boss Yasuo
  2. High Noon Yasuo

Battle Boss Yasuo: You can buy this skin at the cost of 990 Wild Core from the store.

High Noon Yasuo: You can buy this skin at the cost of 725 Wild Core from the store.

Yasuo Runes: 

  • The rune Conquerer is used for stacking damage. You can switch it to Fleet according to your choice.
  • You can use Triumph for the second one. It is simply useful in a clutch movement.
  • For the third rune, you can use Titan for more CC resistance.
  • You can use Sweet Tooth for the fourth rune. It is a good rune for more gold income. You can change it with Pathfinder or Mastermind according to your choice.

Skill Combos/ Tricks

  • Hit monster or minion two times with your first skill.
  • Surprise the enemy with your sudden Whirlwind, then use your ult.
  • Thirdly, Use your 1st and 3rd skill combo at the same time to reach the enemy.
  • Next is a surprise attack tricks using Flash. This trick can really catch your opponent.
  • The next step is a dash to any unit between you and your opponent.
  • Then use dash+3rd skill right after to the designated target.  You need to press the button as fast as you can. It is really useful since It is really unpredictable most of the time.

Final words, 

Here is a piece of tricky information. It is all about how to play Yasuo Wild Rift. I’m very hopeful that you’ll find this information tricky to master the Yasuo.

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