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[6 Advance Solutions] How to fix Nexus 5X bootloop? [100% Working]

Are you an LG smartphone user? You must have gone through the tiring booting process called the “boot loop” while updating. Most of the LG users are frequently seen as questions about how to fix Nexus 5X bootloop. LG smartphone users are confronting the problem of long booting process of the phone as well as Google. Your phone suddenly goes into the locked booting process and you can do nothing about it!

How to fix Nexus 5X bootloop? [5 Easy Fixes]
How to fix Nexus 5X bootloop error /
Here we have found the best and easiest solutions of how to fix Nexus 5x bootloop. Go through the article and you will have the solution.

Before proceeding towards fixes, remember that if your Nexus 5X is under warranty, just go for help from the service center. If not, we have a bundle of solutions.

Pre-requisites of how to fix nexus 5x bootloop

Before further answers to how to fix Nexus 5x bootloop, keep these requirements in your mind!

  1. You must have a Windows PC before, USB drive, and cable wire to connect the phone before starting the procedure.
  2. Your bootloader must be unlocked before you try these Nexus 5X boot loop fixes! So, first, you have to unlock OEM if your bootloader is not unlocked before going to the booting process. Here is how to do this: If you somehow managed to boot your phone even briefly, then go to “Settings” then “Developer Options” and then allow the OEM unlocking.
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Step 1: Cool the Phone

This seems to be funny but you can try putting your phone in the refrigerator for almost one hour can help! Well, it is assumed that your hardware can be heated up and the phone goes in the boot loop process. So, cooling up the hardware can settle the issue!

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Step 2: Connect LG Nexus 5X to the Computer

The whole of the next procedure is to connect your phone to a Windows PC correctly! Plug a suitable USB cable to connect the phone and computer. Now turn on the “USB debugging” within the Developer Options to give access to the phone.

How to fix Nexus 5X bootloop? [5 Easy Steps]
Allow USB debugging /

Step 3: Download the necessary Software

The next proceed to how to fix bootloop Nexus 5X is to download the following files or Softwares.

Save the ABD and Fastboot software and the image downloaded in the same file of known place on your computer.

Step 4: Get your Device Detected by PC

Now open the Windows and get into the folder where you placed the “ABD & Fastboot” software. Now right-click the folder and hold the ‘shift’ button at the same time. Then click open the “open command window here” option. Allow the ‘abd devices’ option and your phone will be detected by PC.

Step 5: Restart the Phone

The next step of how to fix bootloop Nexus 5X is to turn off your phone. Now restart the Nexus 5X in Fastboot mode. You can do this by pressing together the Power button and the down volume button of the phone. Now you have to connect the phone to the Windows PC via a USB connector. If the serial number of your device is shown, then you are successful! Otherwise, you have to download the USB drivers again.

In case if your bootloader is still not unlocked, you don’t have to worry as you have already allowed the OEM unlocking. Now, you can follow the “fastboot flashing unlock” command and unlock the bootloader of your device. You have to follow the instructions running on the screen. Also, you must keep in mind that unlocking the bootloader this way will remove all the data on your phone!

Step 6: Paste The Command

Just a few steps more! Paste the command of “fastboot flash boot N2G47Z_4Cores.img, then hit the enter key. Now you can paste the “fastboot flash recovery TWRP3_1_1_5X.img”, then you have to reboot the LG Nexus 5X by “fastboot reboot”

Congratulations! you have fixed the issue of LG Nexus 5X boot loop! Here are a few more optional steps. You can enhance the running of your LG Nexus 5X by following these steps.

You have to copy the “” into your device memory. Apply update by enabling “install zip from SD card”. Then reboot the phone on recovery and flash mode.

Final words

LG Nexus 5X users are often worried about how to fix Nexus 5X bootloop. Once in a lifetime, they undergo endless booting process of their phone. Here we have presented the easiest solutions to fix this issue. Although most of the time these fixes help you running your phone in a good way. However, still some people might remain unsuccessful in booting the phone if the phone has other issues.