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An Ultimate Guide To Fix “Input Signal Out of Range” Error

Have you ever face an “Input signal out of range” error on your computer?  While you are all set to do some IT visuals for your upcoming project.

It will frustrate you the most, Right?

You’re dead right but finding a solution is not that difficult.

Here’s how it goes:

Why am I Getting this Message “input signal out of range”?

input signal out of range

Have you changed your screen resolution? If yes, it must be a bad idea to change the resolution. Because the screen video display resolution must be the same as your video signal’s resolution; otherwise, your screen displays an error message.

Let’s discuss why does this error occur?

Here’s why;

  • When you face this error, it might be a resolution issue that means you have changed the screen resolution. There may be an issue with video signals because their display pixels are bigger or smaller than the screen resolution.
  • One of the reasons is your extended interlinking of monitors. You are facing this error message because of the mismatch video resolution range of both.
  • Sometimes there may be a cable issue if it becomes loose or not appropriately fitted and drops the connection.
  • If all these above issues are not the reason then there is a hardware issue in your monitor or the video card, so try to fix it first.

Actionable Ways To Fix “input signal out of range” Error:

Are you looking for some quick, actionable fixes for this error?

Let’s get to the point straight;

Solution 1: Reset Device Manager in Safe Mode

When you find this error, there may be a PC display setting or driver issue, so you have to reset the Safe Mode on the device manager step by step. Follow these steps to get rid of this error.

  • Reset your PC into safe mode.

input signal out of range

  • After that, in safe mode, decrease the resolution range according to your PC’s original display resolution.
  • When you reset the resolution, then reset your PC and check whether this issue is fixed now or not.
  • If it still not working, then reinstall computer drivers in safe mode.
  • Click on the Device Manager option and delete all the devices list from the “Display Adopter” and “Monitors.”

input signal out of range

  • When the existing adaptor and monitors are deleted, then reset your computer.
  • After resetting, reinstall the drivers for the devices.

These steps will help you to fix this error in just a few minutes but if not, try the next one.

Solution 2: Reattach Loose Cable

It’s a most straightforward reason for this error when your PC cables are loose or not attached, so try to fix it properly.

input signal out of range

  • Check all PC cables one by one.
  • If any of the PC cables are loose, then unplug them first.
  • After that, reattach the cable properly.

Now switch on your PC and check if it works or not; otherwise, try another solution to fix this error.

Solution 3: Change Screen Resolution

When your screen resolution range is not suitable with the video display, the “input signal out of range” error occurs.

input signal out of range

To resolve this error, follow these steps to get rid of this issue.

  • Click on the Start button and select the option Control Panel.
  • After that, click on Appearance and Personalization, and under this option, select Adjust screen resolution.

input signal out of range

  • Scroll down to the Resolution list and select the resolution range which is suitable for your PC or Window 10 and select the option “Apply.”
  • Select the keep to Use an option for the selected resolution range and reboot your Window.

This solution will help you to set your screen’s resolution, try these steps one by one.

Solution 4: Error Due To External Monitor

The Input signal out-of-range error occurred when you connect an external monitor to your Window 10 through cable and their display resolution mismatched.

  • Click on Start Menu and select Display settings.
  • Now click on Advanced Display Settings and find out the other Display 2 for a monitor.
  • Select the option Display Adapter properties under Display 2.

input signal out of range

  • Now open the Configuration Settings and click on Monitor Tab.
  • Select the Refresh rate under the screen Refresh rate.

These steps will help you to fix this error if it’s due to an external monitor. Otherwise, try the next solution.

Solution 5: Frequency Issue

Sometimes this error may occur due to a refresh frequency issue because the video card instructs your monitor to refresh the display for visuals. So there may be some frequency issue while refreshing.

input signal out of range

Let’s discuss how;

  • The display needs a specific frequency for visualization, so it must be matched to refresh it.
  • If the frequency is 40 Hz, it means your screen refreshes 40 times per second.
  • Your display screen frequency must be equal to the monitor’s capacity.

If this frequency issue is solved, the error will fix as well, so follow these instructions in this solution carefully.

Solution 6: Hardware Problem 

Suppose your display screen still finds the “Input Signal Out of Range” error after following the above solutions. In that case, it means it’s a Hardware issue. You have to fix this issue as soon as possible.

input signal out of range

First, you have to find out whether it’s a monitor not working properly or its video card issue.

Let’s find out;

  • First, connect your monitor to another computer, and if it works, it means there is an issue with the video card.
  • Connect the other working monitor and connect it to your computer and check if it’s working; it means there is an issue with your monitor.

After finding out the hardware issue, you need to change the defective object, whether it’s a monitor or video card.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have successfully resolved an “Input signal out of range” error. It would be much appreciated if you tell us that which solution resolved your error? and how you will find this guide helpful for you.

If you have any suggestions or queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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