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Step-by-Step Guide To Make Amiibo Cards

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Do you want to invite new villagers to your island?

You can do it by using Amiibo cards.  Wondering about Amiibo cards?

Amiibo cards are used to invite different villagers to a new game.

Amiibo is a toys-to-life platform developed by Nintendo. These toys use NFC to connect with compatible devices. It works with Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch.

How to Make Zelda Amiibo Cards?

Do you know how to make Amiibo cards? If not! Let me give you a hand.

Many players are making their own Zelda Amiibo cards to turn their games to the next level. But the point to ponder is, how to make Amiibo cards? Don’t worry; it’s not as hard as you might think.

On the other hand, you can buy Amiibo cards from eBay and Amazon, but some Amiibo cards are indeed too expensive to buy. These cards are out of the reach of every individual. That’s why they think differently, behave creatively and, make their own Amiibo cards.

Getting curious to know how to make Zelda Amiibo cards?  Let’s move towards the Amiibo cards-making process.

You need mainly four things to make Amiibo cards for your games. These are!

How to Make Your Own Amiibo Cards?

Let’s dive into the details of the process to know how to make Amiibo cards.

Solution 1: Check for NFC Compatibility

First of all, your Phone must be compatible with the NFC with which you will make an Amiibo card. If it is not compatible with the NFC, you need to change the device.

Solution 2: NFC Tags

Secondly, you need to buy some NFC tags. You can buy them from amazon or eBay site. Remember one thing about NFC tags whether you buy NFC tags from Amazon, eBay, or any other source, make sure that they are NTAG215 only because NTAG215 is compatible with Tagmo App Amiibo files.

The next step is to navigate to the Settings Security on your Andriod device and Enable Unknown Sources, and Download Tagmo App.

After enabling the unknown sources, download the Tagmo App. Tagmo App is not available on the Google play store. That’s why you will have to sideload it.

Amiibo .bin files

Once the Tagmo App is installed, you need two Amiibo files to work with! These are unfixed-info.bin and Locked-secret.bin.

Launch Tagmo App

Now this time is to launch the Tagmo App. For this purpose,

These files will be saved in the Downloads folder of your phone; if these files are zipped files, you’ll need to extract them on PC and move them to the download of your Andriod device.

Select the Write Tag button and place your NFC tag on your android device.

Congratulations! Your tag has been written.

These stickers are not re-writeable, so be careful while you make an Amiibo card. You can’t make any changed once you have written on the NFC sticker.

Final words,

Zelda Amiibo cards are such cards with which you can invite new villagers to your game. If you make a wolf link Amiibo card with NFC tags, you’ll invite that wolf into your game. And your game will look like something adventurous and interesting.

The easiest and interesting answer to the question of making Amiibo cards has been described in detail in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get banned for using fake Amiibo?

No, you’ll not get banned if you are using fake Amiibo. They Don’t have any criteria to track you. That’s why no one can ban you from using fake Amiibo cards.

 What is the rarest Amiibo?

A list of rarest Nintendo Amiibo is here

Can I make my own Amiibo cards?

Yes, you can make your own Amiibo cards with NFC NTAG215 stickers, Andriod phone, and Tagmo App. This is all, how to make Amiibo cards.

Can Amiibos only be used once?

One Amiibo can save data for one game at a time. You can use the data of ane Amiibo in Read-only compatible games. It means you can get more data with the same Amiibo.

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