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Fixed: Xbox error code 0X97E107DF [Simple and Quick Steps]

the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF
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Struggling with Xbox error code 0X97E107DF? And you don’t have the foggiest idea how to deal with the circumstance? Well, you are in the right place. Here you can fix this issue with our few simple solutions.

According to a report published by Microsoft in April 2020, the total number of Xbox Live users was 90 million. As well as,  there are 10 million subscribers and millions of users on the Xbox Project Xbox Cloud.

Generally, Xbox’s users report different types of errors that they experience while playing on their PC screens. As of now, one code is common in Xbox. That is Xbox error code 0X97E107DF.


 the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF

A message will appear on your screen, look like the above screen. Before we show you the solutions to fix the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF

Let’s learn a little bit about Xbox

What is Xbox?

Xbox is a video gaming console, invented by Microsoft. This is proficient to associate with a TV or other media displays. Xbox delivers web-based gaming services. It is considered an extreme contender against other gaming consoles.

It complements both offline and web-based games. However, Xbox One errors are various in the count but they are very easy to deal with them.

However, here our concern is the with 0X97E107DF error code. Many users around the world face this error. This error code 0X97E107DF is very common nowadays.

Reasons behind the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF?

Xbox error code 0X97E107DF appears when users want to begin a game on Xbox console. The error exists when the Xbox Live application has trouble launching the game. Where License verification plays an important role.
In other words, a temporary problem with license validation while Xbox is trying to launch the game directly to the user, maybe the real reason for this error.

Solutions to Fix the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF

solution 1: Check out the Xbox Live Status:

Check the Xbox Live Status, sometimes Xbox Status gets down, which might major cause of Xbox error code 0X97E107DF. This problem can be fixed if you wait for Xbox Live status to get normal.
You can check the status using the following steps

  • Open the browser
  • Open the official page of Xbox Live Status Webpage

the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF

  • If the service is not working then you can report the problem with the help of the Twitter Support account
  • If the services are normal then it should work normally

If this solution does not work then you do not be panic. You can try another one.

Solution 2: Check the Network to fix Xbox error code 0X97E107DF

It is quite often that this error may be the cause of a network problem. The network may not be working properly for Xbox Live. The following solutions will be useful to you.
Note: Always try to have a wired connection instead of a wireless connection

  • First, you need to press the Xbox button. After pressing the button a guide menu will be opened
  • From the menu, box choose the settings
  • Then click on all settings and open Network
  • Next, select the Troubleshooting section and click on the  Test Network Connection

the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF

  • Now you will need to Mac address.
  • open the guide menu again using the Xbox button
  • Then go to the Setting > All Setting
  • Click on Network > Network Settings
  • Then click on Advanced Setting

the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF

  • After that click on Alternate Mac address and click on clear.

the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF

  • After all the process, restart the console. Therefore, keep holding and press the Xbox Guide button and select the option of the restart.

If your problem solved by using this method then it will be good. If the error exists then move on to 3rd solution.

Solution 3: Sign out and Sign in Again

If the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF still exist. You can fix it just by doing the following steps

  • Click the Xbox button. Then the main menu box will be open.
  • Go to the home page.

the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF

  • Choose the settings icon
  • From the settings page, go to the General tab and choose the sign-out option that will be under your name.
  • In the last restart your console and then sign in again

the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF

After this process check out if the error fixes or not. If the error exists then we gave another solution to fix it. So keep on reading.

Solution#4: Do a Hard Restart on Xbox One

If all the above methods do not work to fix the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF. Then you will have to go to with a hard restart on your Xbox One.
This hard restart will clear all the cached data that might be the main reason for the error.
Here is the guideline for how you can perform this task.

  • Press and keep holding the console power button for ten seconds
  • It will take one minute to turn off the console, you just have to wait for it
  • After that switch on the console again, at the same time, you will see a green start-up screen. You have to make sure that this process has been worked properly. All the previous data deleted.

Now you can check if the error fixed or not. If the error exists then you can try this method.

Solution#5 Check Online Xbox Troubleshooter

You can run the online Xbox Troubleshooter and check if is it helpful for you or not. This online troubleshooting can help to fix all the error codes. So you can easily fix the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF with Xbox Troubleshooter.

Final Words:

After a lot of effort, our team has been able to find easy and working solutions to fix the Xbox error code 0X97E107DF. We hope these solutions will help you to fix the error and provide you with a complete guideline to fix Xbox error code 0X97E107DF. Also, if you have any other Xbox related issues then let us know in the comments section, so we can find the solutions for you as soon as possible.

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