How To Appear Offline On Discord |1 Minute Action|
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How To Appear Offline On Discord |1 Minute Action|

Are you the one who doesn’t want to be disturbed while chatting with your gamer friends? Do you need a little privacy while using discord? Well, let me give you a hand.

What if I introduce you to the invisible status feature? One might ask “James what does invisible feature really mean? Does it help me to become invisible on Discord?”

Let me got your back, If you don’t want to send a reply to everyone on your chat server, that is where the invisible option got you covered.

Lets us discuss briefly, how we can appear offline on discord and stay connected with partners without knowing anyone. But before we break the ice into pieces, let us know, why do you need to appear offline on discord

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Why Do you Need to Appear Offline on Discord?

I do agree with you, logging out from discord takes only a few seconds. But, on the other side, you might miss some important notifications. One might wonder  ‘What’s the solution, James ?’

The solution is really simple. All you have to do is to understand that the colored dots next to an Avatar show the users’ activity. And, use these dots according to your privacy.

Discord Status 

There are 4 dots available that indicate user status.

  • Green: Green status means the user is active and visible for chatting. Top ut it more simply, It indicates that you’re playing and using discord.
  • Idle: That status indicates the user was online recently and now active right now. In other words, the user is away from the device for a relaxed time which is fixed by the server admin.
  • Do Not Disturb: In this red status, you won’t be able to receive any desktop notification. In simple words, the user is active but not ready to chat.
  • Invisible: In this tricky status, you’ll be online on discord, but your channels user will find you offline. As a result, no one will be going to disturb you. Tricky right?

Invisible is a must-have for all those who don’t want to be disturbed while playing games or chatting.

Now lets come to the main question “How to appear offline on discord ?”

“How to appear offline on Discord ?”

It is pretty easy to appear offline on discord. You can disappear from other’s eyes on Discord by using Invisible status in no time.

To do this :

Step 1: Log in to your discord account and click on the Profile option at the bottom of the left side of your screen. A small pop up menu will show the status list you can choose for your convenience. In this list click on Invisible. That’s all.

How to appear offline on discord
Get invisible on discord/

This is the simplest and the easiest trick, now I can teach you about, how you can appear offline on discord on Desktop(Windows and Mac). By setting the status as Invisible you will enjoy distraction-free gaming or chatting.

How To Appear Offline On Discord? Desktop, Andriod, and iOS?

The Procedure is as same for appearing as offline on Andriod and iOS as for the Mac and Windows. After that when you wish to change your status as Online, Idle, or Do not disturb just repeat the same procedure and change your status according to your mood.

Custom Status

Custom status is really an amazing feature in Discord. It allows you to set a status according to your wish or current activity. Like, if you are doing something special you can share this activity with your friends through custom status. You can set privacy If you don’t like to share it with the whole of the contact list. Amazing right?

Let us see how we can set a custom status on discord!

Step 1: Login your account and click on the profile picture on the bottom left corner and select Custom status in the status list.

How to appear offline on discord
How to-custom status/

Step 2: In the next pop up menu, Write your activity which you want to share with others.

How to appear offline on discord
Discord-custom status/

Step 3: Clear after is the timing controller. Here, you can set the status time. By default it is disappeared after 24 hours but if you want to change this time write in the Clear After box.

How to appear offline on discord
Set custom status-emoji/

A most amazing thing, you can set an emoji as status. After adding the text, emoji and time click Save.

Emoji can be added only if you have Discord Nitro or Nitro Classic.

If you need to edit custom status just click on custom status and edit it.

If you need to remove custom status, just click on custom status and then ”X”.

How to appear offline on discord
Delete custom status-Discord/

Thus status will be ended up.

I’m hopeful you have been found this article much helpful for you. But for your convenience, I decided to share a short video clip with you to make this article more and more useful.

Final words

I’ve introduced cut and dried rule to you in this article, to appear offline on discord. It is the same for all the devices to appear offline on discord, whether you are using discord on Mac, Windows, or on Andriod.