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How Can I Block Someone on Spotify? Here are the 5 Best Solutions

How Can I Block Someone on Spotify_ Here are the 5 Best Solutions
Written by Emma

Nowadays Spotify has become one of the best musical apps. There are millions of songs that are
available that you can hear to kill time. But sometimes, users face problems to block an unwanted person on it.

So, the question comes to the mind, Can you block someone on Spotify? Great question, well let
me explain to you. Unfortunately, you cannot block someone on Spotify and you cannot make your profile private.

Spotify is not a communicating app where users can communicate and chat. Somehow, others
can just see the playlist.

The best part?

There are some best features that can give you some advantage to tackle this problem. Let’s
break each element down.

1:Make Playlist Private

If you are worried that other users are seeing your playlist then you can make it private. This
feature helps you to make your playlist private. So, nobody can be able to see your playlist.

You can do this :

  1.  By selecting the option button, clicking on three dots that appear next to
  2. Then choose “Make Secret”

Spotify settings

By following this procedure you can make any playlist private. This is the easiest way to hide your
playlist from other users.

2:Select Artist You don’t want to Listen

Spotify has an option to not play specific artists. When you make playlist publically, this option
will not play songs with a specific person.

For choosing this option :

  1.  Go to setting
  2. Then choose “Don’t play this artist”

Spotify settings

After choosing this option whenever you make a playlist publically. This specific person will not
be able to see your playlist.

3:Make Account Anonymous

Yes, After making an anonymous account, you’ll be a free bird and smart to listen to what you want without any fear.

To make your account anonymous :

  1.  You would not link up your account with Facebook or any other account
  2. Do not use your real name. Make an account with a fake name

4:Listen to the Songs Anonymously

You can also listen to the song anonymously. After choosing this option you are free in listening
to songs. Other users will not be able to find you.

For this purpose, you have to do follow the following easy steps :

  1.  Click down the carrot next to the name
  2.  Then click on the “setting”

Settings, Spotify

  1.  Scroll down to the “Social” section and click the toggle next to “Make my new
    playlist to the public” so turn this option off
  2. Click on “Start a private section to listen anonymously”

listen anonymously

When you’ll use this option. Your playlist will be hidden from other users

5:Unfollow Annoying Person

A simple method to hide privacy from annoying persons is to unfollow them. Spotify only shows your activities to others if they are following you. For this, You should have to stop him from following.


At present, unluckily, there is no option to block someone on Spotify but in the future, hope the new feature will be added to make privacy more effective.

I hope you have enjoyed our guide. Leave a message if you have any questions or suggestions for

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