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Fixed 0xc00007b: The Application Was Unable to Start Correctly

It is very annoying to play with error codes while you’ve made the mind of playing a game. 0xc00007b is also such an error that appears on the screen exactly when you’ve sat down to your seat and just a few seconds away from your favorite game.

The error 0xc00007b also appears when you try to open any other software in spite of a game.

In short:

This error keeps you away from any software that you want to open.

oxoooo7b is a commonly experienced error by Windows users. And more frustrating thing is, it leaves only one option for you to close the application. When it appears, it is popped up on the screen something like this.

“The application was unable to start correctly (0x00007b/0xcoooo7b)”.


Are you getting confused?

Relax, the error code 0x00007b and oxcoooo7b are two different error codes for the same error. Let’s dive into the deep knowledge of this error because we’ve to find out the reasons. Let’s begin.

Why Does Error 0xc00007b Take Place?

There are many reasons, why all of us encounter the error 0x00007b. Here, I’m going to make you aware of those causes.

  1. The most common cause is when you try to run 64-bit software on a 32-bit system e.g Skype, Microsoft office, and games. 
  2. The other main cause is, there might be something complex with the application itself. It might have corrupt files or any antivirus issue.
  3. Thirdly, Microsoft Visual C++ can also cause a problem. And if you try to play a high graphic game without updating the latest version of .NET Framework.

So, these are the main reasons that push you into trouble. Let’s get straight to the solution.

Fix 1: Run the Software as Administrator

You can fix the error 0x00007b easily by running the problematic app as an administrator. There are three simplest ways to run a program as an administrator.

  1. Execute from windows search Bar
  2. Execute from the setting
  3.  Execute by simple right-click

Execute From Windows search Bar

  • Go to the Windows search bar of your system
  • Write here the name of the software that you want to run as an administrator
  • And then click right on that particular app
  • Choose Run as an administrator, that’s all.


Execute From Settings

Execution of software from the settings is also simple and takes a few moments of time.

  • Go to the Windows C driver, then click on the user folder
  • Search for the download folder, within that folder Right-click on the corrupted software
  • Choose Properties, and click on Compatibility at the top


  • Read all the options and click on Run the app as an administrator


  • Then click on Apply button and at the end click Ok

Execute by Simple Right-click

This method is just like a child’s play. Let’s follow it.

  • Go to the Desktop of your system
  • Right-click on the software
  • Choose Run as an administrator, and, that’s all


No doubt, it is a super-duper easy fix to run a program as an administrator.

Fix 2: Update Windows .NET Framework

.NET framework is built by Microsoft. It is such a framework that helps the software to work smoothly. That’s why if it is not updated at the time it may stop the well working of any app. Let’s have a glimpse of the steps to update it.

  • Click on the Windows search bar, type here control panel


  • Then click on programs then Programs and features


  • Choose Turn windows on or off



  • Then you’ll see a list of Windows features
  • Find out .NET framework and press Ok and a download process will be started


Restart your computer and check whether the issue is solved or not. If it is still popping up, move to the next fix.

Fix 3: Reinstall the Affected Application

It is also possible that when you experience something wrong with a specific application. There might be something wrong with that particular app. It is a genuine way to fix so many issues of the apps. You can easily get rid of the error 0xc00007b by reinstalling the app. For this purpose,

  • Go to the Control panel and click on Programs, then Uninstall a program
  • Here you’ll see a list of the programs
  • Click on the program that you want to uninstall
  • Click Uninstall and follow the screen instructions


  • Then go to the official website of the application and install its latest version. Usually, the latest version is always recommended.

After the completion of the process try to open the software and take notice if it is working well or not.

Fix 4: Reboot Your System

It is commonly experienced by the users that so many problems are sorted out by only rebooting the system. So, I recommend you to must try this shortcut to fix “the application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b)”.

Try to open the application after doing a fresh rebooting. The error 0xc00007b might have left your app.

Fix 5: Update your Windows to Fix 0xc00007b

Don’t miss to try this fix if you’ve tried all the above-mentioned fixes and error 0xc00007b is still irritating you. Many of the users justified that they fix numerous errors by updating their windows operating system to the latest given version.

So, let’s check if an update is available or not on your system.

  • Go to the Windows search bar or press Windows+I at the same time
  • From the results click on Update and security
  • Click on Check for updates, here you’ll see if the update is available or not


  • Update your system here and when it is finished, click on the Install button

When the whole process is done completely, restart your computer. Now, check if you’ve been successful in opening the affected software or not.

Fix 6: Repair Windows Visual C++ Redistributable

Windows Visual C++ is actually an important runtime component. It helps to run the applications and Problematic windows visual C++ files can change the whole scenario.

