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How to block ads on Twitch ? [7 Methods you Must Try in 2020]

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A Twitch is a highly in-demand online streaming site. Especially, for the game lovers. They play their games on this platform, as well as Twitch broadcast their recorded videos along with live chat facility. It is the world of gamers.

Twitch not only streams games but also it has everything of your interest. It has grabbed the attention of the young generation. Twitch users remain engrossed in its charm once they become a part of it.

How to block ads on twitch

The biggest worry for Twitch users

Twitch is as popular as Youtube. But there is a big problem with Twitch. It shows a great many ads. So many ads make the viewers and subscribers bored and tedious. Besides this issue, people don’t like to quit. So, the thing we can do in such a situation is, learn, how to block ads on Twitch.

These adverts are unskippable and you have to watch them. So, let us start learning about the ads of Twitch.

Categories of Twitch ads

Generally, Twitch users experience four types of ads.

  1.  Ads you can block easily.
  2.  Unblockable ads.
  3.  Ads that are pretty hard to block.
  4.  VoD ads in the video on demand.
How to block easily blockable ads

These types of ads are usually banners and we can block them easily. We can use any ad blocker software to turn off such types of ads. When you use Firefox or Opera, these ads can be turned off by adjusting “settings”.

How to deal with unblockable ads

We cannot block these ads because these ads are added by the users who stream their videos. These ads are controlled by advertisers. They insert ads in their streaming and we cannot control them. These ads are good for streamers but weird for the viewers.

How to block the ads which are pretty hard to block

Twitch often shows such types of ads. Sometimes, we can block and sometimes not. We have to use some paid software to get ride 0f these ads.

How to block VoDs ads

Sometimes, streamers do not insert ads in their live streaming but they play them in videos on demand. Actually, they don’t like to make their live broadcasting annoying for their viewers. So they play them on VoDs. These ads are louder in volume and numerous. That’s why everyone wants to get rid of them. Here we are going to learn how to block ads on Twitch.

Different ways to block ads on Twitch

Different types of software are used to block ads on Twitch. These are,

  • AdBlock
  •  AdLock
  •  AdGuard
  •  uBlock Origin
  • Streamlink extension

Besides this, there are some other methods to have an ad-free Twitch streaming. These are,

  •  Twitch Prime
  • Twitch Turbo

Method 1: Block ads via AdBlock

It is a very easy and popular way to block ads on Twitch.Open Chrome and type on the address bar,


Install AdBlock extension, then go to settings, you will find here General options, Click here and click on Enable hiding of streaming ads on Twitch. Then restart your browser.

How to block ads onTwitch

blocks ads on Twitch/

AdBlock can’t block all the Twitch ads but it is effective enough to keep you away from so many ads and show a black screen on the time of an ad. If you are not finding AdBlock Helpful for you. You may be using

  1.  An outdated AdBlock extension
  2. Poor  Network service of Chrome
  3.  Usage of filters of  AdBlock extension is non-optimal

Method 2: Blocking ads via AdLock

It is very difficult for ant ad-blocking software to block all types of ads. But these ad blockers have resolved the issue of many users. So, let us check the next trick.

  1. Download AdLock app
  2.  Install it and then launch AdLock application
  3.  Check for updates and make sure you have its latest updates form


How to block ads on Twitch

AdLock app/

Click on the top right option and select check updates and then stop updating.

Enable HTTPS filtering and follow the next instructions.

How to block ads on Twitch

Go through the instructions/

That’s how you can use AdLock to block ads on Twitch. This software helps you to keep you away from ads on windows as well as on mobile.

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Method 3: Unblock via AdGUARD

Are you still facing annoying ads while watching the videos of your interest? I have another solution for you to try. You cannot get rid of all the ads. So let us learn how to block ads on Twitch by using the AdGuard app.

AdGuard for Windows
  • First of all Download AdGuar for Windows
  • Install it manually by the  instructions given
  •  Then Run your installed program and turn on ad block button on the screen
  •  Check-in Enable ad blocking
How to block ads on Twitch

AdGuard for Windows/

AdGuard for Andriod
  • Download AdGuard app for Andriod ad-free streaming
  • Install the app by following the instructions
  •  Open you AdGuard App go to Settings, within AdGuard setting go to Network
How to block ads on Twitch app

Adguard on page instruction/

  • Within Network click on HTTPS filtering and Enable HTTPS filtering.
How to block ads on Twitch app

How to block ads on Twitch app/

  •  In last Enter your password and click ok.
How to block ads on Twitch

Adguard on page instruction/

AdGuard for macOS
  • For macOS devices get a start with installing AdGuard and install it
  • Go to setting and Enable Protection ON.
How to block ads on Twitch

AdGuard for macOS/

AdGuard for iPhone
  • Download AdGuard app for iOS
  •  Go to the settings of your iPhone, click on Safari, click on content blockers in general
  • Allow AdGuard to block content
How to block ads on Twitch

AdGuard for iPhone/

Method 4: Block ads via uBlock origin

With the help of uBlock origin, you can stop disturbing ads.

  •  Download and install uBlock origin HTTPS extension
  • Allow uBlock Origin to access your browser and stop ads

Method 5: Block ads via Streamlink

Stremlink is a command-line application. It works in such a way that you get ad-free videos. Streamlink extract videos from streams and play them through an external media player. It works with various media players but most compatible is VLC media player.

  • Google Streamlink
  •  Click on Releases Streamlink GitHub
  • Scroll down to the download option and download its extension file
  •  Click on downloaded extension file and install it according to the instructions, click next and open it
  •   For seeing ad-free video u need a VLC media player
  • After completing All configuration, You will be able to see the ad-free and buffer-free video.

Method 6: Block ads via Twitch Prime

There is an easy way for the users to watch ad-free videos with the help of Twitch Prime. Once you subscribe to the Twitch Prime you can watch one channel absolutely without ads. And there is one more good option in Twitch Prime, you have not to pay any extra charges to block ads on Twitch.

For that subscribed channel you will enjoy many more benefits and you will feel as you are a partner of that channel. So, let us learn how we can subscribe to Twitch Prime.

If you are a member of Amazon Prime, follow these instructions.

  •  Search for
  • Link your Twitch account to your Amazon account
How to block ads on Twitch with Prome

How to block ads on Twitch with Prime/

  • When your Amazon account will be connected to Twitch Prime you will be able to get benefits of Twitch Prime.

 If you are not a member of Amazon Prime, follow these instructions.

  •  Go to
  • Make sure that you have entered your correct country
  •  Create an Amazon account
How to block ads on Twitch

Amazon account guide/

  • Attach it to your Twitch Prime and get started enjoying your Twitch without any ad.

Method 7: Block ads via  Twitch Turbo

Twitch Turbo is the latest update on Twitch. If you are not getting rid of annoying ads, Twitch Turbo is a hope full method for the restriction of ads. Because it is not free. Yes! you have to pay $8.99 per month. It is the most recommending way to block ads on Twitch in 2020.

How to block ads on Twitch

Twitch Turbo info/

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Final words:

There are numerous ways to block ads on different sites but it is no so easy for Twitch. I’ve tried to provide you the best solutions so that you may get rid of all the annoying ads and enjoy your videos and games without any distraction.

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