8 Ad-Free Fun Games like Town of Salem to Play in 2021

Town of Salem
Written by Carla

Do you also want to explore some of the best alternatives after finishing playing your favorite game? Then let me tell you something, you’re not the only one doing that. Everyone loves playing alternatives that give the same pleasure as that of the original one. Surprised? Well, there’s more to come.

Online Games like the Town of Salem allow their players to lie, trick, and discover the truth. The minimum number of players is seven, while the maximum goes to fifteen players, which can then be grouped into 3 categories; Town, Mafia, and Neutrals.

Free Fun Games like Town of Salem

Who would have thought that this multiplayer online game, Town of Salem, will become everyone’s favorite one day? Not only its addictive gameplay but also its compatibility for several platforms also makes it a win-win among the gaming community.

Being an addict of the town of Salem, you must be searching high and low to look for the best substitute for this one. But you don’t need to go anywhere else, as we have put together all the best games similar to that of the Town of Salem. Just have a look at them!

  1. Throne of lies

    With its 3D graphics, this online game tops our list of being the best alternative to the Town of Salem. It is a multiplayer game of falsehood, where you have to extirpate the betrayer among your people through the team power of 8-18 players. Flying high? But wait for more!!!

    In the beginning, you will have more than 40 classes having all types of characters. These include the king, harlequin, cultists, and also some neutral characters of the game.

    Using the 100 abilities you have, you can distinguish between your friends and foes, and as a result, you can stop your kingdom from getting destroyed.town of salem

    Which Platforms does it support?

    It is developed mainly for Linux, Mac, and PC.

  2. Spy Party

    As the name shows, this online game is all about surveillance and typical human actions. In this game, you can either be the snoop or the assassin. The choice is yours!

    This game has very simple gameplay, starting from invading a luxurious cocktail party. To progress, you have to deceive your opponent and protect yourself from taking the bullet from your enemies. It sounds right. Isn’t it?

    The only way to win this game is to complete the mission at an appropriate time because if you don’t kill the spy in the party, your opponent will wipe you out.town of salem

    Is it available for android?

    Sadly, this game is only available for Windows and OS X.

  3. Deceit

    If you’re really into some kind of online thrilling game with interesting gameplay, then Deceit is the one for you. This game will set you right in the middle of a mystery along with five other players.

    In this game, two out of five people got affected by the king’s virus. This virus will cause them to be the king’s puppets trying to kill the other three players of the game.

    What sets this game apart is its three rounds in which the uninfected have to gear up all the time to save themselves from being killed by the infected persons.

    At the end of each round, the infected have an option to become something else to kill the righteous ones. Out of the blue? Like I did.town of salem

    On what platforms is this game available?

    This game is available on Windows and SteamOS

  4. Detective Grimoire

    Having a very interesting and engaging plot, this game is going to be your next favorite. Another murder mystery online game started when the owner of the landscape was found dead, and you have to solve the mystery of this murder. Interesting. No?

    Like the real-life investigation, this game allows you to search for clues and hints. After that, you can also investigate the eyewitnesses and their interrogation.

    This game is heaven for the ones interested in investigator-type murder mysteries. You will forget about the time while playing this. Enjoy!town of salem

    What platforms does it support?

    It supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  5. Velvet sundown

    As the town of Salem, Velvet Sundown is also full of deception, truth, and lies. In this game, the goals aren’t as easy as they seem. You have to struggle hard to achieve them.

    There will be eleven players on board in a luxury ship, where you will be given some random mission based on your level. To obtain what you want, you have to talk to other players by using your social skills without telling anyone your top secrets.

    In this role-playing online game, every player is deceiving the other one while trying to accomplish their goals.

    Is this available only on steam?

    Yes, it is only available on platforms like PC and Mac via Steam.town of salem

  6. Garry’s Mod

    Who can forget Garry’s Mod while listing all the games similar to the Town of Salem? This game is a multiplayer sandbox video game that allows its user to play together and enjoy the features of this game.

    In the simple mode, there’s no aim at all. The player is allowed to generate, scarecrow, and communicate with other people. To rotate and freeze, use the physics gun available to you.

    By spending a few bucks, you can purchase the game and enjoy some of its best features. After purchasing, you can also do a lot of stuff and change game mode as well.

    How many platforms does it support?

    Microsoft Windows, macOS X, and Linux.town of salem

  7. The Ship: Murder Party

    Last but not least is this murder mystery online game. In This ship-based game, you have to kill the target given to you before getting killed by someone else. Yes, you heard it, right, friend.

    The thing that makes this game worth trying is the multiplayer murder mystery in classic 1920’s ships. Both single-player and multiplayer features require you to kill other people sprucely and to save yourself till everybody dies.

    The Ship: Murder Party game is available on what platforms?

    The Ship: Murder Party can be played on Linux, MAC and, PC.

What I suggest to you!

Of all the games listed above, choose the one that you think is the best alternative to the Town of Salem. You can play all of them one by one to choose the best one for yourself.

Also, tell me in the comments if I missed out on any game similar to the town of Salem.


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