The fact is, your computer may have corrupted files and caused the error 0xc00007b. In this case, you need to repair it.

  • Type Control panel in the search bar
  • Out of the search results, click on Programs
  • Then choose Program and features
  • From the next window, search Windows Visual C++


  • It’ll show you all the redistributables that exist in your system
  • Select all the redistributable one by one, click Change and then Repair

Wait for the process is completed. Then restart your computer and try to run the application. I hope it’ll fix your issue but if your case is the opposite. Then it is time to reinstall the redistributable.

Fix 7: Reinstall Windows Visual C++ Redistributable

When repair does not work, you should think about the reinstallation of the redistributables. Let’s do it quickly.


  • Again go to the Control panel and select Programs
  • Then Programs and features and click Uninstall a program
  • Search Windows Visual C++ out of the search results. If you are using a 32-bit system click on the (Windows Visual C++ Redistributable-x86). if you are using a 64-bit system click on the (Windows Visual C++ Redistributable-x64)
  • Choose Uninstall
  • Follow the screen instructions to uninstall the redistributable


  • Go to Microsoft’s official website to download the Redistributable
  • Be aware of the fake links to  prevent further inconvenience

After you’ve installed it, run the program and check for the error persist or vanished.

Fix 8: Check Your Computer’s Hard Drive

A paradoxical hard drive can also put you into trouble. The best way is to check for the hard drive if there is any problem.

Follow the steps to scan your hard drive:

  • Tap on the start menu and type cmd
  • In the search results, right-click on the Command prompt and select Run as an administrator


  • Type “chkdsk c: /f /r” and press Enter, (c represents the c driver. When you scan any other driver change it with that driver)
  • If you’ve installed Window in driver C. It’ll show you a complaining dialogue box
  • Then type Y and press Enter again


  • Let your system complete the process and restart it

Important note: Always use a command very carefully. Because when you use the wrong command, you may be thrown into a severe problem.

When it is done and refreshed, try to open the software and check that error persists or not.

Fix 9: Clean All Files Automatically

Usually, it happens to the windows files that they get corrupted by some viruses. It is necessary to clean those bugs for the proper flow of the files.  So many people use the Restoro repair tool to protect their files from getting affected.

Install this software and you’ll be free from the headache of repairing files. It’ll clean all the files present in the system automatically. Another advantage is, if you’ll play with the windows registry without deep knowledge, you can lose your files.

So, using a good tool is very helpful in this regard.

Fix 10: Repair DirectX Installation

Windows version is managed by Microsoft and DirectX. It is updated by Windows update. Here, I’m going to introduce you to a repair tool designed by Microsoft. It is DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer. Let’s check the process,

  • Type DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer in the internet’s search bar
  • Choose Microsoft’s webpage
  • You’ll see here the Download option but first, choose your Language the then download it
  • When it is done, open the downloaded file dxwebsetup.exe
  • Click Yes in the UAC prompt
  • In the next window click, I accept the agreement, select Next
  • Then Uncheck the option Install the bing bar in order to remain away from Bing redirects


  • Click Next to proceed
  • Wait for the installation is completed

Restart your computer and check whether the error 0xc00007b is solved or not.

The best part!

When you’ll fix the error 0xc00007b after so much tussle, I know you never wish to face this error again. At this point, a genuine question will arise in your mind. How can you prevent yourself from the error 0xc00007b happening again?

So, you can save your apps by updating the latest versions of Windows, .NET Framework and, Windows Visual C++.

An interesting fact?

If you’re struggling with kernel-mode heap corruption error, follow the above-mentioned solutions and you’re all done.

Final words

I’ve enlisted here the best solutions to fix “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b). This article is full of information about your problem. I’m very hopeful you’ll fix it soon. Kindly let me know if you have any other question in your mind.


What does 0xc00007b mean?

0xc00007b is a frequently experienced error by the users. Mostly it is caused by the corrupted files. It appears due to the incompatibility of the software or due to the missing or corrupted files.

How do I fix the application was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b?

You can fix this error without going into hot water by following the methods.

  • Run the Software as Administrator
  • Update Windows .NET Framework
  • Reinstall the Affected Application
  • Reboot Your System
  • Update your Windows to Fix 0xc00007b
  • Repair Windows Visual C++ Redistributable
  • Check Your Computer’s Hard Drive
  • Clean All Files Automatically
  • Repair DirectX Installation

Is there an automatic 0xc000007b repair utility available?

Restore repair tool is a good software to can the problem and fixes it automatically. You just have to install it in your system. On-time windows updates can also prevent you from trouble.