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How to Draw on a PDF in Adobe Reader[ 4 Quick & Easy ways ]

What comes in your mind about  PDF  adobe reader? The PDF  adobe reader is commonly used to view the content of the file. You can easily attach and transfer big data files with the emails using Pdf acrobat reader.

The PDF software easily compressed the date of the file and convert it into a small file. But today will be explored more about PDF adobe reader. The new feature is how to draw one PDF in adobe reader.

In this tutorial, I will teach how you can also use the Pdf adobe reader for drawing. So let’s make a start.

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How to draw on a PDF in Adobe Reader

The Pdf usually uses for reading but this feature also helps you to draw in PDF documents. Just open the document and draw, resize and adjust the shape so easily

  1. First, go to the PDF Editor and upload your PDF
  2. Now choose ‘freehand tools ‘from the toolbar  Or press ‘F’
  3. Select the shape you want to use
  4. Now drag on the place
  5. Pick one colour from the available colours, thickness
  6. Select the draw tools and draw on your own choice
  7. You can also move the shape just drag from the corner of the shape

How to Delete, Resize, and Remove PDF Drawing in adobe Reader

The PDF adobe reader also facilitates that you can Resize, remove, and also adjust the shape. Just follow the simple steps mention below:

  • Resize -us drag down menu at the corner of the drawing
  • Change colour -Click on the drawing tools and select ‘style
  • Delete -Select the drawing you want to delete and click’ Delete
  • Rearrange -Select the drawing and drag on the document wherever you want

How to Draw Shapes on a PDF in Adobe Reader

You can also choose different shapes according to your choice and requirements. This is the simple way you can use the Pdf Adobe reader.

  1. Open a document and select the Markup toolbar & select the shape
  2. To change the colour tab on  an additional setting from the tab
  3. You can tab and hold to move and change the position of the shape
  4. To resize or rotate the shape, Just use  the corner of the shape and drag to change

How to Draw on a PDF in Adobe Reader Tablet

Tablet is the newest technology that easily used by anyone. Open the app and the page you like to add the shape. Just use your finger to draw, resize, rotate, move, and adjust the position.

  1. Open a document Choose Markup Tools from the comment.
  2. In the Comment toolbar> click Drawing Tools > select the drawing markup tool
  3. The Rectangle tool, the Oval tool, the Arrow tool, and the Line tool
  4. You can create simple shapes
  5. To rotate and move just hold and move to change the position

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How to draw on a PDF in Adobe Reader on a Mac or PC

The most manageable way to accomplish that you use Mac and Pc. This the easiest and quick way that you can draw on Pdf adobe reader. As you can open PDFdirectly in that app, picking which pages you want or opening all as different layers or documents.

  1. To  Draw in the app just select markup tool and if the markup tools are not showing then use the show markup tools
  2. Use the tools from the’ Toolbar’
  3. Just select the drawing tools
  4. Select a shape and drag it where you want
  5. You can change the size, thickness and also fill the color all option will be  available in the same toolbar

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Final words:

Pdf reader now introduces the drawing tool to draw in the Pdf reader as Pdf reader is a compressor software .Especially for the business purpose to send files and made logos. You can make simple logos with the help of the tools.

It is easy for you not two tools just use one tool, open the PDF adobe reader select tools from the markup tools to draws, and to change the position you just hold and move the shape.

Did you find these steps helpful? want to ask something from us? Please feel free to contact us.