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8 Best Free Fun Games Like Summoners War to Play In 2021

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Written by Tabassum Altaf

Fond of Summoners War? But unable to enjoy it properly due to its slow progression and paid features? Don’t worry! I have got your back.

Let me walk you through the top 8 free and fun-to-play games like Summoners War.

Is Summoners War pay to win?

If I have to answer this in one word, I would say YES! But let me tell you something interesting. By spending dollars, you can not only level up easily but also participate actively in Player vs. Player.

Don’t have money? No problem. You can still enjoy Summoners war without spending a dollar.

Here’s the list of topmost games related to Summoners War that we suggest to you. Let’s take a look at them.

Must-try Games Like Summoners War

Do you love playing summoners war and want to discover more games with the same genre? If you’re a fan of summoners war like us, then you’re absolutely at the right place to discover something new.

1: Idle Heroes

New on Idle heroes? No need to worry! All you need to do is to make an account and get started playing. Here you will have your heroes, which you can use to fight against the enemies. Not only that, but you can also win heroes by completing small missions.

With that, it has the same playing strategy as Summoners War. You also have the choice of many combat slots, as much as six, which you can play to win many rewards.

To finish the levels faster, you can build up different game plans and show your expertise.

8 Best Free Fun Games Like Summoners War to Play In 2021

Where can you play this?

Idle Heroes can be played both on android and iOS.

2: Star Summoners

Want another action-packed game just like the Summoners War? Then star summoners are for you! This fascinating game has features similar to the one of your interest.

It’s a good replacement for Summoners war as it also has an up-gradation of heroes and winning heroes through small missions.


Not only is it a popular game but also free for all of its players. So you don’t have to spend a penny to play this.

8 Best Free Fun Games Like Summoners War to Play In 2021

Can we play this on mobile devices?

Yes!!! You can play this on mobile devices like Android and iOS.

3: Epic Seven

Want a multiplayer game that you can play with your friends as well? No worries! Epic seven is a turn-based fantasy game that allows its users to have both single and multiplayer features.

In multiplayer, it also has a 3v3 feature that allows both teams to compete with each other. Not only that, but you can also have a whole team of 16 players if you want to defeat the World bosses.

It allows the player to discover the 2D in the mobile gaming world with good animation and brilliant graphics.

8 Best Free Fun Games Like Summoners War to Play In 2021

From where can we download it?

Well, it is available both on Google play store and Apple App Store.

4: Raid: Shadow Legends

A game for all platforms. Yes! You heard it right. It’s a Role-playing Game (RPG) with a thrilling game plan and over millions of downloads.

What makes it attractive is its imaginary world with middle-aged touch. As a result, we can have amalgamated between the fictional creatures and the ones that have already been made in the movies.

The mission of this game is to demolish the lords and bring back the transparency of your kingdom. But things aren’t as easy as they sound. In destroying the lord, you have to kill many bosses, each getting stronger as you kill the previous one.

8 Best Free Fun Games Like Summoners War to Play In 2021

Is it for all platforms?

Yes! It is for all platforms. By all I meant, android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and now on PC as well.

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5: Marvel Strike Force

Like other games, it is also an RPG game with a unique story plot. Sinister forces, being led by Ultimus, seize the earth in the marvel universe. So, to defeat the Ultimus regiments, all the S.T.R.I.K.E agents have the duty to gather a force of heroes and villains.

Each character has specific features that set them apart from each other. You can win characters either by gift at the beginning of the game or by rewards after completing your missions.


Also, to increase your level, you have to finish a daily hunt or a battle.

8 Best Free Fun Games Like Summoners War to Play In 2021

How many platforms does it support?

Marvel Strike force can support both android and iOS.

6: BlueStone 2

Looking for something lavish both in graphics and animation? Then the Bluestone 2 is really for you. Except for the graphics, it has several other features that make it a win-win.

You can gather and pile up your hunters having different characteristics, change their costumes, and can also fight in PvP battles.

Not only that, you can give training to your hunters in hunter’s gym, can play mini-games like ice-fishing game.

8 Best Free Fun Games Like Summoners War to Play In 2021

 From where can you play it?

Well, it supports both Android and iOS.

7: Brave Frontier

If you’re a fan of Pokémon, you would love this Pokémon based Role-Playing Game. By collecting monsters, you can combat other person’s monsters to take yourself to the next level.

By finishing small games with less powerful characters, you can progress towards unlocking more powerful players.

Also, by time, you can explore six powerful components like dark, light, fire, water, thunder, and Earth. All these elements will be available to you.

8 Best Free Fun Games Like Summoners War to Play In 2021


Is it available both on Android and iOS?

Yes, it is available on both platforms.

8: Seven Knights

Last but not least, this game, with its exciting plot and so many daring combats, is the one you would love to play.

Not only the plot, but it also has almost 200 plus heroes, each having different abilities and characteristics.

The most important feature is that it is for all types of players. Whether you’re new to this game or a pro player, you will find yourself doing really good.

8 Best Free Fun Games Like Summoners War to Play In 2021

Which platforms does it support?

Seven Knights are available on platforms like Android and iOS.

Final Words:

All the games listed above are our top favorite ones. Now it’s time for you to choose your ideal version of android and iOS games and show your exceptional skills.  Got problems? Comment down for any query, and I’ll get back to you!

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