Garbage disposal is not turning on

Garbage Disposal Not Turning On| Try These 5 Minute Tactics|

Garbage disposal is a luxury addition to your kitchen in this modern time. It can grind your food wastage in seconds just by switching it on. Sometimes, it also put you in trouble like all the other electrical appliances.

Are you thinking about the replacement of your garbage disposal?

Garbage disposal not turning on
Garbage disposals-A gadget of a luxury kitchen

Wait! you can fix it at home. Try these tactics before you think about changing it.

Garbage Disposal not Turning on. What’s Going on?

There can be so many reasons for the garbage disposal not turning on. Here I’m going to discuss all of them one by one.

Just stay with me:

Solution 1: Check for the Wall Button

When you experience, your garbage disposal is not turning on, Check for the button socket on a prior basis. Look into the button socket whether wires are joined properly or not. If there are some problematic wires. Fix to get rid of the problem.

Garbage disposal not turning on
Garbage disposal repair

It sounds very simple fix but it can solve your issue. If you don’t find it tricky for you then move to the next trick.

Solution 2: Check for the Garbage Plug

Check whether the disposal is plugged in properly or not. Fix it, if it is plugged out or loose in the socket. It might be set under the sink shelf. After that, switch on the button and check if the problem is solved or not.

Garbage disposal not turning on
Maintenance of plug

It is a very hopeful way to solve the issue of garbage disposal not turning on. If the problem persists yet. Let’s move to the next thing you can try to solve the problem.

Solution 3: Reset the Garbage Disposal

This method is also tricky enough to end your worry. You’ll find a red-colored button at the bottom of the garbage disposal. It is the Reset button. Press this button in order to reset the garbage disposal. This button can liberate you from many issues with the disposal unit.

Garbage Disposal not urning on
Reset the garbage disposal

Did it work for you? If not, let’s move I’ve something more for you:

Your garbage disposal might not be suffering from one of those problems, I’ve mentioned above. Try the next one.

Solution 4: Check the Main Circuit Board

Check the main circuit board from which your unit is getting power. Find whether it is overloaded by the other electrical appliances. If it is not working due to the overload then call an electrician and ask him to make a separate connection for the unit.

Is your garbage disposal not turning on at all in spite of all these tactics?

Solution 5: Use Jam Buster Wrench

Cut off the connection of the unit from the electric board and go down under the sink beneath the garbage disposal or you can disassemble it. You’ll see a small flywheel turning wrench hole in the middle of the lower surface. Yes, you’ve found it exactly.

Garbage disposal not turning on
Bottom garbage disposal

Put a jam Buster wrench or Allen wrench in the hole and move it to and fro. Move the wrench in this way 4 to 5 times. It is also a very simple way to fix your garbage disposal.

Garbage disposal not turning on
Disposal’s fixation

These are the electrical solutions that you can try to make your disposal unit work properly.

Garbage Disposal not Turning On but Humming

It is very possible that the disposal unit is getting power properly but it is not turning on. It doesn’t grind anything. Besides this, a humming sound started when you plug in it.

I know you can’t leave the unit with this humming sound for days. Let’s begin with a new solution

  • Before you are going to fix this humming sound. I recommend you turn off the wall button as well as unplug the switch.
  • Turn on a flashlight and look into the grinding plates of the unit. There may be something that is not grindable like a ring, bones, or any other small thing that resists the blades from moving.
  • If you find anything inside, I suggest you never put your hand in the garbage disposal hopper. Use a pair of pliers to pull out the things.
  • Once you’ve cleaned out the unit, don’t turn it on immediately. Go down to the bottom of the unit and press the reset button. Flow some water in the sink.
  • Plugin again and press the wall button. This time, you’ll hear no humming sound with the proper working of the unit.

Is your garbage disposal not turning on besides all these stratagems? It shows that the motor has burnt.

Now the time is to replace the disposal unit and use it with full care next time.

The best part:

 Glisten disposer care cleaner is a very good cleaner for disposal unit but Pink garbage disposer cleaner and deodorizer is best of all. Drano max gel drain clog remover is also good for cleaning. It is available in liquid form that’s why its demand is less than other cleaners.

Final words, 

A disposal unit is really a mind-blowing and helpful gadget for kitchens. It is a must-have item of the luxurious kitchen in modern times. You’ll find this article very helpful when your garbage disposal is not turning on or it is spreading only a humming sound.


How often should you clean your garbage disposal?

For proper sterility, clean it after every two weeks. You can use rock salt, ice, baking soda, or vinegar for better results.

What shouldn’t you put down a garbage disposal?

You should not through some food in the garbage disposal like bread, pasta, and rice. Some other foods you should avoid through the disposal are bones, nuts, shells, onion layers, coffee grounds, fibrous fruit vegetables, and eggshells.