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Chrome Freezing? Here is How to Fix it Permanently

Chrome Freezing? Here is How to Fix it Permanently

Your google chrome is freezing all the time, but you don’t know what’s wrong with it? Do not overthink. You can fix this issue on your own within just a few minutes by using these quick fixes.

Isn’t it stress-busting for you? It must be!

Before trying these fixes, first, you have to know why your google chrome is kept freezing?

Try to find out reasons;

Why is my google chrome freezing?

There are some frustrating reasons why this issue happened and how to fix it.

Let’s find out the reasons first;

These are the common causes of the chrome freezing problem. Now let’s jump straight on Solutions to this problem.

How do I stop Chrome from freezing?

Google Chrome freezes or crashes on many systems, including Windows 10 as well.

Not to worry. Here are the quick solutions.

Fix.1  Close your Chrome Properly

When you close the tabs repeatedly over time, Chrome stops working and starts freezing or crashing. Because the tabs are not closed properly, they are still in process.

So the solution is,

It will close all running tabs on Chrome and restart Chrome again. It will fix this problem.

Fix.2 Check your Internet Connection 

If Google Chrome keeps freezing over and over again, it might be your internet connection doesn’t work properly.

Try to check the connection first;

If there is a network issue, try to connect your internet and restart your Chrome to check if it works.

Fix.3  Remove all Chrome extensions 

When you are using poor extensions on your Chrome, it causes Chrome to crash or freeze. You don’t know which extension is crashing your Chrome, so the best way is to remove all chrome extensions and enable them one by one according to your need.

After following these steps, your Chrome will never freeze or crash.

Fix.4 Try Malware Scanner 

Sometimes there might have Malware, so that it will corrupt the operations in Chrome. The solution is, use an anti-malware scanner on your computer to fix this malware problem.

Follow these steps;

This solution will fix your chrome freezing issue; if it’s not, try another one.

Fix.5  Remove all Poor Applications 

Some applications are incompatible with google chrome, so Chrome detects these bad applications and lists them in chrome settings because it causes chrome freezing.

First, check if there are bad apps;

Now your Chrome starts working properly.

Fix.6 Reinstall Google Chrome 

Sometimes reinstalling Chrome will work instantly when your google chrome crashes or freezes.

Follow these simple steps;

When google chrome is completely reinstalled, it will work without freezing.

Fix.7 Reboot chrome settings 

If the above solutions all fail, then try to reboot all chrome settings to refresh all settings. Because sometimes, wrong settings in Chrome keeps it freezing or crashing all the time.

Fix this issue by rebooting Chrome.

These steps will solve your issue of chrome freezing.

Fix.8  Hardware Acceleration 

If you are still facing your Chrome keep freezing, then try to disable the Hardware Acceleration option from settings. It will solve your problem quickly and offloads all heavy graphical tasks.

Your Google Chrome will start working and without any disturbance.


These are the best eight solutions to fix the chrome freezing problem. You are welcome to add your suggestions below to let us know if these fixes resolve your issue.

If you need more help, do let us know, we will do our best to help you.

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