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Beginner’s Guide Connect Bose Headphones to Mac

Beginner's Guide Connect Bose Headphones to Mac

Do you own a pair of Bose headphones that you love, but aren’t sure how to connect Bose Headphones to Mac? Don’t worry – It’s actually pretty simple than you might think.

The Bose headphones are extremely popular and are known for their incredible sound quality, especially among Mac users. Not only does it have the best sound quality, but it is also extremely comfortable.

Unfortunately, some users have trouble connecting Bose headphones to Mac computers. If you are one of them, you are in the right place. Whether you’re trying to listen to music, watch a movie, or take a call, this guide will show you how.

In just a few simple steps, you’ll be listening to your favorite music or podcasts on your computer in no time! 

So what are you waiting for? Read on!

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When you have a MacBook in your hand, can you connect your new Bose headphones without having to install any additional software or follow complicated instructions?

There is no doubt that my answer is obviously Yes! But there have been some issues reported, so we’ll also consider them.

The “Bose Connect” app lets you connect your new headphones to your smartphone or tablet. It is, however, only compatible with mobile device operating systems. Thus, to Connect Bose Headphones To Mac, you will need to make some adjustments if your computer is Bluetooth-enabled.

Mac and Boss Headphones: How to Connect In Easy Steps

Follow these steps to connect Bose Headphones to Mac OS profile:

Step 1: Click on System Preferences

The Apple logo is always located in the top left corner of your screen. Click this and then click on “System preferences“: If you haven’t hidden it, the system preferences icon is also in the Dock Bar.

Step 2: Navigate to Bluetooth In the Settings

Locate the Bluetooth icon in the System preferences menu and click it to open “Bluetooth preferences. “

Step 3: Turn on Bluetooth

The first thing you should do before doing anything else is to ensure that your Bluetooth connection is on, and if it is not, turn it on.

Step 4: Pair Your Bose Headphones

Turn on your headset’s power switch and ensure it’s in pairing mode when the Bluetooth menu box appears. If the blue blinking indicator appears, you have successfully paired the headset. Compared with previous Bluetooth models, the indicator light on modern headphones may be a different color.

Do you mind re-reading the user manual? I believe there may be an additional pairing button on these headphones.

Step 5: Hook Up your Bose Headphones To Mac

Once your Bluetooth headphones are in pairing mode, you can view them in Bluetooth settings on your Mac. After a few seconds, you will see its name listed under Bluetooth settings on your Mac. You will see them automatically when you click the “Pair” button. 

The Bluetooth and audio settings are now found directly from your upper taskbar. Any device you turn on near your computer will connect instantly.

There you go; you’re now ready to use your Bose headphones. There is nothing left but to enjoy your favorite music.

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Bose Headphones: How to Disconnect & Unpair From Your Mac

Disconnecting Bose headphones from a Mac is the same as connecting them. It’s easy to switch between Bose or Bluetooth headphones if you own multiple pairs. When you’re done pairing a model you’re not using, disconnect the one you’re not using.

Connecting Bose To Mac Error: How To Fix

Bose headphones may require a pin code when connected to a Mac, or they may not appear in the list of connections. Learn how to fix those problems.

You Are Prompted to Enter a PIN Code

A Bose Headphone requires a PIN code to be connected to a Mac. The Bluetooth icon on the Bose headphone must be selected to confirm pairing. This problem often occurs with Bose Soundlink. It is not something to worry about. The pin code is usually set to 0000 by the vendor.

To continue, you need to enter this number. As a result, the Bose Connect app can pair the two devices.

What Should You Do If Your Headphones Don’t Appear?

It may work perfectly sometimes, but sometimes people have problems pairing their headphones. Try closing and re-opening the Bluetooth settings.

If not, turn off your headphones, turn them back on, and pair them. Having a full Bluetooth profile list could cause the problem if it persists. Several Bluetooth devices can store pairing profiles. It can, however, store only a limited number of devices’ pairing information. If that’s the case, you’ll have to reset your headphones to start fresh. To clear the Bluetooth device list, hold down the power button for a few seconds until the voice notification says: “Bluetooth device list cleared.”

Make sure you check for software updates if resetting your headphones does not work. Older software can cause pairing issues. Additionally, macOS updates improve stability, efficiency, and compatibility. Users of macOS are encouraged to update to take advantage of the security updates and other fixes. 

Here are the steps to check for or perform updates:

After following the whole tutorial again, your Bose headphones should now be visible on your Mac and can be paired with it. Happy listening!

Final Thoughts 

With Bose’s quality audio, you can enjoy the music you love on your Mac. Bose headphones also provide you with the convenience of experiencing new features.

I am sure this guide has helped you set up your Bose headphones with your Mac. Which step did you find the easiest to follow? Be sure to give us your feedback below!


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