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Text Mail Subscriber: Here’s What You Need To Know

text mail subscriber
Written by Tabassum Altaf

Is text messaging scamming you as a subscriber? Is it truly a scam or just a piece of hoax news? If you’re scratching your head with these types of questions, then it is time to end this misery.

It is really confusing to find out whether the text mail you received is a scam or not. That’s fine. Let’s not confuse you here.

What is a Text Mail Subscriber?

The mails that are written in the current time have different writing and attachment formats. Whereas, a text mail subscriber is a person who is willing to receive mail that is written in text format (i.e. letters and numbers).

text mail subscriber

There are so many users who do not allow a company or website to send them emails that are written in HTML or other file formats. They own a subscription from the web to receive text emails only.

There are possibly three reasons when someone has a text mail subscription.

  1. The text mail subscriber has such a device that is compatible with only text formats like the Apple watch
  2. He subscribes to text mail to amuse with more privacy
  3. He is using a dating website to scam the women.

Now, The next question will certainly hit your mind.

Is the Text Mail Subscriber a Scam?

It is not clear to say that the text mail subscriber is a scam or not. Sometimes, it can be a scam and the other time it can not be a scam.

People who use dating websites, use text mail subscriptions to scam other people. Some other scammers gather critical information( like a bank account) and loot their money. They also spread sensitive information about social media security to other hackers. Therefore, you encountered a severe problem.

text mail subscriber

Actually, text mail subscriptions are not a scam but there are some people who use them as scammers. When you receive a suspected text mail, you need to research strongly about that company or website. Reach out to the reviews. Thus, you’ll ensure your safety.

Do you like to be a fool play by scammers? Absolutely not.

It is how you can assure your security.

How can You Track a Text Mail Subscriber?

Here, You can track the suspicious number on your own.

  1. Directly send back a text message to the number from which you receive the text. Ask him, who he is. If he were a genuine person he wouldn’t have indulge you in suspected conversations.
  2. Put the number in the search engine and search for its details. If it has social media accounts linked with it.  You may find any clue about the sender.
  3.  Trace the number by any number tracing app. These Apps have thousands of numbers. And if the number is stored in the database of that App, you can find the person easily. It can be much helpful to pull you out of the confusion.

The simple way to deal with a text mail subscriber is to block him. But if you are afraid of the scammer, you’ll have to refer this matter to the court.

Wait! Know the Signs of the Scam Text Message

It is generally hard to find out scammers because they hide their wicked ideas and thoughts. But here, I’m sharing with you some signs of a scam number.

  1. The sender uses different apps to send a scam message. It has nothing to do with a legal business. If you find it a weird number, just ignore it.
  2. The scammer will offer you some amount of money like “you’ve won the money from some specific source”. Don’t believe such text mail. It is totally a scam. When you’ve not taken part in anything, how you can win anything. It is the scammer’s trick to steal your date.
  3. Sometimes, you receive a text mail that their relatives are in trouble or are jobless and suffering from financial crises. He asks you to send some amount of money and thus he tricks you.
  4. He asks you to share their given information with some people and you’ll get a prize at the end. He even shows you the prize. In this way, they overcome your senses and you act according to him.
  5. He sends you a text mail with the name of a Government agency, offers you and, convinces you to call him back. He makes you fool because Government agencies work through proper platforms.

Can a Text Mail Subscriber Receive Phone Calls?

A text mail subscriber uses the internet to make phone calls and text mails. If you’ll call him, you’ll see a notification of text mail subscriber. But if you leave a voice note for him. He’ll receive it in text format.

But you can not reach out to him by calling.

How to Block a Text Mail Subscriber?

To block the text mail subscriber is an easy and safe way to get rid of scammers. Simply, add the text mail to the spam list and you won’t receive any mail again. If you are getting it on a mobile phone then block it in the message list. Besides this, you can unsubscribe to the service.

Final thoughts,

Scammers have become a source of problems for a long time. We can’t finish them but can learn how to deal with them. I hope you’ll get rid of the text mail subscriber by following the instructions given in this article.

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Can I get a text mail subscriber number?

Yes, you can get the number from the service provider. If the number is available, he’ll provide you according to the given data by you.

What happens if you text a scammer?

A scammer sends you a message as if he is true to you. He puts some spunky offer in front of you collects your sensitive information. After that, he uses this information for the wrong purposes.





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