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SkyUI Error Code 5? Here’s How to Fix It

SkyUI Error Code 5
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Are you facing SkyUI Error Code 5? Want to get rid of it quickly? This article is for you, we know it’s very frustrating when you are mentally ready to play but suddenly you experience the error. It creates a terrible situation when you are not able to handle it.

The upside?

Here we are going to show you easy solutions to fix SkyUI Error Code 5 easily. But before we search for solutions, let’s talk a little bit about SkyUi and find out what causes SkyUI Error Code 5. Let’s get started

What is SkyUi?

SkyUI Error Code 5

SkyUI 5

SkyUI is a formal User Interface modification program for Skyrim with lots of modern and developed features. It provides a menu to configure modifications. This mod utilizes The Elder Scroll 5 Skyrim.

SkyUI is the most reasonable mod User interface for Skyrim. SkyUI makes the user interface more manageable to use.

It can be handled with the mouse as well as keyboard, with minimum wasteful accessible screen space.

What are the Reasons Behind Error Code 5?

SkyUI Error Code 5

Though Skyrim provides good quality of game due to its numerous mods. Somehow, many users of this game complain about the SkyUI Error Code 5.

The error happens, whenever users try to open favorite inventory and maps. you get the message of SkyUI error 5.

This situation seems critical well trust me it’s not.

Now let’s find out the reasons and solutions

Reason 1: Overriding SkyUI

The main cause of SkyUI Error Code 5 could be a file, which overriding SkyUI.

Therefore the user should check out the warnings in MCM as well as in the Data interface folder to reveal any corrupt file.

Reason 2: No Master File

The second reason for SkyUI Error Code 5 is, it may be SkyUI has no master file. That’s why the error code 5 occurs. When users try to open the game and move on towards the mods menu. SkyUi gets down.

And the third one is

Reason 3: The 60 fps Interface Mod

The 60 fps interface mod compels the interface which runs 60 fps. But the fact is that it’s original run 30 fps.


Simple Solutions to fix the SkyUi Error Code 5

In the above content, we discussed possible main causes of SkyUi error code 5. Now we will move on towards the solutions of the SkyUI Error Code 5.

Solution 1: Overriding SkyUi

SkyUI Error Code 5

As it is said before that if a user installs maps and inventory mods then he should check out the warning in MCM as well as the data interface folder to find out the corrupt file.
If you find any loose or corrupt files then delete those files.

Solution 2: Cut off the file from MCM

SkyUI Error Code 5

If anything goes wrong in MCM, and you find any disturbing file there in MCM, Then follow the steps to fix it.

  • Go to the SkyUi directory.
  • Click on the Data folder and from there move on to Interface.
  • Find out the file name that was shown in error messages.
  • Cut off the file from the interface folder.
  • Make a backup interface folder anywhere on PC/laptop, and paste the interface backup in that folder.

Note: you can delete that file, the choice is yours but we highly recommend to make a backup instead of deleting it

Solution 3: Uninstall the Mod

SkyUI Error Code 5

As it is explained that this error may be the cause of the 60 FPS interface so here are the following steps to uninstall the mod.

1. Go to originally runs Interface Mod. It must be a zip file.

SkyUI Error Code 5
2. From there delete the mod.
3. After deleting the SkyUi, reinstall it.
4. And update the latest version of Skyrim Script Extender.


Check out if the above methods don’t work, then you have the last option that is to reinstall the game. In this way, you can fix the error.

We hope you have tackled this issue easier with this article. Share your experience with us in the comment section.

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