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How to install Minecraft Shaders-5 Easy Fixes

How to install Minecraft Shaders-5 Easy Fixes
Written by Tabassum Altaf

Are you bored with old Minecraft shades? Do you want desired shades and effects in Minecraft? Well, Minecraft shaders are the solution. But, how to install Minecraft shaders is the most frequently asked by Minecraft users.

Here are simple and valuable tricks to install shaders in Minecraft!

How to install Minecraft Shaders-8 easy fixes!

Install Minecraft shaders /

How to install Minecraft shaders

Here are few steps to be followed and you will get the easiest solution of how to install Minecraft shaders! Just have a try!

Step 1: Install Optifine

Optifine is the number one solution of how to install shaders in Minecraft! Minecraft does not provide the effects. Shaders are actually a pack of the game graphics which are not available in Minecraft itself.

So, to install shaders in Minecraft, the other app is required to optimize shaders. You have to install Optifine. Then the Minecraft shaders will be installed through it.

How to install Minecraft Shaders-8 easy fixes!

Install Optifine to install shaders in Minecraft /

 Step 2: Download the Minecraft shaders pack

Once you have installed the Optifine, the step number 2 of how to install shaders in Minecraft is to download the Minecraft shaders pack! Minecraft shaders are available in the best range that works on Optifine and Minecraft.

It ranges from extremely dark to extremely bright. These include KUDA Shaders, Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders, PlunderPixel’s Shaders, BBEPC Shaders, Magnificient Atmosphere Shaders, Wave Shader and Wisdom Shaders.

One thing to be remembered is that the shaders only run smoothly on high gaming laptops, and your game may have trouble handling it. But the wide variety of Minecraft shaders allow you to install Minecraft shaders on almost every version.

 Step 3: Enable the installed Minecraft shaders

Once you have downloaded your desired shaders pack, now you have to enable the installed Minecraft shaders in your game. This is the 3rd step of how to install shaders Minecraft. Go to the Minecraft launcher and click on Optifine. In this way, the Optifine version will be played.

After opening the Minecraft, go to the Minecraft main menu. Now click open the ‘video settings.’ Shaders will appear. Click shaders and then open the shaders folder. A new window will be opened.

 Step 4: Move the installed shaders in Minecraft

You have already installed the Minecraft shaders pack. Now you have to go there. Most probably, the shaders folder appears in the downloads of your PC. Go to the ‘downloads’ and find the shaders.

Now move the shaders folder to shaders pack that you opened previously. Now close the whole folder and open the Minecraft again by restarting it. Restarting the Minecraft is a must in step 4 of how to install Minecraft shaders!

Step 5: Open the Optifine version of Minecraft

While opening the Minecraft again, you must select the Optifine version to be opened. Once the Minecraft has opened, install the shaders pack again. Stop installing it once you have seen the shaders folder that you installed.

Click it and open the Minecraft shaders pack. Click ‘done’.

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So, you have successfully installed the Minecraft Shaders! Go and enjoy the amazing shades while playing on Minecraft!

So, these were the five easy steps of how to install Minecraft shaders. You can use any shader pack but make sure that the shader pack must be according to the running capability of your system to allow it to run smoothly!

How to install Minecraft shaders 1.14?

Minecraft shaders are also available in separate versions to suit your PC system. If you want to install Minecraft shaders 1.14, the steps are quite similar to the previous ones! First of all, make sure that you have downloaded the Optifine. Minecraft shaders cannot be installed without having Optifine installed.

You have to go to the Optifine official download page. 1.14.4 version will appear. Click on ‘mirror’ and not on download. ‘Download Optifine 1.14.4’ will appear. Click to download it.

Now install the shaders pack of 1.14.4 version. A lot of shaders pack will appear. Choose the desired one and download it. There is no need to save it.

How to install Minecraft Shaders-8 easy fixes!

Download Minecraft shaders on Optitifine version 1.14.4 /

Optifine will appear on the desktop. Click open it. If it is not opening, you can find it in the downloads by opening the windows bar. Drag the folder on to desktop near the Optifine.

Now, right-click the Optifine, Click on ‘JAVA TM platform SE binary.’ Optifine installer will appear where you would choose the ‘install’ option.

Now, open the Minecraft. Choose the Optifine version 1.14.4 to play.

How to install Minecraft Shaders-8 easy fixes!

How to select the Optifine version after installing the Minecraft shaders /

Woohoo! You are done. It is time to select the desired shade settings after installing the Minecraft shaders. Open the video settings in options. Here if you want to do the procedure hastily, click open the ‘performance’ and turn on the ‘Fast Rander.’ Choose the ‘shaders’ and then’done.’ Drag the Minecraft shaders pack folder. Reload the Minecraft game.

How to install Minecraft Shaders-8 easy fixes!

How to set inside Minecraft Shaders /

Final words :

Minecraft shaders pack will have a lot of options. Choose the desired quality, resolution, light, map version, shadows, water, grass, and colors. Click the ‘done.’ Congratulations, you are all set to enjoy the desired effects while playing after installing the Minecraft shaders!

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